is mango wood good for furniture
Kristina Davis

Is mango wood good for furniture? Can’t you decide on the type of wood you’ll be purchasing for your furniture? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this battle!

I too was confused so I did due diligence and tried finding what the best type of wood is for your furniture!

Yes, mango wood is great for furniture for a number of reasons. It’s extremely affordable, easy to handle, has tremendously beautiful structure and wood grain is sustainable and is fairly resistant to water. 

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To understand it further, you need to know what mango wood is.

What is Mango Wood?

a mango wood

Mango wood, simply, is the type of wood derived from the mango tree. The tree is native to East Asia, Myanmar, and India, primarily in tropical climates.

It’s known for its multiple benefits and advantages, especially when used for wood projects that are constantly utilized by people.

Would mango wood be good for furniture? Is it a type of wood that can be relied on to create different types of furniture?

Is Mango Wood Good For Furniture?

Yes, mango wood is a good product to be used in creating furniture.

is it good quality

Upon researching and comparing many different types of woods and resources, I found mango wood as one of the best simply because of the following benefits:

Strength and Durability

One of the major benefits of mango wood furniture is its durability and overall strength, making it a perfect fit for creating different types of furniture.

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Although it’s soft, it has naturally been designed to be used for support.

A lot of people find it abstract and unbelievable that mango wood is strong, but to put it into perspective.

Mango wood can withstand up to 1,120 pounds, or about 508 kilograms of force per foot on the Janka scale.

In theory, the hardness is similar to certain hardwoods – oak being the closest. 

Sustainability and Continuity

the sustainability and continuity

Another advantage of using mango wood is its sustainability.

There will never be a shortage of mango wood because mango trees grow and mature swiftly compared to other types of hardwood.

There is an unlimited number of opportunities for mango wood furniture!

Price and Affordability

If you’ve been a fan of oak furniture, then you know how expensive and costly it is.

From its rate when you purchase it untreated to buying it as completely treated furniture, mango wood is the cheapest out of all the hardwoods you can choose from.

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Processing Speed

The reasons why it’s one of the most affordable vary, but the most noticeable is because mango wood is the type of wood that is the easiest and fastest to process.

the processing speed

Its journey from being cut to processing does not require weeks of preparation, unlike other types of wood.


Of course, what would furniture be if they don’t look good? Mango wood can give you promising beauty and aesthetics in whatever type of furniture you need.

They look good from their raw state up to when they’re manufactured and produced as furniture!

These are 5 of the many benefits and advantages of using mango wood as the primary material in creating different types of furniture!

It has the strength to support tremendous weight, it’s sustainable enough that it can be produced multiple times. 

It’s not as costly as other counterparts of wood, and its looks are decent that you can use it for decorative and aesthetic purposes, as well!

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Drawbacks of Using Mango Wood

the drawbacks

As with all types of wood, there are certain drawbacks to using mango wood as furniture.

Here are some of these drawbacks you want to consider maximizing the advantages and benefits of using one.

Prone to Woodworm and Other Wood Insects

One of the natural states of woodworm is that it’s extremely prone to wood insects – woodworms, in particular.

This is one of the major disadvantages of using mango wood for your furniture.

The only effective way to repel your mango wood from wood insects would be by treating it properly.

Don’t worry, most manufacturers treat them progressively until they achieve the right texture, resistance, and physicality.

Can Have High Levels of Moisture

high level of moistures

Mango wood is also known to be the type of wood that contains higher levels of moisture.

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This means that they tend to contract and expand when the weather changes.

Think about how your doors squeal when it’s raining – the same thing goes for mango wood furniture.

Tip: Proper treatment is also what’s needed to alter mango wood’s natural state and make it more resistant to moisture. 

Mango Wood Can Get Warped If Used in Large Projects

Last, and probably the worst drawback of mango wood would be how it can get warped when the size is too big.

Mango wood is comparable to hardwoods, but its overall structure is softer than most hardwoods there are.

easily get warped

They’re strong for typical and standard-sized furniture like chairs and coffee tables, but using them for large wardrobes, dressers, and drawers wouldn’t be too effective because they will easily get warped.

Although you might think that mango wood is heaven-sent – it also has its disadvantages.

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But hey, if you consider everything, the pros outweigh the cons.

How Good is Mango Wood For Furniture?

After learning about the benefits and drawbacks of using mango wood for your furniture, to what extent can you use mango wood for furniture? How good is it?

Mango wood is an extremely good material for making furniture.

The combined strength, sustainability, and aesthetics are undeniably the reasons why they’re considered by many manufacturers the best.

In case you’re wondering how good it is, then this level of wellness can be identified by the product being available to be crafted into many different types of furniture.

Mango wood can be used for chairs, tables, desks, small cabinets, shelves, and even wooden decorative pieces. 

It’s an excellent material because it is not easily deformed and dented, all the while having a completely aesthetically beautiful wood grain.

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One thing to note, though, would be the size of the project or the furniture. Large-sized mango wood is not ideal because it can be prone to warping, which can easily morph and damage it.


popular question

Feel like you need more help in understanding whether mango wood is good for furniture or not? Here are some of the most asked and thrown questions about it.

Is Mango Wood Water Resistant?

Yes, mango wood is water-resistant – but it is not waterproof. It can repel a few drops and splashes of water without damaging its structure.

You also won’t need to worry about liquid spillages because the liquid would not seep into the wood’s fibers easily.

However, experts advise wiping it down from time to time. Avoid letting puddles of liquid rest on it to make it last longer.

Does Mango Wood Crack?

Yes, as to all other types of wood, mango wood can crack, too. It’s not like it’s indestructible.

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It’s strong, durable, and can be used for hardwearing, but it can falter and crack if it’s subjected to extreme levels of stress, impact, and pressure, too.

Do Termites Eat Mango Wood?

As mentioned above, mango wood is susceptible and is actually an attractive meal for termites.

Because of the sweetness of its fruit, insects love it, especially if it’s untreated.

However, if it’s finished and treated correctly, you wouldn’t need to worry about insects.

Is Mango Wood Furniture For You?

In case you were asking, is mango wood good for furniture? Yes, it is!

There are numerous choices you can choose from for the material of your furniture.

But if you want a cheap, strong, and durable alternative to hardwood, don’t hesitate to choose mango wood.

After learning about this, I replaced the majority of my furniture at home with mango wood furniture!