how to put up led lights without ruining the paint
Kristina Davis

We decided on writing a blog post narrating how to put up led lights without ruining the paint.

This is because most people have found themselves on the verge of ruining their wall paint or the wall itself while installing these Led lights.

So if you are putting up lights, and in this case Led lights, then you’re right on track.

Led lights are a great way of making your place appear lovely, they breathe life and calm into your room while adding beauty to it.

In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step procedure you should to get your led lights installed carefully and impressively.

Led lights use strong adhesives that are quite bothersome during installation. Though, using the right method, you will install the lights without harming your paint.

Do Led Lights Tear Off Paint?

led light tear paint

You do not need to be an electrician to install Led lights in your room. It only calls for patience, keenness, and preciseness.

Led lights are a nice way to build a relaxing environment for you, one in which you can sit back, reminisce, plan and meditate while alone.

But now, most people fear for their paint. And so they ask whether led lights damage the paint. The answers are both sides of the coin.


Led lights do not damage your paint and they were not meant to. But perchance, if they do, then you will be to blame.

Led lights will damage paint, especially if you are not keen and do not follow the required procedures required to install them.

How To Put Up Led Lights Without Ruining The Paint

Paint is the first object in interior decoration. It is a largely thought-about furnishing option with a lot of evaluations undertaken before settling on which paint to use.

put led without ruining paint

Therefore, no one will be happy to have the same paint damaged in the name of hanging Led lights.

Although Led lights are equally important in breathing life into your space, their installation must in all possible ways never interfere with the painting on the wall.

If you do not install the led lights properly the paint and the wall can be damaged.  

Since we are in the position to properly guide you on how to do it, we have compiled simple methods that will guide you through.

Step #1. Select The Led Light And Other Power Supplies

This is the preparation stage. Here, figure out what type of Led lights you require, their length, and the source of power.

Start by measuring the entire area you are looking forward to, for the lights to cover.

select led light

Draw a sketch of the designated area and how you want them to appear. It is the art of planning, and by planning ahead you win.

Figure out where the power supply is so that you get to understand whether you are going to need a longer power line or not.

Supplies for Led lights can be found online or in electronic shops near you. So make your estimates, compute your budget, select the led lights and evaluate the sources of power.

Step #2. Check The Lights To Ascertain Their Voltage

If you are not knowledgeable about the voltage of whatever Led lights you are installing, then you will in no time survive a big loss.

If you connect Led lights that call for low voltage to a high voltage source, then things will burn up. And if you do it vice versa, then expect very dim lighting.

So, always check the instructions to ascertain what level of voltage each Led light was meant for.

Usually, there is the 12 Voltage which is dimmer, and the 24 Voltage which is brighter and lasts longer. 

The choice is yours to pick on which. But do not let voltages mix up and cost you the very lights in the end.

Step #3. Wash The Point You Are Going To Install The Lights

wipe the wall

Using water, run a wet wipe over the area you have planned to install the led lights to remove any dirt and dust that may be in that area.  

Be careful so that the wipe you are using does not in the event render the wall dirty again.

The sole reason for this is only to remove any particles that might hold back the lights from sticking to the wall.

Step #4. Once You Are Ready, Peel Off The Adhesive And Press The Ledstrip To The Wall

If you are ready to stick the led lights to the wall,  first peel off the cover that holds the adhesive.

Then all you have to do is to press it to the wall to hold. Peel the cover in small lengths so that the adhesive does not evaporate.

If you come across an area where the adhesive refuses to stick, then put back the cover, clean the area again then put back the lights.

Note: Take your time at this stage, there is no need to rush and then make mistakes. Compose yourself, be keen, and stick it in a straight line.

Step #5. Connect It To The Power Supply And Power On

connect power supply

Once you have gone through these processes carefully, leave it to rest for at most five minutes.

This is important so that the adhesive can dry. Then connect it to a power source to test if there is light.

At this point, the led light should come on.

Things That make Led Strip Lights Ruin Wall Paint

Other than installing the led strip light incorrectly, there are a couple of other things that can ruin your paint.

So, in the race for how to put up led lights without ruining the paint, these are the things you should be on the lookout for.

Step #1. The Strength Of The Adhesive On The Back Of The Strip Light

strength of adhesive

A very strong adhesive backing the strip light has the tendency to rip off the paint on your wall.

This might occur when you want to remove them or replace them.  Some adhesives have a reputation for ruining walls and paints.

Some of these include hot glues, gorilla tapes, glue dots, and foam tape. Do not ruin your paint using these ones.

Step #2. The Length Of Time Led Strip Light Has been On The Wall

Almost nothing can be done in the event that the wall paint is ruined due to this reason. You will have to repaint.

Led Lights have a lifetime warranty of three years. Although most of them can live up to four or five years after which they will fall dim, cease to function or die out.

You will then be required to peel them off. Ultimately, they will come out with the paint.

Tip: You only need to be more careful so that the lining of the lights does not affect other areas. After which, you should repaint and leave the wall to dry before replacing them.
length of time on wall

Other reasons behind the ruining of wall paints by led lights

There are several other reasons behind the ruining of wall paints by led lights and we have highlighted the rest below.

  • A painted surface with fragile layers.
  • High-temperature surfaces
  • Low-quality paint that is not durable.
  • How long the paint has stayed.


Knowing How To Put Up Led Lights without Ruining The Paint or how to hang led strip lights without damaging walls is a walk in the park.

People have been asking whether Led lights tear off paint, and this article has them answered.

It is a blog post that cares for your wall and paint, with procedures you should embrace and things that make your wall paint tear off that you should avoid.

We are hoping that you found it resourceful and will use it to turn around your living room with led lights successfully, adding to it the amazing led lights of your wish without ruining your paint.

All the best!

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