is american furniture warehouse good quality
Kristina Davis

Is American Furniture Warehouse good quality? Let’s begin by looking at what the company is.

American Furniture Warehouse is a southwestern American chain of furniture retailers

It was founded in 1975 by Jake Jabs in Douglas County, Colorado. Since then, American Furniture Warehouse has franchised across Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, operating 14 unique locations.

American Furniture Warehouse hosts 10 of these franchises in its home state.

People may also wonder if American freight furniture good quality? Is American signature furniture good quality?

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With the amount of available furniture to choose from within the industry, sometimes it can be hard to decipher where to begin. 

Products from American Furniture Warehouse are of decent quality for the price, hinging on personal preferences and what individuals consider good quality.

American Furniture Warehouse at a Glance

glance of american furniture warehouse

The prices at American Furniture Warehouse typically range between $10 and $3394 per individual piece, which is quite a wide margin.

American Furniture Warehouse carries everything from small decorative objects– such as throw pillows, potted plants, and assorted nick-nacks– to larger units– such as dining room sets, bedroom sets, and multi-piece sections.

What Do They Carry?

American Furniture Warehouse is both a retailer and a unique brand of furniture.

Consumers will find products in a wide variety of styles, including traditional and contemporary, and more eclectic styles like mid-century modern and other retro designs.

what do american furniture warehouse have

American Furniture Warehouse also carries museum-quality canvas prints of paintings by regional artists that cater to various tastes and genres.

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Do They Offer Financing?

As a budget-focused retailer, American Furniture Warehouse offers furniture financing to its customers, which can be applied online and in stores.

They also offer a special delivery service called Platinum Delivery Services, which delivers almost anywhere across the continental United States.

TIP: It’s worth noting that the region dictates the minimum price of each delivery it completes. 

For example, the delivery minimum within Colorado is under $1000, but if you’re ordering from the Northeast, the minimum spikes up to $8000, plus a 10% delivery fee.

So that’s American Furniture Warehouse at a glance: a chain of budget furniture stores native to the American Midwest.

But that’s only half the story, isn’t it? We have the context, and now it’s time to get into the meat of the matter.

What’s the Deal With Customer Reviews?

number or reviews

You may be familiar with the truism that customers are more likely to write a review when unhappy with a service. This is especially true of chains as opposed to small businesses.

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Local businesses often rely on word of mouth and accrue loyal fanbases: people who are more likely to leave nice reviews for them online and make recommendations.

This is less common with bigger corporations because they’re already well-known and successful.

Reviews Can Be Skewed

So, chains like American Furniture Warehouse tend to see fewer positive reviews than negative ones.

So, is American signature furniture good quality? We perused through some of the reviews online, taking them with a grain of salt.

Look at the Numbers

number of reviews

However, we shouldn’t dismiss them entirely, especially if we notice patterns in the reviewers’ complaints.

If one guy says “my bed frame arrived damaged,” it could have been a freak accident.

If seven guys all say the same thing, we may be looking at a recurring systemic issue with the retailer’s bed frames.

TIP: Online reviews can be a valuable resource for any savvy consumer, but you should always take individual reviews with a grain of salt! Look for overarching patterns across multiple reviews instead of reading just one or two.

Is American Furniture Warehouse Good Quality?

With all this in mind, we’ve cross-referenced several different review repositories to save you the trouble of digging around for the truth.

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furniture warehouse good quality

What follows is a careful weighing of pros and cons. Is American Furniture Warehouse good quality for the price?

Is it good quality in general? In a sentence: should you shop there?

The Good

The good news is, that American Furniture Warehouse has some positive attributes to boast about, including:

  • Offering a vast selection
  • Exceptionally affordable price points

Huge Selection

American Furniture Warehouse is jam-packed with variety.

Even before you factor in their seemingly endless variations in color, style, and theme, you’ll notice that American Furniture Warehouse carries dozens of different types of pieces.

have huge selection

Along with the usual suspects (bedroom sets, dining sets, sofas– you know, the usual), they also carry a selection of outdoor and patio sets, pet peds, electronics, all manner of storage options, and decorative statement pieces, to name just a few.

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If you want it, American Furniture Warehouse almost certainly has it.

If this level of choice seems overwhelming, you don’t have to worry. American Furniture Warehouse’s website is well organized and easy to use.

Theirshop the look feature is especially useful for perusing their wares according to your tastes.

We’ve looked, and not a single review complained that American Furniture Warehouse is difficult to navigate or short on style.

TIP: American Furniture Warehouse offers many virtual resources to help you browse by style and plan rooms, including a 3D room planner and a visualization app.

Bang for Your Buck

bang for buck

You probably saw this one coming a mile away. True to its word, American Furniture Warehouse is very affordable.

Even their most expensive offers– such as the North Shore 5 Piece King Poster Bed Set– is $3,490, which is slightly above the average cost of a mid-range bedroom set.

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Most of American Furniture Warehouse’s offerings cost between $300 and $2,000, depending on the item.

It’s not unusual to find big-ticket items like sectionals and chaises listed for under $1000, and their dining room sets rarely cost more than $600.

The Bad

Like every rose has its thorns, every regional chain of discount furniture stores has its drawbacks.

Here are a few frequent complaints about American Furniture Warehouse:

  • The furniture is not durable.
  • The products are not accessible outside of Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.

Not Durable

very not durable

When scouring the negative reviews of American Furniture Warehouse’s products, the most common refrain is that these items are not built to last.

Review – I

DO NOT BUY a Bed from American Furniture Warehouse… You will get a bed with very weak inexpensive balsa wood for bed slats that will fail, causing you to fall to the ground,” writes one reviewer.

Review – II

“AFW sold me a Catnapper recliner couch, saying that it’s best in class. I was told it will serve at least for 5 years. It started peeling off from all sides in less than 3 years,” writes another.

Review – III

Still a third reports: “This is our 2nd reclining loveseat from AFW, and we should never have bought a second one since the first lasted only 20 months and the faux leather came apart.”

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We could go on here, but you probably get the picture by now: American Furniture Warehouse items are not all built to last, atleast for some!

Region Locked

One of American Furniture Warehouse’s most significant selling points is its competitive pricing.

However, the great prices don’t factor in the cost of shipping.

Even when you’re buying locally, moving bulky pieces is typically a pain in the butt, and it can boost the final sale price exponentially.

the region locked

American Furniture Warehouse’s Platinum Delivery Service is convenient.

But as previously mentioned, getting your furniture delivered outside of their local range jacks up both the delivery minimum and the delivery fee.

This cost could run you hundreds or even thousands more dollars than you initially bargained for in the worst-case scenario.

TIP: The wow factor of buying a decent bedroom set for under $1000 is undercut quite a bit when you have to shell out twice as much just to have it delivered.

The Verdict

Ultimately, is American Furniture Warehouse good quality? Our red hot take is: well, maybe.

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American Furniture Warehouse is a budget brand, and when it comes to furniture, what you pay for is what you get.

That said, American Furniture Warehouse’s products are of excellent quality for the price.

Plan out your rooms with the use of their 3D technology and see just what works in your home or office.

If you decide to take the chance, just be sure to examine the reviews before you buy.