is vanguard furniture good quality
Kristina Davis

You must have heard of Vanguard and now you are wondering is Vanguard furniture good quality or just hyped?

Shopping for furniture, especially online, always comes with a degree of uncertainty.

When comparing brands, you want to know that they provide high-quality pieces at a fair price.

If you are furnishing a new home or redoing a room, you want the best for your family, and quality furniture is only a piece of the puzzle.

In this post, we’ll dive into Vanguard Furniture, from the quality and how customizable their furniture is to the availability and more.

Vanguard Furniture is a high-quality furniture store without the high prices of some competitors. Vanguard has some of the best and most customizable furniture available.

So, Is Vanguard Furniture Good Quality?

the vanguard furniture store

Vanguard Furniture is one of the less expensive customizable furniture companies available.

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Of course, less expensive furniture is a good thing, but it leads to the overall question: is Vanguard furniture high quality, or is it cheap furniture with a nice appearance?

To answer this question, we have to look at several factors, from the company’s resourcing techniques to their customer service.

Taking a close examination of the entire company will give us the answer to the question and assure you that Vanguard Furniture is a company worth buying from.

American Made

Although this isn’t universally true, a sign of cheap production can often be exporting work overseas.

Since labor is cheaper (and often unethical) in foreign countries, big companies will push their projects overseas to save money.

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The downside is that they often lose product value.

made in america
Tip: Check if your furniture was made in America.

While not all the material is American sourced, the labor is all homegrown. Since Vanguard started as a family business in 1969.

They haven’t moved out of their hometown of Hickory, North Carolina. Now, the factory and showroom employ over 600 people.

Vanguard Furniture has a factory in North Carolina and makes all of the furniture there.

This is possible because it’s still an up-and-coming company, and likely we’ll see another factory opening at some point as they continue to grow.

However, the company is dedicated to staying in America and creating American furniture.

Handmade Items

handmade furniture

Because each piece of furniture in the store is fully customizable, Vanguard Furniture’s items aren’t made until you order them.

Each one is made by a team of experts who know their crafts, giving the entire piece the handmade stamp of approval.

Handmade furniture is some of the highest quality furniture because it is generally put together with care. It also reduces the waste of a mass-marketed piece of furniture because it is completed quickly and efficiently.

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Each piece of Vanguard furniture is going to be a little different because they were made by hand.

The artisans completing them will follow directions, but the hand finishing and unique materials can change the tone or style ever so slightly.

It’s amazing to be able to pay retail price for a unique piece of furniture!

Note: Each of Vanguard’s Furniture pieces is handmade by an expert!

Fashion Forward Furniture

trendy furniture

Even the best quality furniture companies sometimes struggle to keep up with fashion trends.

High-quality furniture can take a while to make, and by the time it’s done, the world might have moved on from mahogany furniture and brass doorknobs.

However, Vanguard Furniture does a great job of keeping up with the latest in home fashion.

The website is consistently updated with new styles and arrangements that anyone into home decorating would approve of.

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Vanguard Furniture is a great choice if you’re looking for a company on top of the trends.

Excellent Customer Service

Although you might not think it, the quality of a brand’s customer service will often reflect the quality of its actual products.

Companies without great quality will be reluctant to offer refunds or replacements because they know that the new item won’t be any better than the last.

customer service

Customer service is one of the most overlooked areas of business improvement.

Yet, it is hugely vital for customer retention and satisfaction. If something goes wrong, customers want to know that the company is willing to help.

However, Vanguard Furniture has customer service that is friendly, capable, and truly cares about solving your problem.

If an issue should arise with your piece of furniture, each customer service representative will work hard to give you options for a replacement or repair.

Tip: If you have issues with your furniture, call Vanguard’s customer support.

Established and Still Growing

Although you might not have heard of Vanguard before, the company has been around for almost 50 years.

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At first, there were three total employees and only one item of furniture available.

vanguard established

However, because of the customer-centric attitude and willingness to change with the times, Vanguard Furniture now has over 600 retail partners across the country.

The company hasn’t grown complacent with its success, however.

Instead, it continues to change according to the times and needs of its many customers. Using top-of-the-line marketing and research techniques.

Vanguard Furniture has been able to adapt to changing times and stay on top of its game.

Note: Vanguard Furniture has been around for over 50 years and continues to adapt.

A well-established and trusted furniture company might be the best indication of quality.

After all, furniture is not cheap, and no one wants to waste money on shoddy couches or tables.

If a company isn’t good, it will usually fold after a decade or so. However, Vanguard is still growing and continues to prove the quality of its products with faithful customers.

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What Can You Customize With Vanguard Furniture?

customizing furniture

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the quality of Vanguard furniture but not a ton about how customizable they are.

If a brand’s selling point is customization, you should hope that you can choose multiple aspects of the furniture.

In this case, the furniture you will buy at Vanguard is fully customizable. Whatever you want from a piece, you can have.

Here is a list of the aspects you can change about a piece of furniture purchased from Vanguard Furniture:

  • Hardware
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Wood finish
  • Cushion fill
  • Pillows

From the inside to the outside, you get to choose the functionality and look of your furniture.

This company is unique because they allow you to make the furniture truly your own. It might take a little longer to complete the piece, but the wait will be worth it.

Materials and Colors

There are over 2,100 different materials and hundreds of colors to choose from to create your perfect furniture.

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Although availability varies per model, you’ll be able to choose online or in person when you visit a local furniture store.

colors and materials

If you don’t live near a retailer or can’t make it to one, you can do everything through the Vanguard Furniture website.

It offers virtual swatches of all the different materials and 3-D visualization of your completed piece.

Tip: Check out the website and experiment with the different materials to see what combinations you love!

What Can’t You Change?

The things you will not be able to change about a piece of Vanguard Furniture are the size, shape, and overall appearance of the piece.

For example, if you are buying a lounge chair, you can’t make it larger or smaller than the model.

However, you can customize the entire appearance and what’s inside.

what cant be changed

This complete customization is thanks to the small size of the factory and the handmade nature of each of the pieces.

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It might take a little longer to ship, but these pieces will be crafted with care and expertise by someone who knows what they’re doing.

So, Is Vanguard Furniture Good Quality?

As you reach this part of the article, you now know the answer to “is vanguard furniture good quality?”

All of these factors come together to speak a resounding “yes!” to the question of Vanguard Furniture’s quality level.

From customer service to the CEO, the entire time is dedicated to high-quality furniture and a good experience for you. In addition, each piece is made to order with dedication from a local team of furniture experts.

It’s the type of business that will create repeating customers and last for many years because of the quality of the furniture and durability of the company’s practices.

So if you were unsure about Vanguard, you don’t have to be anymore. From the factory to your living room, Vanguard Furniture is dedicated to quality.