how to get furniture dents out of berber carpet
Kristina Davis

Hey! I know why you are here! Don’t worry yourself, the sole aim of writing this article is simply to show you how to get furniture dents out of Berber carpets.

Berber carpets have remained a popular choice for homeowners over the years as it has the reputation of being less expensive, significantly more durable, and much easier to clean compared to all other brands of carpets.

One thing old owners and potential new owners of Berber carpets should be wary about is its inclination to get dented.

This could happen either by furniture pieces or other pieces of the hardware placed on it for some time.

Sit back, relax and let us go through this together.

To get rid of furniture dents on Berber carpet, you need to call ice cube, put your hand hairdryer to use, and get to know the tale of the towel, iron, and the vacuum.

The dents are notorious for being sneaky; you may not notice them until furniture pieces are moved around the room.

With three easy-to-do techniques that I will share, your questions on how you get furniture dents out of Berber carpets will be answered.

Getting Rid Of Furniture Dent On Berber Carpet with 3 Techniques

getting rid of dents

These furniture dents usually referred to as divots would occur mostly each time heavy furniture compresses against the fiber of the carpets (which are quite delicate) for an extended period.

Step #1: Call Ice Cube

I meant that, call Ice cube. No! literally, get an ice cube. I didn’t mean the rapper, I meant to get an ice cube from your freezer, lol.

Don’t mind my playing around, that is indeed my first technique on how to get furniture dents out of Berber carpets. Put your freezer’s automatic ice maker to work.

Depending on how large the dent is just one cube of ice should work the magic (get more ice if the dent is larger)

use an ice cube

What do you do with the Ice? Simple:

  1. Just drop the ice cube into the dent (remember to use more than a cube if the dent is larger)
  2. Allow the ice to melt (talk about cold fury).
  3. As it melts, the ice water will enlarge the carpeting nap which should bring it up to the height of the carpet’s surrounding areas.
  4. Now blot out excess water using a piece of cloth or sponge.
  5. Use a spoon, fork, or coin to lift the downtrodden fibers.
Fact: the carpeting nap plays a huge role in the overall look of your carpet and how long it will last.

Step #2: Your Dryer Has Other Uses too

Oh! The many things we do for beauty. Few of my readers may remember when hairdryers used to be a bonnet that’s usually connected to the chimney pipe of a gas stove.

Thank goodness for innovation and technology, handheld dryers came into the picture and we now have those fancy, little things we can carry all over the house.

That is indeed good news as it will not be used for what it was created for alone.

In the same vein that hair hand dryers add volume and weight to your hair, they will also help restore the original look of your carpet by helping to get rid of those dents.

handheld dryer

Now get your hand dryer and a water-filled spray bottle and follow these simple steps under this easy to do technique:

  1. Saturate the carpet fiber around the dented area with water from your spray bottle
  2. Using your handheld device, blow-dry the damp area
  3. Just as you do with your hair, use your fingers to fluff up the fibers as the carpet dries up.

So, tell me, if you decide to drop this article now (which you won’t, I trust you won’t) do you think you know enough about how to get furniture dents out of Berber carpets?

On to the last tip then.

Step #3: The Tale of the Towel, Iron, and the Vacuum

use towel iron and vacuum

There is a non-existent African tale told long before men lost their tails about a towel and his two compadres, iron, and the vacuum – but this tale will be told some other time.

For now, I will show you how these tools can be used to fix the dents on your Berber carpet.

For this technique, simply do the following:

  1. Dampen the towel or any other piece of cloth and place it over the dented area.
  2. Get your iron, and place it on the steam setting or set it on a medium heat level.
  3. Now run it over your damp towel and place over the dent for 30 seconds to about a minute.
  4. This is where the vacuum comes to play. You need to use your fingers to fluff over the area or simply vacuum over the dent; this is to get the fibers to become uniform.
Remember: do not allow the iron to directly touch the carpet or you will ruin or cause it to burn.

Bonus Tips: Other working Tips and How to avoid the dents

bonus tips

I am indeed generous and will leave you with additional tips because I care about you.

Some of these tips are preventive measures, follow them and you may never have to put this knowledge to use but promise me you will share this article.

Step #1: Use Furniture Glides or Cups

Note that this will be more effective underneath lighter pieces of furniture and may still cause indentation after long periods of usage.

But you have no worries, you know how to get rid of the dents, don’t you?

Step #2: Move the Furniture Around

move the furniture

This is not very effective as it can become stressful over time plus you would have to come up with new ways to rearrange the setting of the furniture in the room every other time.

Moving the pieces of furniture around from time to time ensures that heavy pieces of furniture do not stay long enough on a spot to cause indentations.

Step #3: Avoid Placing Heavy Furniture All Together

You can opt for lightweight furniture as well or avoid them. This will call your creative ingenuity to play as you consider how to arrange the entire layout of your room.

Make do with bean bags, they are not for university dorm rooms alone or children’s playhouses. They are less weighty and also comfy.

Step #4: Work the Dents with Your Fingers

work with your fingers

When you notice such dents on your carpet, simply help the fiber back up by running your fingertips over it.

Quick reminders: it is important I sound this gong once more, do not use the hot iron directly on the carpet. This will only burn the carpet, ruining it forever. 

Just place a damp towel or any other piece of damp cloth over the dented area before you iron.


In the near-impossible situation where none of my fail-proof techniques work, you can opt to hire a professional carpet cleaner to get rid of the dents on your Berber carpet.

Remember to specifically instruct them that you want the dents fixed.

Well, all good things have an end as well, and as much as I would love to let this piece go on and on, I have to draw it to a close – sadly.

However, I leave you happy knowing you are in the know on how to get furniture dents out of Berber carpets.

Adios amigo.