how to make a futon comfortable to sit on
Kristina Davis

Buying a futon may be a good decision depending on your space, but it is essential to know how to make a futon comfortable to sit on.

It can be a significant financial outlay for many people to acquire a bed for their spare bedroom. When on a tight budget, futons tend to be the preferred choice.

A futon can serve as seating during the day and a bed at night.

The main drawback is that futons do not usually offer the same level of comfort as traditional mattresses.  

That is when people ask about how to make a futon more comfortable to sit on.

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Let’s find out now!

How To Make A Futon Comfortable To Sit On And Relax?

make futon comfortable

Futons are versatile furniture that can serve as a primary sleeping place or a temporary guest bed.

The issue is that when they have to serve as beds and couches, they are not always the most pleasant option for sitting on.

If your futon also serves as a couch, you may have wondered how to improve its comfort.

It all depends on the quality of your futon and how much investment you make upfront.

If you opt for an inexpensive, cheap frame futon with a rather thin futon mattress, do not expect much in terms of comfort. 

But, if you opt for a solid wood frame coupled with a comfortable futon mattress, you will enjoy it for years. 

Do Futons Feel Comfortable To Sleep In As A Bed?

Some futons are comfier than others when used as a bed. As mentioned already, cheaper models are not conducive to restful sleep.

futon as bed

The ones that cost you more are like to be cozier. Keep in mind though that futon mattresses tend to be on the firm side. 

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This is because they do not have the softness of a foam mattress and are much firmer.   


It is important to keep in mind that, unlike standard mattresses, futon mattresses are not completely flat.

No bumps here, yet the surface is not quite smooth, either.   

How Can You Make Your Futon More Comfortable?

futon more comfortable

No matter the reason you want to buy a futon, you need to learn how to make it more comfortable. 

Here is how to create a more comfortable futon for your guests to sleep quickly and efficiently. 

Go With The Right Materials

Ideally, you should look for a polyester or foam mattress if possible.

The good thing is that these mattresses have the unique ability to spring back to their original shape after being compressed.

It is essential to remember that comfortable seating requires compromise. You desire furniture that gives when you sit down.

However, you require substance when you lie down and want it to return to its previous shape when you rise. 

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Take Care Of All The Slipping

Slipping is a common problem with futon cushions. You cannot get cozy on something constantly shifting position, no matter how thick the cushions are.

slipping sheets

You can always try to fix it with no-slip grips. The friction they create between the frame and the mattress keeps the futon in place.

Be sure to arrange them in a way that one is at the base and one is at the top. If you add cushioning to the bottom, the top pad is even more crucial.

Play Around With Pillows

Throw pillows warm up any space, and they have the potential to make your futons a lot more comfortable.

Simply pile on the decorative pillows by shopping at your local home goods retailer or by making your own with the help of a sewing machine.

Use them to add a layer of sumptuous comfort to your futon.

Find the best pillow for your preferred sleeping position and comfort level by reading up on the various options available.

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You can opt for multiple pillows for the most comfortable slumber ever. It is incredible to see the difference the right pillows can make in your sleep quality. 

play with pillows

Go For The Right Topping

Putting some padding over the top of your futon is the quickest and easiest way to make it cozier for sitting.

This offers a number of benefits, including the fact that it can be easily removed when you want to use your futon as a bed.

The extra padding on top does not prevent the grips from being non-slip, which is an added benefit. 

What To Do?

When it comes to increasing the level of coziness provided by your futon, nothing beats the use of a mattress topper.

Keep an extra handy and only use it on the unfolded futon to avoid damaging the topper from constant use.

mattress topper

Look at a variety of options before settling on a mattress topper.

The convenience and comfort of a memory foam topper make it a top pick. When not in use, it can be folded up and stashed discreetly.

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Opt for the best material that suits your needs.

Some of the best options include:

  • Wool
  • Feathers
  • Polyester blends
  • Memory foam
  • Latex
Tip: Be sure to check the frame for any gaps, as you must stop the padding from sinking to make it comfortable.

Get Some Added Bottom Support

The easiest way to improve the seating comfort of anything is to provide greater back or seat support.

get back support

This will necessitate the acquisition of either a second mattress or a cushion of appropriate dimensions to fit underneath the couch.

To add extra support for your back, you can either double up the mattress or lay a quilt over the sofa’s top support.

If you choose not to recline it, it is just fine to leave it empty. 

Go With A Bed Base

The bed base may be the most underrated part of a bed, but it plays a crucial role in creating a restful night’s sleep.

Mount your futon on a sturdy bed frame for maximum comfort.

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Or, you can add a foundation or even just some wooden slats to your futon’s base to increase its comfort level.

Slats work quite well to support the futon mattress in the absence of a bed base.

It is mainly because the slats will support and level the futon’s sleeping surface. 

bed base frame

Moreover, they stop the mattress from sagging and, in turn, keep it in good condition for longer.

Tip: You can find bed frames at any home furnishings retailer, or you can make your own for very little money. 

Invest In A Thick Comforter

Bedding for your futon is essential if you mainly want to use it as a guest bed.

Guests will always appreciate the effort if you have a beautiful, soft comforter for them to cuddle up in.

Invest in one that will last and provide you with a pleasant sitting experience.

It may not seem like much now, but it can significantly reduce all the discomfort you associate with sleeping in a futon. 

use thick comforter

Take Advantage Of A Featherbed

Sometimes, you may not be interested in a comforter, and that is when a featherbed may serve as a better alternative.

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In comparison to a down comforter, a featherbed is something you lie on top of rather than underneath.

Comfort and warmth are increased by using a featherbed over a futon mattress.

Down comforters are typically sectioned off so that the filling does not shift to one side.

But, it can become a bit tricky, and that is why it makes more sense to opt for a featherbed instead.

Tip: Think of using a thin sheet of cardboard on your futon frame to cover any gaps and keep the padding in place. 

Try A Memory Foam Mattress

Adding memory foam to mattresses is a common practice, and it works equally well on a futon.

memory foam mattress

The good thing is that you can tuck memory foam toppers neatly under the mattress and keep it in place with ease.

At the end of the day, when you unfold your futon into a couch, you can simply roll them up and store them out of the way. 

Invest In An Air Mattress

If nothing else works, you can also make use of an air mattress and lay it on top of your futon for added comfort.

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Because futons are often narrow and low to the ground, elevating one with an air mattress provides a lot of extra height and comfort.

So long as the air stays in the mattress during the night, air mattresses have a reputation for being extremely comfy.

If you frequently have guests stay in your futon, you should invest in an air mattress that is simple to inflate and deflate.

air mattress on floor
Tip: Do not ignore the quality of the futon frame because it plays a big role in keeping it comfortable for long. 


Learning how to make a futon comfortable to sit on can help protect your investment and make this simple piece of furniture a lot more functional. 

Thankfully, you can try many ways, and sometimes, using a combination of different options can do the trick.

So, be prepared to experiment a little and you will definitely make your futon more comfortable.