how long does vinegar smell last in carpet
Kristina Davis

A question that I get asked a lot is, how long does vinegar smell last in carpet?

Using vinegar to clean carpets and rugs is a highly recommended solution. Sadly, vinegar leaves our carpet with a pungent odor.

I will be sharing numerous ways by which you can quickly remove the smell of vinegar.

Generally, the vinegar smell lasts only a few hours. But at times we need certain strategies to mask or remove the smell completely.

Is Vinegar A Better Cleaning Solution For Carpets Despite Its Pungent Smell?

vinegar cleaning solution

The smell of vinegar is quite unpleasant, mostly because it smells like rotten eggs.

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Also, the vinegar smell is terrible for people who have certain allergies. It causes them to be nauseous and feel sick

The smell of vinegar also comes with an acidic nature, which, if inhaled for too long, can cause a little bit of nose burn.

Therefore, using vinegar to clean our carpets can leave our home and office with very unpleasant odors.

Regardless, there is no doubt that vinegar has a lot of uses as regards cleaning in our home.

The acidic nature of vinegar helps break down different types of dirt and stains.

Despite the pungent smell of vinegar, it is still an eco-friendly cleaning product that is very affordable. 

It is also very useful because it is suitable for almost all surfaces. It doesn’t cause any reaction or bleach on most surfaces.

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Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets With Vinegar?

ideal to clean carpet

Using vinegar to clean your carpets is, therefore, a great option. As compared to other cleaning solutions, vinegar is very much affordable.

It is suitable for almost all carpet types and colors and breaks down even the toughest of stains. 

Vinegar is still regarded as the most versatile home-based cleaning product.

Hence, why having vinegar at home is very handy despite its very pungent smell.

Tip: Vinegar is suitable for a lot of surfaces but not all surfaces, especially when it is mixed with other corrosive or reactive substances.

Why Does Vinegar Smell So Pungent?

vinegar smell pungent

Vinegar is probably the most used home-based cleaning product. It is found in all homes because of its powerful cleaning abilities. 

The use of vinegar is like a coin on opposite sides. It can be used to clean tough stains and even remove bad odors.

It can also leave our space with a smell quite unpleasant to the nose. 

Vinegar contains an acidic content called acetic acid. Although it is in a small variation of about 5% acidic.

This acidic content is the reason for vinegar’s cleaning power but also the reason for vinegar’s terrible smell. 

Does fermentation contribute to the vinegar smell?

Vinegar is made through a process of fermentation. This involves the combination of yeast, bacteria, and sugar in a stable enclosed place over a long period of hours.

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It could last for about 24 to 48 hours. 

Some processes of fermentation even last longer than 48hrs and this leads to the formation of acetic acid.

In the next headline, we will discuss how long the vinegar smell lasts.

This article seeks to answer the question of how long the vinegar smell lasts and how to remove the smell quickly.

How Long Does Vinegar Smell Last In Carpet?

vinegar smell last

The smell of vinegar might be an unpleasant one but it isn’t a long-lasting smell.

It all depends on where it is applied and the amount of vinegar that was used.

Regularly, the vinegar smell lasts only a few hours after it has dried. But as earlier stated, it all depends on the amount of vinegar used.

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For spot cleaning, the amount of vinegar used is small since it involves just a very small area or portion.

Therefore, the smell from this wouldn’t last long. After fully drying, the smell should last just an hour or two.

How long does a major vinegar spill smell last?

In situations such as major area cleaning and spills, the amount of vinegar involved is much more and, therefore will take a longer time. 

First, the vinegar will have to dry up.

This will take some time depending on how much vinegar was spilled and how deep into the carpet the vinegar got into.

It could take a minimum of 1 hour or even longer for the smell to faze out.

It should also be noted that the size and how open your space also determine how long the smell will last.

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If the room has a larger space and is well ventilated, the smell of the vinegar shouldn’t last so long. 

Tip: When cleaning your carpets, a good tip is to open your windows for air to come in.

How To Get The Smell Of Vinegar Out Of Carpet

get vinegar smell out

The good part about vinegar smells is that they are quite easy to remove. They aren’t lasting odors.

So, therefore, a little bit of extra care will eliminate or mask the pungent smell of vinegar.

Below are some of the few ways by which we can eliminate or mask the smell of vinegar:

Method #1. Open The Windows And Turn On The Fan Or Air Conditioner

open windows

This is probably the simplest solution by far. All it requires is just patience and more ventilation in the room.

Remember also that vinegar is a good deodorizer. It combines with whatever air molecules are in the atmosphere and diffuses with it.

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Opening the windows and turning on the fan or AC to ventilate the room will help eliminate the smell of the vinegar.

This will also dry the vinegar from the carpets fast.

Tip: Set the AC to fan mode for better air circulation

Method #2. Use Of Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is another very useful cleaning solution and a good combination with vinegar.

The combination of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning is very effective. It leaves your room with little to no odor.

Baking soda acts as a neutralizer for vinegar. This is why when using baking soda with vinegar, it is best to apply the baking soda after the vinegar.

First, apply the vinegar to your carpets. Then sprinkle a little amount of baking soda onto the affected area and clean it with water. 

Method #3. Use A Dehumidifier, Diffuser, Or An Air Purifier

use air purifier

A dehumidifier dries out moisture from a place. Therefore using a dehumidifier will dry out any excess vinegar from the carpet.

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This will also make the smell wear off faster

Another option to use is a diffuser or an air purifier. This serves as a way of masking the smell faster.

Tip: When using either of these devices, directing them to the affected area will help eliminate the smell faster.

Method #4. Use Scent Candles Or Incense Sticks/ Woods

scented candles

This is another way of masking the smell of vinegar, scent candles and incense sticks are very strong room odor neutralizers.

The burn of these candles or sticks gives out a very pleasant and, at times, spiritual scent. 

Such that it covers even the toughest of odors. They can be purchased in stores and outlets and are very much affordable.

The trick is to purchase one that resonates with you. Or simply purchase a regular room freshener.

Tip: Do not leave your candles and sticks unattended, this could be hazardous.

Method #5. Add Aromatics Or Water To The Vinegar

add aromatics

A simple and effective technique is to add aromatics or water to your vinegar. This reduces the smell of the vinegar by some percentage. 

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The mixture of water with vinegar doesn’t reduce its cleaning ability by many degrees.

But it is more advised to use an aromatic component due to the pleasant smell it gives off as a mix than water.


So how long does vinegar smell last in carpets? Well, it is entirely dependent on the amount of vinegar used.

An extra tip is to reduce the amount of vinegar used when cleaning. This way it dries up really fast and the smell doesn’t stay so long.

Despite the unpleasant smell, vinegar is still one of the most versatile and widely used home-based cleaning products.

Therefore, use your vinegar and apply the necessary methods to eradicate the smell.