can i use my bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors
Kristina Davis

“Can I use my Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors?” I’m sure you’re here because you’re seeking to answer this question.

The use of carpet cleaner is a better way to get rid of those stubborn stains that would never want to leave your carpet.

Now, the big question is; If the answer to this question is yes, the next question is; How do I do that?

If this is your situation, you need to keep reading to find out the possibility of using a Bissell carpet cleaner to clean your tile floors.

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Keep reading if you want to gather more information on why you should never use a carpet cleaner on your tile floors and what you are recommended to use instead.

Note: To avoid damage, it is advisable always to make use of the recommended equipment when cleaning your tile floor.

Yes! You can use a Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors. However, we do not recommend using a carpet cleaner on your tiles as it can cause damage to your carpet.

Reasons Why You Should Never Use Carpet Cleaner On Tiles

not use carpter cleaner

Carpet cleaners are made for specific purposes but often do not include cleaning tiles or hardwood floors because of their design.

Also, in some cases, do not use the cleaning agents used in the solution on the tiles.

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Also, the brushes used on most carpet cleaning machines are very rough and can cause significant scratches on tiled floors, especially when rotating at high speeds.

Running carpet cleaner across the tile floor and flat surfaces makes the cleaner litter dirt around the floor rather than lifting it off the floor’s surface.

The cleaning solution remains on the tile when this happens, leaving it wet and dirty. However, if you must mop or clean your tile floor, other available tools for that.

Let’s take a close look at some other options for cleaning tiles.

Tools You Can Use to Clean Tile Floors

tools for cleaning tiles

Steam Mop

Wondering how a steam mop works? A steam mop heats water to over 200°F through a reservoir and directs steam to the head of the mop pad.

Steam from a steam mop will immediately penetrate the pad to loosen and remove all dirt from your floor tile. It’s different from a traditional mop, where you need to pick up dirt and squeeze it from time to time.

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In addition, the steam from this mop can sanitize your entire floor and remove mites and dust simultaneously.

This option is considered a faster and more effective method of cleaning a floor tile.

Tip: Do not forget to use the steam mop correctly, and always ensure that you use the one suitable for your floor type.

Use of a Wet-Dry Vacuum

use a wet dry vacuum

Wet vacuum and dry vacuum are essentially a combination of vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner. This tool uses two buckets to separately store solid and liquid waste.

This cleaner can easily pick up dirt from one of its tubes and then distribute the cleaners and liquid from the second tube.

Wet-Dry vacuum cleaners usually come with multiple attachments to pick up dirt that is on various surfaces such as upholstery, tiled floors, and rugs.

If you are seeking a vacuum cleaner that can clean your tile floor and remove dust from your living room sofa, then a wet-dry vacuum cleaner is your best bet.

Tip: kindly note that a wet-dry vacuum has filters that you need to replace on a regular basis.

Can I Use my Bissell Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors?

carpet cleaner on tiles

Well, the simple and straightforward answer is Yes! You can use a Bissell Carpet cleaner to clean your tiled floor. You might be wondering why?. Well, I’ll give you my reasons.

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Usually, Carpet cleaners come with metal parts that normally work on carpets but could be bad for hard/ solid tiles. These metal parts could break off the tiles or leave scratches at the very least.

However, a few brands stand out by solving the problems of traditional carpet cleaners. One of such brands is Bissell.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner makes it possible for you to clean your floor tiles without worries.

Bissell Carpet Cleaners don’t have metal parts that ruin your hard floors, It also has bristles of very high quality that rotate with much power to deep clean your tiled floors, no matter how dirty they are.

Tip:  Don't use carpet cleaners (regardless of the brand)frequently to avoid damaging your tiles.

How Does It Work?

how does carpet cleaner works

As we stated before, Bissell Carpet Cleaners don’t come with metal parts at the bottom that could ruin your tiles, unlike other popular carpet cleaners.

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The bristles are gentle and don’t cause any damage to your tiles.

It’s kinda like using a simple brush to clean your tiled floors, but for a Bissell Carpet Cleaner,  the whole process is automated and done at very high speeds.

Also, Bissell Carpet Cleaners have two separate tanks, one is responsible for storing clean water and the other for accumulating dirty water.

This would enable you to use warm water which is great for cleaning tiles too.

Best & Easy Way to Clean your Tile Floor

steps to clean floor tiles

There are so many ways to effectively clean tiled floors. However, the best method depends on the equipment used and the amount of cleaning you’re required to do on the floor.

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Required Items:

  • 2-gallon bucket
  • Bissell mop
  • Lemon or orange essential oil
  • Dustpan and a Bristle Brush
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Tile floor cleaner

Step #1: Vacuum or Sweep the Floor

Begin by either sweeping or vacuuming the floor in order to remove debris and dirt.

It’s best for you to start at the farthest end of the room and work backward to avoid leaving dirt on the areas you’ve swept.

This simply means starting from the end of the room, and cleaning till you get to the entrance door.

Step #2: Mix Cleaning Solution

mix the cleaning solution

Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in a 2-gallon bucket, add 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil, add one tablespoon of mild detergent, add 1/4 cup of vinegar, then pour 2 gallons of warm water.

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Then, mix one cup of baking soda and three tablespoons of vinegar in a small bowl. Mix it using a spoon till you get a mixture like a watery paste.

Step #3: Mop the Floor after Cleaning the Grout

Take a portion of the mixed cleaning solution and thoroughly apply it to the dirty part of the floor using a bristle brush.

It may also need to be placed on a deep stain for about 5-10 minutes before you start scrubbing.

After cleaning the grout, run the mop over the tiles and focus on the obvious stains.

Step #4: Rinse the Entire Floor Using a Damp Mop

use damp mop

When you are done cleaning the grout and the floor, use warm water to refill the mop bucket.

Then inspect the floor again to make sure you have removed the cleaning solution and baking soda paste.

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Now, as someone who came to this page because you asked “Can I use my Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floor?”, you should know that the actual answer is yes!

So, normally, carpet cleaners are a bad idea for your tiled floors. They are harsh on your tiles and generally can cause more harm than they do good when cleaning your tiled floors.

Before using a new cleaning product on your tile floor, be sure to test it first to make sure it doesn’t cause damage to your floor.

If you are looking for good equipment to clean your tile floor, it is advisable to get a Bissell tile cleaner instead.

Bissell floor mop is designed to clean up your tile floor adequately without destroying or causing any form of damage to your floor both now and in the future.