best places to buy cheap furniture online
Kristina Davis

Best places to buy cheap furniture online? Don’t worry!

This list will help you make your furniture shopping more comfortable and enable you to revamp your home in no time.

The shipping fee, quality, variety, reviews, and most importantly, prices were considered for easier comparison and less time decision-making.

There is also a note on the ease of maneuverability of the using the application and website for non-tech savvy people.

Best Place to Buy Furniture on A Budget

best place to buy furniture on a budget

This pandemic has everyone spending more on things they do not usually spend a dollar or two.

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So, these online stores will help you buy the best furniture while staying on your budget.

They have a variety of choices making you purchase the best and inexpensive pieces.

1. Target (Pinpoint Your Target from Your Couch)

If you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and need security in purchasing, Target is the place for you.

You can find every piece of furniture that you are looking for in every corner of your home.

Rest assured that they also offer countless deals. Beds start at $94.99, desks at $50, cribs for only $99.99, and dressers at $100.

Shipping & Delivery:

  • You can opt to pick it up at a nearby Target or have it delivered straight to your door on the same day that you order.
  • There is a flat shipping rate of $5.99 for orders below $35. If it goes beyond, then the delivery fee is free.
  • Use your trusty Target RED card, where shipping is always free.


  • Their website is unchallenging to use; you can easily find furnishings for your nursery, living, or bedroom.
  • You can also see many reviews left by customers, which can help you choose what to buy.

2. Walmart (Home to Affordable Finds)

Not a risk-taker for new shops? Want to stay in the old days?

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Then thank the heavens that there is Walmart. Shopping for new furniture here will be easy.

How many times have you gotten lost between shelves of linens or eyed that dining table by the corner?

Walmart has every type of item in every color of the rainbow and every pattern there is, plus deals on deals.

Beds start at $94.99, desks at $50, cribs for only $99.99, and dressers at $100.


  •  Lots of items eligible for free shipping, store delivery, or in-store pickup.


  • It may be challenging for some to navigate through Walmart since they offer everything.
  • They organized their items based on their prices and top sales.

3. IKEA (Unleash Your Hidden DIY Urges)

Yes, something that is familiar to all of you. IKEA has garnered more attention than needed, a.k.a. memes, but it sure upheld its reputation.

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It’s easier to browse and buy here since most of you have visited an IKEA store once in your life and an idea of what they sell.

They house staple but sophisticated to eclectic yet cozy finds at lower prices.

You can find the most minimalist dresser and colorfully erratic sofa with exciting deals in this store.

Although, you may have to break a sweat or two to assemble it.  Dressers at $14.99, bed frames at $29.99, and chairs as low as $5.99.


  • Delivery fee for large items starts at $39


  • IKEA’s website is clean and straightforward and is not confusing, with too many colors and information. A bonus for those that do not use technology.

4. Bob’s Discount Furniture (Luxury Finds for Excellent Prices)

Bob’s discount furniture is like the Walmart of furniture.

It has over 100 stores nationwide and can deliver right at your doorstep, or you can pick it up.

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While the selection is quite limited and more traditional in style, it does not compromise price and quality.

You can complete your room with a vanity table and chair for $119.99, a bedroom set for only $548, and a sofa starting at $399.


  • In-store pickup is free.
  • Flat delivery rate starts at $4.99


  • Bob’s Discount Furniture has an app that allows you to see how your potential purchases would look like in your house.
  • It has a 3D designer where you can imagine your dream room and decor and make it a reality.

Best Places to Buy Furniture Online

Have extra money to spare? These stores allow you to have a wider and varied selection.

Don’t worry, they won’t create a dip into your savings. You can still find the best cheap furniture for your home in these places.

1. Wayfair (More Fair Selection Than A Physical Store)

Wayfair offers furniture depending on your style, available space, and it even has a corner dedicated to pets.

Believe it or not, you can also purchase unfinished furniture. You can let loose your creativity and paint it with whatever you want.

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If you do not have the time to create, they have a custom-made corner where you can pick the style, color, material, etc., that you want.

Desks start at $37.99, beds at $80.74, sofas at $288.99, and dog beds at $13.66.


  • It has only one physical store located in Massachusetts.
  • They offer free shipping on everything and free two-day delivery for many items.

Website and Reviews

  • Using their website is effortless.
  • Everything is categorized based on the type of furniture and is further classified based on their use, style, price, type of upholstery, sale items, etc.

2. Overstock (Countless Choices with Limitless Discounts)

This shop holds its mission to offer massive inventory at affordable prices.

They have a “Spin to Win” widget that offers up to 15% off.

They also have different deals for every occasion and season, on top of clearance sales and flash deals.

Desks start at $49.99, dressers at $86.99, accent chairs at $98.49, and bedroom sets at $216.49.


  • Free standard shipping for orders above $45.


  • They have easy-to-navigate websites that help you to find the best deals depending on your preferred theme.
  • From Rustic to Farmhouse to Modern to Glam, the list is endless (not literally). There is so much more in this online store than the store near you.

3. AllModern (Sleek and Modern Pieces That Look Way More Expensive)

Are you living alone? Has limited space? Want to make your room more massive than it looks?

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If yes, then you should buy from this store. Most of the items are space-saving and minimalist.

But hurry up and don’t take too long deciding on things because items quickly sell-out due to excellent quality, reviews, and affordable price.

Desks start at $100, dressers at $219.99, and bedroom sets at $1,290.99.


  • Shipping is always free, and there is a 30-day return or refund policy.


  • AllModern’s website is as modern as it gets; it is minimalist and simple. They categorize their items based on their use (e.g. bedroom, bathroom, outdoor, etc.)
  • They also have a special section for their biggest sale of the year. Makes it easy if you are looking to save some dollars.

4. Dot & Bo (Quality Items Without Pricey Tags)

Interested in having furnishings from the Victorian to the Modern era?

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Worry no more. You will find yourself browsing for hours on Dot & Bo’s website from bright to grey colors.

Add a dash of navy-blue velvet dining chairs for only $239 or fix yourself like Jane Austen by scoring a Victorian-looking vanity set for only $445.33.

Dot & Bo also offers many deals and clearance sales, so make sure to watch out for that.


  • Shipping is free for most items.
  • Products are shipped within 4 business days and delivered after 10 days.


  • You can easily find the clearance sale, as well as the favorites corner on their website.
  • Easy to navigate with its sleek features.

5. Cost Plus World Market (Delightful Good Steals for Purchasing The World)

Most of you probably made 2020 the year to travel more to different places and bring back memories.

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With World Market, you can bring the world to your room with a click.

It offers various furniture, from the designs, materials, and aesthetic you can acquire. Get an accent chair and a desk for $149.99.


  • Shipping starts at $4.95.
  • Items are delivered after 3-8 business days after the 1-2 days of processing in the warehouse.

Final Words: Best Places To Buy Cheap Furniture Online

You can always furnish your home without overspending.

These online stores are open 24/7; you don’t have to worry when the doors will be closing if you still can’t choose what you like.

Just don’t forget to check your cart twice to not spend on unnecessary items and indulge in impulsive buying.

Buying the best cheap furniture online does not happen in one go. Enjoy it!

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