can air mattresses be used every day
Kristina Davis

Can air mattresses be used every day? For the love of comfort, you may be inclined to use your air mattress every day.

The fact that it is not an ordinary mattress could be worrying and you might wonder whether it is okay or not to use it every day.

But then, can the air mattress be used every day? In a quick response to your question, this article sought to find out whether it is cool to use the air mattress daily.

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And herein, it is more than just the simple Yes or No.

Absolutely yes! Using an air mattress every day is absolutely okay, with no known health problems. 

If you are making up your mind to adopt it for your everyday use, then nothing should stop you. It is largely okay. But before you do, there is more to learn.

Use of Air Mattress

use of air mattress

Unlike all mattresses with fabric, the air mattress is a bit sophisticated. In that, it uses air to get inflated.

It is a rubber mattress with an outer covering that holds air but unlike plastic balloons, it is made of cotton or silk material that is sleep-friendly.

Can Air Mattresses Be Used Every day?

The quick answer is YES. An air mattress can become your everyday sleep companion.

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It is a cost-effective bedding option with unsung comfort you do not want to stop revering in.

However, the type of air mattress you choose for your everyday use matters a lot. You have to be watchful and keen, so as to choose the best.

use air mattress everyday

There are a few things you are going to consider in your bid to find your everyday mattress.

Take these tips into account while sourcing for that air mattress you intend to be using every day.

Tips For Shopping For Your Everyday Air Mattress

When you go shopping for your daily air mattress, be choosy and strict. After all, the money is yours.

Marketers could lure you easily into going for the air mattress you will regret the day and moment you dipped into your pocket to pay for it.

Things should not get there for you. Buy these important tips that will guide you through selecting the right air mattress.

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Consider Your Needs

consider needs

Very important, you have to consider why you are buying the air mattress and why the type, quality, and size of the one you opt for.

It is sensible that you desire to use it as your regular bed.

But what are the other reasons as to why you may need it? Do you need it for the short run as you stash money to buy a bigger one?

Or do you need just another regular mattress, are you attracted to its beauty?

Is it for comfort and durability? Which of these features of the air mattress are motivating you to source for one?

Materials and Parts

Once you have settled with your move to get yourself an everyday air mattress, then you may start with considering materials and parts.

Air mattresses are available in a whole list of materials also known as fabrics. These materials are what determine the quality of the mattress.

parts and materials

There are polyester, polythene, PVC, fibers, and many more. Opt for a fabric that is soft and calming that won’t affect your skin or make you uncomfortable during your sleep.

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On parts, air mattresses come along with other parts that work hand in hand with it to make sure it is in good condition always.

Most of them are inbuilt but upon their failure, you may need contingent ones.

Tip: It is nice that you consider one with readily available spares.

What Type Should I Settle For?

air mattress to settle in

Unless it’s for a limited period of time, you don’t want to get an air mattress that will need to be replaced frequently.

  • Opt for a soft, relaxing fabric that won’t irritate your skin or make you uncomfortable while you sleep.
  • Maintain the air mattress in good shape by inflating it regularly and hoisting it to about 5 feet off the ground.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the air mattress to prevent it from puncturing and deflating.
  • Moreover, do not entirely bank on the top covers that these mattresses come with.
  • Rather, use bedsheets to maintain and keep your air mattress clean.
Tip: If you take these guidelines to book and observe them entirely as you use your air mattress, be sure to use them every day without getting into any difficulties.

Some of the Best Air Mattresses You Can Use Daily

best mattresses

We wouldn’t wish to leave you at crossroads wondering what mattress it is you can use daily.

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We listened to people and assessed reviews on Amazon from people who have used these mattresses before. We have compiled a list of seven of the best air mattresses you can use daily.

You can choose from any of them for a premium experience.

1. The EnerPlex Raised Air Mattress

This EnerPlex air mattress has a coil beam architecture that provides solid support for correct spinal alignment.

And when it runs out of air, Enerplex has an inbuilt pump that inflates in just under two minutes.

Enerplex could become your one-stop air mattress solution, with these features, it truly is one of the best.

Tip: 10,000 plus reviews on Amazon lauded the product's durability and affordability.

2. The SoundAsleep Air Mattress

soundasleep air mattress

 EnerPlex air mattress’s coil beam architecture provides strong support for optimal spinal alignment.

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This air mattress is both durable and pleasant. Another advantage? It is coupled with an inbuilt air pump which is twice as fast as most others.

3. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

The Intex Comfort Plush is available online and in stores near you, it is undoubtedly one of the cozy and posh air mattresses worth your everyday sleep.

With an internal air pump, you do not have to worry about inflating it.

You also have to keep it raised from the floor so as to protect it from any materials and sharp objects on the floor.

This air mattress is worth the investment and a proud option for an everyday mattress.

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4. Air Mattress by Englander

air mattress by the england

The silky microfiber shell of Englander’s elevated air mattress sets it apart from other air mattresses. It is durable, avoids punctures, and is flamboyantly cool.

Englander too has an inbuilt air pump, so you won’t go hassling for inflation pumps anywhere.

And to Englander’s customers, benefit from an inviting 5-year warranty for repairs and spare parts.

5. Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

The Intex Dura beam, dark in color, is an astonishing air mattress, worth each dime you invest in it.

intex dura-beam

It is amazingly cost-effective and durable, you wouldn’t notice it running out of air for its ability to hold air in it for very long periods.

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It is light and sturdy, easily portable with amazing convenience. Its small size is fantastic for babies with integrated pillows for more comfort.

Tip: The Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Airbed is available for purchase online.


Can air mattresses be used every day? Absolutely yes, from this article, we learn that using an air mattress every day is alright if that is what you want to do.

There aren’t many benefits of sleeping on the air mattress every day, but studies reveal that it can help patients with blood pressure.

If you were stuck on whether or not to adopt that air mattress for everyday use, this blog post gives you the go.