how long to let paint dry before hanging pictures
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Are you looking to figure out how long to let paint dry before hanging pictures?

Then be still, for this article has all that taken care of in an exclusive fashion.

Pictures are a great way of adding glamor, vision, taste, and decor to your room.

You can hang a collection of pictures on your wall to serve as a memory lane or to keep alive past events. 

Other commercially sold pictures add beauty to your room and communicate several messages as well.

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However, it becomes a mind-boggling task if you are to hang pictures on a wall with wet paint and do not know how and for how long to let it dry.

You should let the wall rest for about 48 hours before hanging pictures. Also, ensure that the wall has completely dried before doing so.

How Long Does Wall Paint Take Before It Dries?

how let paint dry before hanging pictures

Before you hang any pictures, be sure that the paint on the wall has dried well.

How long do you think it would take for wall paint to completely dry out?

Usually, the standard time frame a wall should take before completely drying and being suitable for the addition of photos is 48 hours, equalling two days of wait.

That means you can hang your pictures on the third day, after the second night. This is while all factors are at an equilibrium.

But again, there are events that would make the number of hours needed for you to be able to add pictures to your wall after painting take a tad bit longer.

Factors To Consider Before Hanging Pictures On A Newly Painted Wall

These are the factors behind the long wait for wall paint to dry. And these factors are as listed below.

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Factor #1. Type Of Paint

the type of paint

Some types of paints were meant to take longer to completely dry. Whether the paint is water-based, alkaline, or lacquer epoxy.

They may not have the same drying periods. The way out is by reading the inscriptions for user requirements to establish how long it will take.

Factor #2. Ventilation

Ventilation plays a pivotal role in the drying speed of paint.

A poorly ventilated house will take longer before the house dries while a well-ventilated one is expected to take shorter.

The more the ventilated the house is the quicker the evaporation and oxidation that lead up to the drying of the house paints.

Factor #3. Paint Compatibility

Using the wrong paint such as that one meant for wood or metal surfaces on walls causes paint incompatibility.

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This in return elongates the time it takes for the paint to dry.

In fact, paint incompatibility may result in saponification, which is the refusal of the paint to dry even after days and weeks of waiting.

Factor #4. Incorrect Mixing Ratio

wrong mixing ratio

Most house paints come with instructions containing the ratio for mixing before being paired to the wall.

You should follow the guidelines indicated on the container well for you to mix correctly. Failure to do so may keep the paint longer than desired to dry.

These are the factors you should also be taking into account while anticipating the right moment to hang wall pictures.

While the standard time for any house paint that has been correctly applied takes 2  days to dry, these factors might make the wait a little much longer.

Tip: Evaluate to see if either of them was at play during the painting process for you to be able to make sound and informed decisions.

How Long To Let Paint Dry Before Hanging Pictures

paint dry before hanging pictures

You shouldn’t be in any hurry because that will see you spoil the paint. You should patiently wait for the paint to dry.

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If it takes two days the better, if it doesn’t then hang on, wait until it has. But how long should you let the paint dry before hanging pictures?

The following guidelines will govern your waiting even as you anticipate hanging those pictures you are dying to.

These guidelines are on how long to let the paint dry before hanging the pictures and on how to make the drying faster.

Step #1. Apply Thinner Shades Of Paint

If you want the paint to dry faster so that you hang your pictures, then advise whoever is applying the paint to use thinner shades.

After all, applying thicker shades does not give room for the desired balance you need.

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And in return, it causes the paint a longer time than expected to dry.

Step #2. Use A Hair Dryer To Heat

use hair dryer

Letting the paint dry faster calls for creativity, innovation, and tactfulness. A hair dryer or heater is one creative way of speeding up how fast the paint dries.

But to ensure the heat doesn’t destroy the painting, keep the nozzle of the dryer 2 inches away from the wall to prevent it from blistering.

Step #3. Keep The Air Moving

Oscillatory air will speed up the rate at which the wall paint will dry.

To keep the air moving in the room, you can either open up all ventilation or use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier.

Tip: If for one reason or the other your wall paint has not dried within the 48 hours and seems to be taking a lot longer, then move in and use contingent means to speed the rate the paint is drying.

How Long After Painting Walls Can I Hang Pictures?

how long painting walls i hang pictures

As stated earlier, usually it would take 48hours or less for well-done paint to dry and make the wall ready for hanging pictures.

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And if 48 hours won’t do, then do not rush to hang the pictures.

If not you may disturb the already drying paint. or get the back of your pictures dipped in wet paint.

How To Hang Pictures Without Tampering With The Paint

Because prevention is better than cure, you will need to be absolutely careful while hanging your pictures so that you do not destroy the paint.

Remember you are working towards making your home feel like one and tampering with the new paint will negatively impact the final outlook of your house.

So, you will have to be careful, more than you have ever been, but you do not have to fret.

Procedure #1. Assemble The Right Tools

assemble tools

Going to hang pictures on your freshly painted wall without the right tools might get you seriously tampering with the wall and paint.

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There are wall picture hanging kits in the stores near you. You even won’t need much but nails, brackets, a little hammer, and picture hangers.

Procedure #2. Place The Pictures At Eye Level

You and your guests do not need to break your necks in an attempt to view the pictures on the wall.

Stand at a distance and measure with your eyes the most desirable level for placing the pictures.

You can use a tape measure to mark the height that feeds the eyes a clear view.

Procedure #3. Choose Where To Hang The Photos Correctly

choose where to hang

Hanging pictures is a very delicate affair. If approached wrongly, it could destroy the entire decor of your house.

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Especially with a freshly painted wall that largely contributes to the entire beauty of the living room.


I have over the years as a pro in home decor found out that 2 to 3 days are best bets especially when deciding how to let paint dry before hanging pictures.

I confidently believe that after reading this article, if ascertaining  ‘how long after painting can you hang things on the wall’ was a problem, you must have been clarified.

But also, you must be wary of other forces that work against this designated time frame. 

This article has left no stone unturned, you have all you need to be able to hang pictures correctly on a freshly painted wall.

Don’t forget to tell us your experience with hanging pictures and how long you let the paint dry before hanging pictures?