is steve silver furniture good quality
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If you are looking to buy new furniture, you may be wondering is Steve Silver furniture good quality?

Steve Silver Company started as a one-man operation, traveling around flea markets in Texas with imported goods and a whole lot of hope.

Today, the company has grown into one of the best furniture importer brands.

Headquartered in Forney, Texas, Steve Silver Company is a world-class furniture importer and a renowned connoisseur of excellent customer service.

To better understand what sets them apart from other brands, we will take a closer look at every aspect of their operations, from production to sales, furniture’s key features, and more.

Steve Silver furniture is a good quality product that fits needs and comes backed by excellent customer service. At Steve Silver, they want you to feel like part of the family.

Is Steve Silver Furniture Good Quality?

steve silver has good quality

The company’s track record speaks for itself. Since its founding in 1983, the company has grown into one of the best-known furniture supply stores in the country.

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From Texas to Asia

Headquarters for Steve Silver Company rests in Forney, Texas. Just east of Dallas, Forney is considered the Antique Capital of Texas.

With this distinction, it makes sense that the renowned furniture company would set up shop in such a welcoming environment.

While the company imports its goods from all over the world, Steve Silver operates out of traditional home furniture stores and online platforms that ship items straight to your doorstep.

Note: Stephen C. Silver started selling goods around Texas.

Where Is Steve Silver furniture Made?

steve silver materials

Since the company is an importer, it’s safe to assume that they don’t make their furniture in Texas.

So, the question is, do they have other facilities where they manufacture furniture or operate strictly as an importer?

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While Steve Silver Company has a large warehouse down in Forney, they don’t manufacture their furniture.

Most of the furniture they sell comes from places like China, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. They also import from Mexico and Vietnam.

With such an extensive network of imported goods, the company relies heavily on its quality control teams. 

These faithful individuals work alongside the furniture manufacturers to ensure that only the best materials go into the products.

So is Steve Silver furniture high quality?

The answer is most definitely yes. With dedicated quality assurance professionals at the helm, Steve Silver can provide excellent, quality options for its customers.

How Steve Silver Sells Furniture

how steve silver sells

Since Steve Silver furniture comes from all around the world, the company uses innovative means of distributing it to customers.

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The warehouse and distribution center in Texas serves as a sort of gathering ground for the furniture, but that’s not where the magic happens.

Home Goods and Supply Stores

The company works with home goods and supply stores to get their furniture out in the public eye.

You can find Steve Silver furniture all over at places like Macy’s, The Home Depot, and local furniture outlets.

Online Stores

stores online

They also work with online stores such as Wayfair and Amazon. Finding furniture from Steve Silver is easy when you can simply hop on the Internet.

And ordering from an online store allows you to have the items shipped straight to your doorstep.

As an importer and distributor, Steve Silver Company can utilize more resources to find quality products for customers.

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And with online ordering, you never have to leave your home if you don’t feel inclined to get out of the sweatpants.

Tip: In addition to most online stores, you can also order directly from the Steve Silver store online.

Steve Silver Showrooms

steve silver furniture showroom

Another way that Steve Silver Company gets its name out there is through markets and showrooms.

One of the best ways for furniture dealers and wholesale traders to get to know the Steve Silver product line is at one of these showrooms.

Typically, the company shows up at the High Point Market in North Carolina and the Las Vegas Market in Nevada.

These market environments allow the furniture company to showcase its materials to distributors and sellers who can help move products.

Steve Silver Furniture 

Steve Silver focuses mainly on casual dining furniture.

So if you need a table and chair set that’s high quality but doesn’t make you feel like an elitist, you’ll probably find something suitable with Steve Silver.

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the steve silver furniture

Even if you want to feel like an elitist, the furniture from Steve Silver is so high quality that it could most likely do the trick.

You can find excellent chairs and tables with Steve Silver.

Whether you need an entire dining room set or you need to mix and match, you’ll find something worthwhile.

Just be on the lookout for anything needful when you check them out.

Tip: Steve Silver also offers excellent home office products for all house-bound folks

Chairs and Tables

One of the great product lines that Steve Silver offers is a wide selection of tables and chairs.

Whether you’re looking for bar stools, chairs to go around the counter, or a brand new dining room set, you can almost certainly find something useful.

the chairs and tables

They even carry benches and extra chairs so that you’ll always have plenty of seating around the house.

Because Steve Silver Company works directly with quality control experts, you never have to worry about the quality of the product that you’re getting.

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Working in overseas offices, the quality experts tirelessly ensure that Steve Silver only sells the best.

Stylish Storage

Have you ever wanted to have an elegant hutch sitting in the corner of your dining room?

Or maybe you’ve been eyeing something fancy to store all your plastic utensils and paper plates.

However you choose to display your goods, Steve Silver Company has your back.

a stylish storage

One of the premier reasons that Steve Silver is so renowned is its wide selection of servers, hutches, and more.

Many of the pieces from the company are so elegant and refined that you’d more likely expect to find them at an antique shop somewhere.

You can also find a great selection of serving carts. That means you can finally display your coffee bar as you’ve always wanted or set up your mobile bar to impress all your guests.

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Having people over is as much about showing off your new furniture as it is about entertaining your friends.

Steve Silver has high-quality products that make hosting more fun than you ever expected. 

And who wouldn’t want to display such quality pieces of material?

Kitchen Islands

If you’ve been yearning for more counter space, look no further than the excellent kitchen island selection from Steve Silver – yet another example of how precise the team is with their quality control process.

the kitchen island

These kitchen islands are sturdy, durable, and incredibly stylish. You can just about fit an entire kitchen inside of one!

Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. But the storage space these islands provide opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

You can keep baking dishes, serving plates, extra glasses, or anything else you could imagine on the island and free up other cabinet space.

Tip: Some kitchen islands are incredibly mobile. So moving around the kitchen islands won’t be an issue. You never have to feel tied down again. This is just functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

popular questions

Here are some important things to consider about Steve Silver furniture.

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Does Steve Silver Offer Warranties?

Yes, you can find good warranties on all Steve Silver items.

How Does Steve Silver Resolve Disputes?

Steve Silver relies on a team of highly trained customer service professionals to handle each dispute individually and reach a reasonable conclusion.

Steve Silver, Final Thoughts

So is Steve Silver furniture good quality? It should be pretty obvious by now that we think very highly of Steve Silver and its furniture quality.

Customers tend to agree, returning to Steve Silver for all dining room furnishing needs.

With a team of quality control experts spread worldwide, it’s no wonder that Steve Silver has such a remarkable reputation.

Working with the company to find a quality piece of furniture feels more like a joy than an average shopping experience.