what color coffee table with dark grey couch
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You may wonder what color coffee table with dark grey couch furniture is in your home. Before shopping around for a coffee table, consider your color options.

A white, beige, or taupe coffee table will complement a dark grey couch. Dark grey is a darker achromatic color that should have a lighter achromatic colored coffee table for color balance.

As the saying goes, “Grey is the queen of colors, because she makes everyone else look good.”

While this is true, the color coffee table you choose should match the grey itself, make your living room pop with color, and set a theme.

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Grey is a Neutral Color

gray neutral color

The Interactive Design Foundation reports that grey is part of the group of neutral colors in color theory. The other neutral colors are white, brown, and black.

Neutral colors do not evoke emotions because they do not have a specific hue like the other colors of the rainbow.

Tip: Combining a darker color, like dark grey, with a lighter color will balance Yin and Yang (the dark and the light) since opposites are complements of one another in interior design.

Grey is Versatile

a versatile color

Grey is a mix of white and black. The Architectural Foundation states that interior designers utilize grey in their room layouts because of its attractiveness.

The foundation says 19 colors complement grey.

Three of these colors are white, beige, and taupe.

Tip: Warmer chromatic colors are also a great complement to greys such as aqua, sun yellow, violet, coral, and rose.

Lighter Wall Paint Color for Dark Grey Furniture

If you want to repaint your living room, you may be wondering what wall paint color accompanies your dark grey furniture.

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You can make your walls the same color as your chosen coffee table or select from a couple of neutrals:

light grey paint

Taupe is considered a grayish-brown color. It’s just light enough to be classified as a chromatic color and not dark enough that it would clash with your dark grey couch.

Consider a taupe coffee table to compliment the taupe wall paint color.

Eggshell white or ivory are nice off-white colors that are modern choices for wall paint colors.

Have a white-painted wall with a beige or taupe wooden coffee table to balance out all the achromatic neutral colors in your living room.

Tip: You can opt for a white coffee table as an alternative because it will complement the white wall paint.

What Color Coffee Table with Dark Grey Couch?

coffee table complement grey cocuh

Taupe and beige are lighter brown colors. Hence, you can opt for a wooden coffee table. 

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If you prefer a white coffee table, you can choose wooden or ceramic. Marble or stone tables can scratch easily and be more susceptible to stains.

However, ceramic tables are stronger than marble or stone tables and can withstand repeated use.

Tip: For ideas on including your dark grey couch and coffee table in your living space, browse Architectural Foundation’s 40 grey couch decor ideas.

Coffee Tables on Trend

Whether you desire to be on trend or not, different coffee tables are trending in the interior design industry.

Homeowners flock to these designs to give their living rooms a contemporary look.

Hexagonal Coffee Tables

the hexagonal coffee table

Hexagonal coffee tables add artistic savvy to the room. You may not think of a hexagon shape when shopping for a coffee table.

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A beige or taupe coffee table would be a great addition to a living room with a dark grey couch.

If you desire, opt for a hexagonal coffee table that features artwork to further the beauty of its unique shape.

The masterpiece should feature warmer chromatic colors and earthy undertones.

Marble Coffee Tables

A marble coffee table can achieve a fancier set-up. Marble designs are intricate and wavy, enhancing a sophisticated theme.

Consider an off-white background with a beige or taupe marble design. Maybe you want the opposite with a beige or taupe background and a white marble instead.

Triangular Coffee Tables

triangle glass table

Opt for a triangular coffee table with sleek and rounded edges is at the top of the chart for making a stylish living room.

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It’s an interior design trend that the industry is embracing, according to Decoist.

While people continue to purchase square, rectangular, or circular coffee tables, triangular models are different and on-trend in 2022.

Triangular coffee tables are popping up more in American homes because of their minimalist qualities.

You can only put a couple of items on a smaller triangular coffee table versus a large rectangular table.

This constraint limits you to only one accent piece on your triangular coffee table rather than the 3 to 4 accent pieces you could place on a triangular coffee table.

Tip: If you want to be on-trend this year, consider a beige, taupe, or white triangular coffee table if you can find it.

Accent Pieces on a Trendy Coffee Table

the accent coffee table

Because lighter, warm chromatic colors complement dark grey, consider these possible accent pieces for your coffee table.

Your accent piece should complement the overall theme and ambiance you are trying to achieve for your living space.

  • A red rose in a white vase is upscale and romantic.
  • Gold mosaic balls in a beige or white bowl will give your room sparkle and charm.
  • Rock pebbles in 2 brown gold ceramic holders provide an earthy theme.
  • Ceramic statues from your favorite art era or country add a personal touch of self-expression to your living room.
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With these ideas, you can add a splash of warm color to your chosen coffee table accent piece.

Just remember not to overdo it with the accent pieces so that they detract attention from the table. They’re called “accents” for a reason!

Tip: Choose from cherry, turquoise, teal, violet, or one of the other suggested colors in the “Grey is Versatile” section found earlier in this article.

FAQs About Interior Design

Here are some general questions we have answered for you about interior design.

Use these answers to help you design your living room with your dark grey couch and your color choice for a coffee table.

questions about grey couch

How Do Interior Designers Charge for Service?

If you want to hire an interior designer, they require pay using 1 of 3 formats. They may ask for a flat service fee.

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The second option is charging you an hourly rate. Then, they are paid based on the number of hours it takes them to complete your requested job.

Finally, the cost-plus method requires that you compensate an interior designer based on a set percentage of the materials cost plus their decided compensation rate.

What Are Achromatic Colors?

Achromatic colors are black, grey, white, and brown. These are neutral colors that do not evoke emotion.

Chromatic colors are more bright and vivid than achromatic colors. They include red, purple, green, and blue.

What are warm colors?

Warm colors fall on the side of the color wheel with red and yellow. Hues and shades of red, yellow, orange, and red-violet are warm colors.

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What Are Cool Colors?

Cool colors fall on the side of the color wheel with blue and green. Hues and shades of blue, green, violet, and blue-violet are cool colors.

Final Thoughts on What Color Coffee Table Complements a Dark Grey Couch

Now that you know what color coffee table goes with a grey couch, you can start shopping for one!

Remember that the best coffee table colors for a dark grey couch are beige, white, and taupe.

Your accent pieces can be warmer chromatic colors to complement the dark grey couch.

Once you have chosen the coffee table’s color, you can build the living room theme with the coffee table you purchase and the accent pieces you decide to place.