alternatives to bifold closet doors
Kristina Davis

If you are a homeowner who values and is crazy about interior design, you must have come to the point where you wondered what are the best alternatives to bifold closet doors.

Indeed, closets play a massive part in our daily lives, so it is vital that we pick one that’s best for us and our home.

Closet doors aren’t commonly the first thing you think about when brainstorming wise ways to upgrade and boost your home.

New furniture, fresh paint, and perhaps a smaller scale of DIY projects tend to be the go to’s, but swapping your current bi-fold closet doors for something that has a little more charm can make your house feel both special and personal.

In this article, we will show you the various alternative to bifold doors. So go forth and read on!

Best Alternatives To Bifold Closet Doors

alternatives to bifold closets

People do the most common things to separate their closet from their room by installing bi-fold closet doors.

Bi-fold doors usually come with a house when you first move in: however, if you would want something different, or you feel bored with your standard common doors, it’s a good idea to replace them.

In our modern world today, many people have created excellent interior closet designs that you can apply in your home as well in order to make it look unique and different.

We have selected here the best alternative to bi-fold doors along with their pros and cons.

Alternative to Bifold Doors For Small Spaces

If you have a room with just limited space, then don’t worry! These chosen alternatives would be great for you since these closet doors don’t take up too much of the area.

You’ll not only have an excellent-looking closet door, but you’ll also have more room space for other needed furniture.

– Consider Using  Sliding Doors

sliding doors

Among the best choices for rooms with limited spaces are sliding doors. Many homeowners opt for this choice since they are relatively easy to use, and there are thousands of designs to choose from.

You may pick a metal sliding door, a glass sliding door, or even a wooden sliding door; the designs are endless!

Although bi-fold doors also slide, they first need to fold, which gives you that unneeded extra space where you can't place any furniture as close to your closet.

They are even considered an obstacle for others with big toes since you can potentially hit your feet in the middle-of-the-night trips to your bathroom.

Having a sliding door is just like having the traditional glass sliding door that leads you out to your back porch or garden.

Half of the door slides behind the other part (or sometimes, in front of the other) to reveal to you half of the closet at a time.

The Pros:

They are easy to install and won’t require much workforce since the process is not too complicated and can be done by any homeowner.

You can choose from many designs. You may even opt to have a mirror surface since this can help make your room appear bigger.

They don’t take up a lot of space, giving you a chance to place more furniture and things in your room.

The Cons:

Sliding doors can get a little bit rusty at some point after years of use. Making it quite hard for the door to slide through.

One little downside of having a sliding door as a wardrobe is that you will not have a full view of your closet’s contents at one time.

– Consider Using Swinging Saloon-Style Doors

swinging saloon style doors

If you are a fan of country-western bars, then you’d love the idea of using a saloon-style door for your wardrobe. Many people choose this option since you can design the door to suit you and your room’s theme.

Saloon doors are relatively easy to use; they’re like using simple cabinets. All you have to do is swing the doors open, and voilĂ !

Your needed items, clothes, and other things are in view. Installing them is even a piece of cake since you only need double action hinges and a little workforce. 

Perhaps you are someone who has a limit in their room space; you can choose this as an alternative. Purchasing a saloon-style door is quick since they’re available in any Home Depot!

The Pros:

One of the best features of using a swinging saloon door is the easy operation of using it. You simply just open it like a standard cabinet and won’t require any complicated instructions.

Other than securing your things and clothes inside, they can still provide air internally. Air is needed to avoid the development of molds and other bacteria.

The Cons:

Because a saloon door requires you to open it outward, there’s a possibility that you can hit your toes, especially when you’re not careful.

This isn’t ideal for those people who prefer a more sophisticated and elegant style since using a saloon door for your closet can give out an old western look.

– Consider Using a Book Case Door

book case door

People who love watching mystery films or myth films such as Harry Potter have probably seen some scenes where a bookcase was used as a covering for s closet.

Fortunately, that kind of idea can be applied in real life using a bookcase as your closet door!

A Bookcase door hiding a closet behind some bookshelves is an elegant option for rooms with limited space. Not only can you store things inside your wardrobe, but you can also put to use the bookcase covering.

The Pros:

It is an excellent option for people who like to read books in their room’s comforts since they don’t have to go downstairs or to their book-room to get their books.

This choice is relatively cost-effective since they provide you with a shelf where you can place your things, and at the same time, they don’t take up a lot of room space.

The Cons:

Bookshelves can be hard to fit in your room theme, so it might be quite challenging to find one that would fit your style.

If you are not fond of books, or you don’t usually read books, this option can just be a nuisance for you.

– Consider Using a Curtain

use a curtain

It may come to you as a surprise but using curtains as an alternative to bi-fold closet doors is a great idea, especially for those individuals who don’t have a large room.

Many people opt for this option since it doesn't require complicated installation and is a very cost-efficient alternative.

Using curtains is totally a game-changer. Not only is it way better looking than bi-folds, but also every inch of your closet can easily be accessible, which is a huge advantage when you’re staying in a house that’s majorly lacking in some storage space!

Installing a curtained closet is even quite simple. Just attach a durable curtain rod, pick a curtain that matches your room’s color and place it on the curtain rod; then you’re all set! So easy, right?

