is jerome's furniture good quality
Kristina Davis

So, I just bumped into this question on a popular forum; Is Jerome’s furniture good quality?

There have been mixed reactions over Jerome’s furniture quality in the recent past. I took it as a matter of serious concern and placed an order for a recliner.

I didn’t need to figure out the quality of Jerome’s furniture. Jerome’s furniture warehouse is a furniture warehouse store that offers discounts on its furniture.

Anyone could get at crossroads to tell whether their furniture quality is good or not. There are mixed views on both their products and services.

Jerome is a famed furniture manufacturer in the United States of America. This article will help you determine whether their furniture is of good quality.

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We won’t be biased; we will base our findings on the reviews left and the experience their customers have had.

Jerome’s furniture is of good quality, but they have issues with most of their customers, and most have left very critical reviews on their service delivery.


This article seeks to explain whether the furniture at Jerome’s is of good quality. We promise not to be biased in any way.

The findings of this article are based on what the customers had to say about their experience trading at Jerome’s.

Overview Of Jerome’s Furniture

an overview

Founded in Southern California, Jerome’s furniture headquarters are based in San Diego, California.

This is a family-owned partnership company with the head manager as Jerry Navara.

Jerome’s was founded by Jim Navara in San Diego, California, in 1954.

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The furniture company has more than 25 locations, one corporate office, 1 Distribution center, and seven other clearance centers.

It has till today employed about 611 persons.

Tip: You can visit Jerome’ website to further know if jerome’s furniture is good quality

Available Products at Jerome’s

Jerome’s deals mainly on furniture and mattresses, their items include the following;

an available product
  • Chairs, couches, coffee tables
  • Chest of drawers, outdoor furniture, nightstands
  • Tables, bedroom furniture
  • Office chairs
  • Desks
  • Ottomans
  • Benches
  • Sofabed, mattresses
Truth be told, Jerome offers its clients a whole load of the best quality furniture. 

Their furniture has been well prepared by skillful and passionate builders with years of experience.

In California and the entire United States, Jerome’s has received accolades for its quality products and its unmatched craftsmanship.

Jerome is enlisted among the top 50 best furniture manufacturers and enjoys several loyal customers and many other potential ones.

It lives today to a turnover of up to 250 Million Dollars from its sales.

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Why People Opt for Jerome’s furniture

why people opt for

Jerome’s furniture stores enjoy a huge client following. We dived in to find why. And this is what we established.

Good Quality

Clients everywhere are drawn to quality. Jerome’s furniture has quality assurance standards for its customers.

You buy from Jerome’s and what you get is the best quality product worth every dime you put in.

Jerome’s sees to the quality of their furniture and mattress as a result of proper management, highly skilled and crafty employees, quality woods, structurally sturdy furniture, and solid and extremely well built.

Tip: Their furniture is made of rare hardwood and mahogany, oak, and walnut plants. These are the features that make their furniture of the very best quality.

Standard and Competitive Prices

standard prices

For Jerome’s, prices define their business.

We can’t say their prices are too low to be too good, but these are friendly and affordable prices for their customers.

Jerome’s goes a notch higher to offer their customers standard discounts on several purchases compared to other furniture stores.

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Their price is unbeatable and worth the value of the furniture you get.

You wouldn’t need to negotiate when their prices are too economical and friendly. No added costs, no hidden ones, just real ones.

Greater Convenience

a great convenience

Jerome offers its customers one of the most convenient shopping styles. They put their customers first in all activities they undertake and what they get comes next.

Starting with how you pay, there is an array of very convenient payment methods offered by Jerome’s, from cash in hand, wire transfer, and mobile money transfer.

Nonetheless, you can pay for your selected products by using Jerome’s credit card.

Also, they offer you a transportation plan.

You wouldn’t need to worry about how you will move your furniture or mattress to your apartment if you do not have your transportation method, cool.

Jerome’s can do the transportation at a relatively finer cost for you.

Tip: You will never have to worry about milking your account to dryness while transacting with Jerome's.

Why the Outcry?

In the recent past, both short and long-term clients have expressed worries about how Jerome’s is conducting their business.

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We promised to be loyal initially, and we will be to the end. There has been an outcry regarding the service quality at Jerome’s.

reason of outcry

This is a similar fate to people who asked; Is the best furniture good quality?

When I placed an order for my recliner, it took more than two months before the delivery when we had agreed on one month.

Although it is normal for businesses to have challenges and handle pissed consumers, something must be wrong somewhere with Jerome’s.

We do not know whether to fault the management, customer care unit, manufacturers, or who. Consumers are at crossroads, and most opted to ditch Jerome’s for other similar furniture industries.

However much Jerome’s furniture is of good quality, their service delivery is wanting.

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They are full of false promises, slow to deliver, and everything is getting in the minds of their consumers.

Tip: Waiting for months to receive your order is worrying and discouraging.

Here Are Reasons Why Jerome’s Service Delivery Is Poor

reason why customer service is poor

Poor Communication

Most clients expressed their concern for feedback, and many complained about going for months unanswered.

Most emails were not replied nor were their calls picked. Attempts to speak to the customer service desk did not yield any returns, and they were asked to wait.

This poor communication between Jerome’s furniture and its loyal customers has made most of them shun their products and look for their furniture and mattresses elsewhere.

Late Deliveries

Read through customer reviews left by customers who purchased at Jerome’s and see that most complaints of late deliveries go into months of waiting.

the late delivery

Customers prefer having their items delivered to them upon the agreed time frame to remove any doubts concerning the ability of the seller to deliver.

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Jerome’s has failed to exhibit timely delivery in the recent past, and most clients opt to move their purchases by their own means.

Jerome’s Customers Reviews

What People had to say Concerning Jerome’s Furniture Customer Service?

Most of all, the reviews left on the internet concerning Jerome’s customer services are wanting.

Most customers expressed their dissatisfaction. Here are some of the unedited reviews Jerome’s clients dropped.

Client #1

from client one

The first client complained about ordering a set of furniture for an entertainment center.

It has been over two months without receiving their order. They keep giving an excuse that they’ll call soon about delivery confirmation.

This client also insinuated that they have the worst customer service.

Client #2

The second client lamented that it takes more than 60 minutes in order to reach the manufacturer’s warranty.

This means contacting the store directly. The customer described this as a horrible experience.

This customer also complained of having 3 different issues within the first 6 months of making a purchase. This customer vowed never to purchase from Jerome’s again.

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User’s recommendation: look elsewhere.

Client #3

from client 3

Client 3 questioned about her replacement for a couch cushion she ordered in the past months.

Obviously, the client didn’t receive his/her order for an unusual period of time.

This client also complained about not being communicated to either by phone or text concerning the delay.

User recommendation: Go elsewhere.

Conclusion: Is Jerome’s Furniture Good Quality

So, Is Jerome’s furniture good quality?

Jerome’s furniture has had a name in furniture production. It is hailed for good quality products and for offering a wide range of furniture.

However, most online reviews are wanting concerning their service delivery.

Having good quality products with poor customer service makes business harder. We do not encourage clients to shun Jerome’s.

Its quality is among the best, which earned it a position in the top 50 best furniture makers.

We, however, call upon them to move with speed and improve customer service.