can you machine wash suede couch covers
Kristina Davis

Are your Suede couch covers dirty and you would love to wash them? The good news is that can you machine wash suede couch covers.

You could be stuck at the option of hand washing or machine washing them. Suede covers are adorable. They are made from calfskin or the skin of any young animal.

They have a brushed texture that resembles fabric with a fuzzy and napped finish.

They look beautiful and are affordable compared to other materials. They make your living room look luxurious.

It would be best if you plan to clean your couch covers once every six months. 

But if your living room is always beaming with activities like children throwing and tossing stuff all over, you may need to clean the suede couch covers more regularly.

So, instead of exhausting yourself hand washing these covers, using a machine washer comes in handy.

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To machine wash suede couch covers, you need to remove the covers from the couch, separate the covers by color, separate the stains from clean ones, set up the washing machine, set the water temperature, add detergent, load the couch covers to the washer and turn on the washer.

How Can You Machine Wash Suede Couch Covers?

suede couch cover wash

Since we have recommended that it is okay and preferential to wash your suede couch covers in a washing machine.

Suede is a delicate type of leather, so you need to take extra caution when washing it. You may be asking for guidelines and tips. Relax; we have that covered for you.

To begin with, we recommend looking for an agent that does not contain any colors.

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According to comments sourced from the internet, several users got the OK-to-wash suede cushion covers with colored soap detergents.

Still, when they take them out of the washer, the color from the detergent that was used will cause damage to them.

Laundry detergent that has no dye is the ideal washing agent and detergent for suede cushion coverings.

Dropps, a pod firm, is one of the best detergents that have been tried, tested, and approved.

Note: This detergent is dye-free and performs well when added to a washing machine for cleaning couch cushion coverings.

Can You Wash Suede Couch Covers?

can wash couch covers

Use low heat or a cold washing cycle for cleaning suede couch cushion coverings. This is to protect the couch covers from being spoiled.

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You may consider putting your sofa cushion covers in the dryer after being washed.

Before putting back the cushions, set the drier to its lowest heat & for the shortest time for the cushions to slightly dry.

We advise you to avoid complete drying of the covers in the dryer since it exposes them to the risk of melting due to synthetic fibers used.

When using natural fabrics, there is a possibility of the couch cover shrinking when placed in the dryer.

Set the dryer heat low and keep track of the duration it should stay in there.

If you’re not in a hurry you could opt to dry it in the open, that way you’re not worried about the heat ruining it.

One last piece of advice for placing back your cushion casings: don’t dry them thoroughly.

Tip: When cushion foam is somewhat moist and air-dried after washing the sofa cushion covers, it’s simpler to put it into the casing.

To clean your suede cushion covers in a machine washer, you must follow the following simple steps.

Step #1: Remove the Covers from the Couch

remove couch covers

Since you will not dip the entire couch into the Machine washer, you will first remove the covers from the couch.

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Most covers are zipped. So, carefully unzip the covers from the couch to avoid tearing them or spoiling the couches.

Step #2: Separate the Covers by Color

Separate the covers depending on their colors. Some colors can come in contact with others and damage the entire couch cover.

Therefore, sort out the covers by their shade. Put dark colors such as grays, dark blues, and dark reds alone.

Lights such as yellow, pink, and white alone. Whites alone. White are those that are 100 percent white in color.

Step #3: Separate the Stains from Relatively Clean Ones

separate stained covers

Some stains on suede couch covers need to be treated differently from the others.

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Deep colors such as greasy and oily stains need to be handled first so that they do not affect the rest, after which you can move on to the not-so-dirty ones.

Do not wash or dry nasty stains on suede couch covers in the washing machine. Specific colors are hard to remove when heat is added.

Step #4: Set up the Washing Machine after Sorting Out the Covers

There are two cycles in a washing machine.

While one agitates and folds the covers fast with water, the second one dries the moisture out of the covers.

Tip: Depending on the fabric of the Suede couch cover, choose a wash cycle that best suits them to maximize cleaning them while protecting them.
set up washing machine

The cycles in machine washing are

The Normal Cycle.

This cycle is efficient and effective when cleaning suede couch covers that have oil stains. It goes fast by tumbling and spinning water to remove the bad stains.

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The Permanent Cycle

It is a relatively slower cycle compared to the Normal cycle.

The Delicate Cycle.

It is a slow approach with reduced machine agitation to prevent wear and tear. Special Cycle is helpful for white suede couch covers to protect and remove stains.

Step #5: Set the Water Temperature

Hot water rapidly sanitizes and dissolves detergents more effectively to wash out dirt from the couch covers.

Theoretically, the hotter you set the water, the cleaner the suede couch covers leave the machine washer.

setting water temperature

However, you need to be careful when using this desirable water option since it tends to shrink the covers and makes the fabric fade.

Tip: I would advise that the water shouldn't be too hot and don't leave the covers in there for too long.

Step #6: Pour in Detergents

Use detergents that will not bleach your couch covers. Depending on the type of your machine washer, use the preferred detergents.

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However, most new machines of this age can use both liquid and powder detergents.

Tip: Do not be scared to try out any as long as your washing machine isn't outdated and the detergent is mild.

Step #7: Load the Washer with the Couch Covers

This is so easy. Just load your covers into the machine washer but be careful not to overcrowd them, do not forget to put like colors in the washer.

Tip: There should be space for them to toss around while cleaning themselves.

Step #8: Turn on the Machine Washer

turn on machine washer

Power on the machine washer and let it do the work for you, while you get on to other things. All along, the machine washer door must stay closed.

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Now that you’ve come here, in the end, you know the answer to “can you machine wash suede couch covers” again, we say you can wash those suede couch covers in a machine washer.

This article has given you more information than just the YES or NO answer.

All you have to do is follow these listed steps and you’ll have yourself Suede couch covers as good as new.

Now, you can go ahead and save yourself the distress of handwashing them and just put them in the machine, sit back and let it do the cleaning for you.

In as much as we’ve seen that it’s possible to machine wash Suede couch covers, it’s advisable not to do this frequently.

This is to preserve the suede material and help it last longer.