The Pros:

Curtains have different shapes, styles, and sizes, so you are sure to find one that will match your room’s theme and design.

Compared to a cabinet door, curtains are much more affordable; you can even use ones that you already have, so it’s totally a great option if you want to save some cash!

The Cons:

Since curtains don’t entirely cover your clothes, dust may enter, thus resulting in your laundry getting dirty.

If you have pets such as cats or dogs, they can easily access your closet. A curtain isn’t a good idea if you have pets sleeping in your room.

Outstanding Bifold Closet Doors Alternatives For Large Rooms

Blessed are those people who have large rooms since it’s not difficult to find an alternative to bi-folds cause space is never an issue. However, it would be best if you considered a choice that fits your room’s theme and gives you better convenience.

You certainly wouldn’t want to end up with a closet door that’ll just dissatisfy you!

Check out these other door options you can use to replace your boring old bi-fold: 

– Consider Using French Doors

french doors

French doors are a type of door that has two parts that turn on the hinges connected to each side of the door frame. When both french doors swing open, the whole doorway is a free space with no middle post.

This alternative is an elegant look that will upgrade your room. They are created to be interior doors that usually come in pairs, and they swing out just like a stable door.

Unlike bi-folds, french doors require no sliding tracks but are instead mounted to your door frame.

Ladies are usually fans of this alternative since it gives out an elegant and beautiful ambiance to their rooms. It will also show your full closet, especially when you are using the glass-type door.

The Pros:

Many French doors are created with glass, so if you have a large window in your wardrobe, a bean if the sun’s light will be able to flow inside your room.

No matter the color of your room or your area’s design, the French alternative would be perfect since glass can be pretty much be paired with anything.

The Con:

If you’re someone who doesn’t like people looking at their stuff, then the french-option isn’t for you. Others can easily see your clothes and other items because of the glass the door contains.

– Consider Using Modern Barn Doors

modern barn doors

Before you imagine the scene from an old western movie where a farmer walks in on a red-looking barn door, you have to remember we’re in the modern era already, and most designs (even the old ones) are now upgraded.

Modern barn doors come in different designs that you can choose from. Whether you’re going for something sophisticated or perhaps western

As you can imagine, having a barn door may require a little more room. They are created to open the entrance to your entire closet. The door works by sliding to the side along the wall.

So you would undoubtedly need a room that’s enough for the barn door to slide open and not be blocked by furniture.

The Pros:

You can choose among different kinds of styles. The designs come in different colors and patterns, so you are sure that you’re able to get one that’ll fit your room.

Having a barn-door type of wardrobe would mean that you have full ability to access your things easily since the barn door will open entirely.

The Cons:

You will need ample space since its door will slide to the side. You couldn’t also place light switches near the wall of your wardrobe.

You can’t put any type of furniture next to your barn wardrobe since it won’t be able to fully happen once you do.

– Consider Using European Double-Doors

european style door

Why stop at only a single door when you can have two? The European-influenced double door shows just how sophisticated a symmetrical pair of doors can make a bedroom feel.

Swinging up this pair open is undeniably a way to make an entrance.

One thing that makes getting a European-styled wardrobe is that it gives your things and clothes security since double-doors will fully protect your items from the outside world.

Furthermore, you can even install a lock to ensure your things are never harmed. This alternative is best when you have a fair amount of space since it can take a big area if you place it on a house with a limited site.

The Pros:

Many European wardrobe doors are attainable in unfinished design and wood so that you can design, paint and stain it as you like to fit the theme of your room.

Installing double doors isn’t complicated and challenging. With little human resources, you can easily install your door with no difficulties!

The Con:

European double-swing doors tend to be quite big, so they are not advisable for people who have small rooms or those that want to add more furniture in their area.

The Best Alternative to Bifold Closet For Laundry Closet

A laundry closet may seem insignificant for some, but it’s a vital asset if you are someone who values their home’s interior design.

Since a laundry closet is still part of your house, it’s a good idea to put in some effort to make it look excellent and pleasing to the eyes.

– Consider Using Louver Doors

louver door

Louver doors are an arrangement of parallel, or horizontal blades, created to regulate light penetration and airflow.

Louvers are often used as closet doors in order to let air or light while at the same time keeping moisture and sunshine out. They may be either fixed or movable.

Several homeowners prefer this as an alternative for bi-folds, primarily when used as a laundry closer door. It’s great to keep clothes always clean while at the same time maintaining the elegant design of your room.

The Pros:

Since the louver’s design keeps dirt away from your clothes and linens, it’s good to avoid getting sick from accumulated dust.

The louver offers different kinds of design, thus making it an excellent choice for your room, whatever its theme is.

The Con:

Because it contains open spaces, there’s an excellent possibility that bugs or insects may get inside your wardrobe. It’s good to keep some anti-bug balls repellent in your wardrobe.


Now that you know the different kinds of alternatives to bifold closet doors, you can now renovate your room to make it look as great as it can be.

 If only given the needed time and effort, your closets can actually be an interior asset that will boost your house’s overall design because a home without any closet is not a home at all!

Although the furniture may seem a bit trivial to some, you can use this to your potential. However, be sure to consider your choice correctly.

The next time you find yourself planning to change your wardrobe, give this guide a recheck, and you’re sure to get some practical help and advice!