Our motto is simple and straightforward – “Tidy the house for a happier life”. We aim to enable a convenient and organized way of holistically providing home & furnishing information, which can inspire and encourage you to always step inside your home with confidence and pride.

Whether you are concerned about maintaining the floor, carpet, tiles, walls, or the bathroom of your home, wondering how your drawing room could be better equipped with the best condition furniture, or just thinking what else you could do to clean and maintain each and every corner of your home, Letti & Co has tips and tricks to cater all your needs, owing to an online encyclopedia of easy-to-follow articles, blogs, and guides. 

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We provide well-researched and proven guides to solve your Home & decor issue. Solutions as part of our service portfolio cover a variety of topics within three main categories:

Home & Decor

Our home & decor step-by-step guides will help you learn new tips, tricks, and best practices related with easy and efficient home maintenance. If you are looking for information on improving the condition of the flooring, carpets, tiles, walls, or specifically the bathroom, you will find to-the-point solutions here easily.


We also have tailored articles to help you look after the furniture at home. For your convenience, they are classified into various categories covering date, patio, and wooden furniture, and couch, sofa, and curtains. Our easy-to-follow articles will help you better understand the manner in which you should use, clean, maintain, and repair these items.


In this category, we bring to you handpicked home cleaning recommendations covering abstract topics to take your home one level up in the overall look and feel. From curiosity-driven topics such as cleaning sherpa chairs or recliner headrests to professional suggestions on cleaning wooden staircases, we’ve got it all covered.

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We have a team of 3 distinguished experts, specializing in their specific domains. The range of services offered by
Letti & Co is thoroughly validated by our team of experts from time to time so that our clients have the most advanced home & furnishing solutions at their disposal.


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If you need advice on Home & Decor Issues, need Furniture buying advice, or need expert cleaning advice – reach out to us. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.