are marty bell paintings worth anything
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Marty Bell was such an influential artist in the 90s, but are Marty bell paintings worth anything today?  You are probably not aware but Marty Bell’s love for art and design started in her early days.

She would usually get into trouble with her teachers when she wanted to paint. After getting married, Marty rebranded her passion and ventured into it full-time.

She started painting in England in 1974 and sold surprisingly. People were even booking before she was done painting.

What she had ventured into as a hobby, now became her main source of income.

In this article, we will find out how worth Marty Bell’s paintings are and so much more.

Are Marty Bell’s paintings worth anything, one may ask? Marty Bell’s paintings are worth some figures that range from anything between 200 and 300 Dollars.

Are Marty Bell Paintings Worth Anything?

does marty bell paintings worth anything

Marty Bell’s works are hailed over and beyond America. She has been famed for her artistry and prolific works over the years, even beyond her death.

We sought to find out if her works are still worth anything.

Of course, there is a value attached to them. But before we discuss the value of her great works, we will delve into figuring out some of her works.

We’ll try to know where they can be found and the values that have been attached to them.

Throughout her life, Marty Bell painted over 3000 images in oil paintings. Her works have been spread from English Cottages, and California landscapes to other colorful works.

Note: It has been observed that her paintings were driven by her passion for beauty, color, and style.

Six Examples Of Marty Bell’s Greatest Works With The Highest Prices

mart belle great work

It would take us a whole day narrating Marty Bell’s Greatest works.

In fact, if anyone thought of writing a book about her works, then it would be a large text with loads of pages.

In this blog post, we will have a brief look at some other greatest paintings. In this case, from the over 3000 there are, we picked just six of them.

Christmas In Rochester

Marty was a great thinker, always curating her pieces figuratively.

In this drawing, she in the event of designing the Christmas in Rochester Painting thought about the beauty of the city.

This city sits serenely on the Lake Ontario River, in New York.

Rochester is such a beautiful sight to behold. Marty must have been thinking about what a Christmas spent in the city would be like while painting this image.

It has received accolades and been praised as one of her greatest works.

It has also been attended to with significant artistry while touching the environment of New York.
the christmas in rochester

The painting is descriptive by itself, with the feeling of a Christmas mood. She drew featuring two people in that picture.

In it was seen a lady and a gentleman walking down the streets of Rochester on Christmas day.

This drawing has an attached value of 225 Dollars. Its description is paper Lithograph framed and 17.5 by 15 inches.

The Blossom Lane

The blossom lane is an eccentric painting by Marty Bell. It is a limited edition on Canvas with the dimensions of 14 by 18.

The drawing symbolizes a cottage or home drawn amidst a lane of blossoms that are beautiful with different colors.

It is a traditional cottage, thatched with grass and a gate in the vicinity at the back. The Blossom lane has a net value worth 275 Dollars.

The Henry Penny

a henry penny

Henry Penny was a moral story in the 90s. It was cautionary and called out people to be cautious in their undertakings.

A Henry Penny person is one with uncontrolled emotions prone to becoming panicked at the slightest provocation.

In her painting, Marty Bell thought of banging away this story in one work of art.  In it, you can spot a chicken.

The story and the art tell the story of a worried little chicken with her friends that were in for a really bad day. To cut the long story short, Marty paints this picture as a moral lesson.

The lesson is that some people cannot be trusted, afterward, the chickens are devoured by foxes. This drawing is worth 95$.

Little Bromley Lodge

The Little Bromley lodge is one of Marty’s greatest works of all time. It is quite expensive and one of the most sought drawings.

It speaks of a place on the outskirts of a town where people can recline to enjoy,  reminisce,  have a good time, and party. The painting is really a great one.

It shows a home in the middle of nowhere,  pretty and with a calm ambiance. There are beautiful trees around with a field in the backyard.

This drawing by Marty is valued at a whopping 800$,  being one of her most beautiful and expensive drawings.

The Blue Bird

a blue bird

Birds are lovely and enlightening creatures. Bluebirds on the other hand, unlike all other birds, are lonely ones with the tendency of being alone.

This painting is a drawing of a bluebird. This bird is relaxed and lonely on a flower branch.  Perhaps thinking of something disturbing.

These birds have been associated with a muse,  optimism,  patience, and inward goodness. For their love of being lonely, they are symbolic.

And their symbolic meaning is that one better be lonely than surrounded by enemies in sheepskin.

This painting has an estimated value of about 225$.

The Welford Cottage

The Welford cottage is a short drive from Stratford Upon Avon. It is perfectly positioned for exploring the picturesque Cotswolds.

It is part of an exclusive barn conversion development in the heart of Shakespeare country.

It’s a charming two-bedroom vacation home that provides superb self-catering accommodations.

With an eclectic mix of antiques and period pieces, the room is tastefully arranged.

In her work, Marty represented a drawing in paint of The Welford Cottage in a stunning drawing. The scenery is beautiful and a real decorative painting was drawn with a lot of artistry.

This drawing is worth 275$.

Where To Find Marty Bell’s Work

where to find

With her passing on in 2003,  her works are not really in circulation as they were while she was still living.

Slowly with time, she is being quickly replaced with other artists of this age. However,  if you still show interest in her works and would want to get yourself a copy, then there are still places to get them.

Some of her great artistic works can be bought online on eBay. On eBay,  you will find the paintings at a far lesser price than the designated one.

But since she hasn’t been there to paint, since 2003, most of her paintings would probably be out of stock. And those available are mimics of what she did draw by other talented artists.

Tip: Marty Bell's work can also be found in antique shops and other online marketplaces. Those who own her works and want to sell them can as well sell them here.

How To Find Out If A Painting Is Valuable

find out if valuable

People have been asking ‘How much are Marty Bell paintings worth’? Marty Bell’s paintings are valuable, worth dollars.

She was a great artist who did her work with a lot of passion. Her works have been auctioned at various prices and antiquities collectors are on the look for them.

Below are the characteristics to look out for in a painting to ascertain their value. This is for the purposes of future reference.

It will aid you to ascertain if a painting is worth anything and establishing who owned it before.

  1. Find out who painted it.
  2. Check the painting’s condition.
  3. Check the frame and what it was painted on.
  4. Check the size of the painting.

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Conclusion on Are Marty Bell Paintings Worth Anything

If you are interested to know whether are Marty Bell paintings worth anything? Or maybe your question is how much are Marty Bell paintings worth, then you definitely came to the right place.

In this article,  we sampled only six of her drawings yet there are thousands.

From these drawings, we have learned that her paintings still have a value attached to them. Most of which range from 200$ to 300$. 

You can buy or sell them on eBay or in antiquities shops. How valuable is her painting in your gallery or the one you want to purchase?

We really hope that this article was helpful to you. Thank you!