is Simmons furniture good quality
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We all know the name, but is Simmons furniture good quality? They have a solid reputation as a manufacturer of reasonably priced sofas, chairs, tables, and more.

They even sell mattresses under one of their brand names, Serta. But what’s the final verdict on this household name?

Simmons is an established and respected maker of good-quality furniture. 

They have many bedrooms, living, and dining sets available, as well as individual pieces of furniture.

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However, there are a few things to be aware of when shopping for Simmons furniture, or you could end up overpaying or getting a bad deal.

Simmons is a popular furniture choice for a good reason. They offer high-end furniture with solid construction and materials without asking you to take out a mortgage to pay for it.

Simmons Furniture: Quick History

simmons furniture good quality

The Simmons name has been on furniture for nearly 150 years.

The company’s founder, Arthur H. Simmons, was a cabinet maker from Adams, Massachusetts, and his furniture outfit is still family-owned today.

Through numerous expansions and restructurings, the company has weathered many changes in the furniture market.

Their focus is on affordable quality, and they offer multiple brands and product lines, selling furniture and other products under various names.

Some of their brands include:

  • Broyhill Furniture
  • Serta Mattresses
  • Ashley
  • Lane
  • Clayton Marcus
  • Taylor King
  • Furniture Traditions
  • Best Home Furnishings
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Who is Simmons Furniture Best For?

By any name, Simmons is reliably a solid manufacturer that is neither bank-breakingly expensive nor cheap.

Some say their products are best for a growing and busy family that needs quality and function over fancy forms.

simmon furniture best for
Tip: Think about how many years your furniture needs to last, and calculate its annual cost for a true assessment of its worth.

Simmons furniture isn’t just for families, though. Anyone who is looking for a reasonable price on value-brand furniture can find something in their product lineup.

The pricing varies considerably, so shopping around is the best way to find what’s right for you.

The best way to shop is to go to a local warehouse or Simmons retailer and check out what’s available.

For Example

Furniture sold under the Ashley brand is very high quality compared to cheap discount brands and furniture sold by online retailers.

It also tends to be on sale at a price point that’s much more affordable than premium manufacturers and only slightly more expensive than the cheap stuff. It’s often quite a bargain.

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It’s forecasted that wooden furniture will see a surge in demand over the coming years.

Ashley Furniture from Simmons is poised to meet that demand, so if you’re looking for solid wood products, they are a great place to start.

Tip: Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time when comparing furniture you’ll have to assemble yourself to pre-assembled furniture that ships intact.

Is Simmons Furniture Good Quality? Yes!

simmon furniture a good quality

The many brands under the Simmons name tend to fit into a few different price points and are spread out over the budget spectrum.

This way, customers with differing budgets still have access to relatively high-quality furniture.

Plus, some of their products are made in the USA, while other manufacturing takes place overseas.

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That variability means that there are products that are much more expensive than others under the Simmons umbrella.

That means you need to be a little careful when shopping for your furniture to make sure you know what you’re paying for. 

If you see any of the Simmons brand names on a particular piece or collection, try and determine where it was made and by which subsidiary.

Assessing Products Accurately

By learning as much as you can about a particular piece, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons to other similar products and see what you’re actually getting for your money.

assessing the products
Tip: Furniture made overseas isn’t necessarily inferior, but it often requires shipping and then local or consumer assembly.

For instance, a Lane bedroom set might be for sale at a lower price than a similar one from Ashley.

There might be one from Furniture Traditions that are even less expensive. They might all be of fairly high quality but built with different consumers in mind.

Remember what you’re shopping for.

If you need a coffee table for your elegant sitting room, you might want to spend a bit more money than if you’re shopping for a dorm room table that will play host to many propped-up sneakers and have to weather routine spills.

In general, Simmons uses the best materials available for constructing their furniture.

That means premium leathers, solid hardwoods, and durable materials are common.

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They have relatively high construction standards and enjoy a strong reputation for delivering quality furniture at reasonable prices.

How to Buy the Best Simmons Furniture

how to buy best simmon furniture

Even after you know which Simmons furniture you’re looking for, it might be hard to find in person.

While shopping online is convenient, when it comes to buying furniture you’ll use for many years to come, it’s best to put your hands. and maybe your whole body, on it before spending your hard-earned cash.

Tip: Ask friends and neighbors where they found their favorite pieces of furniture. There may be a local distributor of Simmon furniture you don’t know about yet.

Making things even more complicated is that many sales of Simmons furniture take place in open lot sales or at remote locations.

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You may have to travel a bit, prepared to buy opportunistically, to get the best furniture at the best price. If you have a warehouse or local dealer, it’s much easier.

What to Look For

look for

When you evaluate any piece of furniture from Simmons, look for items that are the right blend of features, style, and price for you and your family.

For instance, some Simmons pieces, like their line of Lane sofas, mimic much higher-end furniture designs.

They might not consist of absolute top-tier components, but they’re relatively sturdy and reasonably priced.

You might even find examples of furniture with high-end features, like adjustable beds, home entertainment units with glass shelving, and water-proof outdoor furniture.

There is something for everyone under the Simmons umbrella. It’s just a matter of comparing the available options to your price point.

How Much Does Simmons Furniture Cost?

Most of Simmons furniture fits in the ‘value-brand’ category. The furniture isn’t so fancy that it becomes unaffordable.

But it’s also not so inexpensively made that it’s not worth your money.

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how much it cost

For many, this sort of furniture is the ‘goldilocks,’ as it’s not too exclusive to afford and not so cheap it won’t last.

Tip: Set a budget before you go shopping, so you know how much you have to spend.

Purchasing Simmons furniture usually means spending along some predictable lines. Single chairs can range from $50 to $150.

Full bedroom, living, or dining sets can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as around $2,000 or slightly more.

Compared to cheap knock-offs made overseas, this is much higher quality furniture, albeit at an increased price.

Plus, it’s available for only a few hundred dollars more than low-quality, bargain-basement furniture.

You can also buy your Simmons furniture online, though it’s sometimes hard to find specific pieces.

Simmons Furniture: Bottom Line

So, is Simmons good quality furniture? You better believe it.

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Some manufacturers try to save money by skimping out on the quality of their products, sourcing them from far away places, and sticking you with the assembly. But not our trusty old Simmons.

Simmons has a premium brand quality for a discount price. Many consumers consider them a value brand since fairly high-quality furniture is on sale at a lower price point than they expect.

For savvy shoppers, especially those who can visit a local distribution center, Simmons furniture is a solid choice.