how to wash a weighted blanket with sand
Kristina Davis

Are you wondering how to wash a weighted blanket with sand? Well, you are certainly not alone!

Weighted blankets are popular, and they say they help reduce anxiety, which means you may have used them quite often in recent times.

And, consequently, you may be asking, “how do you wash a weighted blanket with sand?”

Truly, washing your weighted blanket is not going to be as simple as washing your underwear or socks.

But does that really have to be that tricky? And how should you do it?

You can wash a weighted blanket with sand like a regular blanket but just choose the right cycle and temperature setting considering the fabric and filler.

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket With Sand?

wash weighted blanket

The weighted blanket is a large and heavy item. 

How can a regular home washer accommodate it, the largest of which is a king size and weighs 30 lbs? But can you machine-wash a weighted blanket?  

The truth is that quite like conventional blankets, weighted blankets can be machine washed and dried. 

The problem is that not all machine-washable weighted blankets are created equal.

For instance, fleece, cotton, wool, flannel, and minky are just a few varieties that can be found in a weighted blanket.

Similarly, weighted blankets are filled with poly pellets rather than glass beads.

Therefore, the construction and substance of a weighted blanket determine how it should be washed.

Do You Wash A Weighted Blanket With Sand Like A Conventional Blanket?

wash weighted blanket like normal one

Ultimately, you have to follow the same guidelines, but it is important to be careful with weighted blankets filled with sand. 

The thing is that sand is a cheaper filler for a weighted blanket, but it is not the best choice for washable blankets.

The sand filling in your weighted blanket will not hold up well after repeated washings. When sand is moist, it grows in volume. 

Because of the lumps it forms when improperly dried, your blanket will be unevenly loaded. 

Here is what to remember when washing weighted blankets with sand:

  • Always read the care label before washing your weighted blanket with sand.
  • Proceed with machine wash if your blanket weighs no more than 15 lbs.
  • Wash it on a gentle cycle and always use a mild detergent with cool water.
  • Take it to the laundromat if it is heavier than 15 lbs.
  • Use industrial machines to wash heavier weighted blankets with sand.
Tip: Always use only chemical-free, natural liquid detergent when washing your weighted blanket, no matter the filling. 

Does Fabric Type Affect The Washing Of A Weighted Blanket?

type of fabric

As mentioned already, weighted blankets are available in different varieties.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the material, as well as the fillers, before you proceed with washing.

Based on the fabric of your blanket, you may have to use different washing techniques. For instance:

Tip: Fabric softeners should not be used on weighted blankets, and they should be washed separately, with additional spin cycles to help them dry quickly. 

How to Wash Cotton Blankets?

You may either hand wash cotton or put it through a light machine wash cycle. 

Keep in mind that you should stick to 50C or less when machine washing your cotton blanket.  When heated above this point, cotton begins to shrink.

Even though cotton is rather forgiving of detergents, it is best washed with a non-chlorine detergent.

how to wash cotton blankets

If you want to keep your cotton from shrinking, you should not dry it in a dryer or in direct sunlight. 

How to Wash Flannel Blankets?

Similar to cotton, flannel may be cleaned with little effort. Throw it into the washer and use the delicate cycle on either the warm or cold water setting.

To get good results, you need to put in a light detergent in the washing machine.

It is possible to dry flannel blankets in a tumble dryer or leave them in the sun. 

How to Wash Minky Blankets?

To clean your minky blankets, you may either hand wash them or use the washing machine.

It is recommended that you wash your Minky on its own to avoid causing friction with other materials.

To prevent stains from setting in, pre-treat them with non-chlorine bleach.

Put it in the washer and wash it in cool water with a mild detergent and softener. Fabric softeners might cause delicate fibers to gel, so avoid using them. 

How to Wash Fleece Blankets?

fleece blankets

If the blanket has been stained, it should be e-treated in the same way as any other stained cloth. Mostly, you simply need to soak it for at least half an hour.

Machine wash the weighted fleece blanket on a warm cycle with mild detergent. 

You can keep the fleece blanket in pristine condition by washing it on its own or with similar fabrics in the washing machine.

It is important to avoid using a fabric softener, or else it will destroy the water-resistant coating on your fleece.

You can dry your blanket by either airing it out or putting it in a low-heat dryer. 

How to Wash Wool Blankets?

Wool is rather delicate and can shrink easily, so it is best to wash it by hand.

When washing your weighted wool blankets, the use of special delicate detergents is recommended.

Wool blankets should never be tumble-dried because doing so can damage the fibers.

how to wash wool blankets

It is sometimes a better idea to not wash it at all but simply blot it with a towel and hang it up.

Tip: Keep in mind that the filler spread across the blanket will help it dry faster and more evenly while air drying. 

Do Fillers Play A Role When Washing A Weighted Blanket?

Just like considering the fabric of your weighted blanket, it is equally important to pay attention to the filler it uses.

As mentioned already, you have to be very careful and avoid washing too often when your blanket is filled with sand. 

Here is how to proceed with weighted blankets that use different fillers. 

How To Wash Weighted Blankets With Plastic Poly Pellets?

poly pellets

Poly pellets, also known as plastic beads, are typically manufactured from virgin ABS plastic and have a spherical shape.

The most important thing to remember when washing your weighted blankets with plastic poly pellets is the temperature.

The pellets used as filling in some blankets could melt if washed at too high a temperature.

How to Wash Weighted Blankets with Micro Glass Beads?

Micro glass beads are very small and can be felt through the skin much like salt crystals or sand. 

When it comes to washing blankets with micro glass beads, many people ask, “can you wash the inside of a weighted blanket with beads? And the answer is yes.

Warm water is fine for washing inner blankets with glass beads.

But, you should ensure that you never expose your weighted blanket to hot water because it will cause the beads to break. 

How to Wash Weighted Blankets with Steel Shot Beads?

steel beads

The steel shot beads used in weighted blankets are the heaviest option available.

Many people like it that way, but it also means you will need a heavy-duty machine to clean a blanket filled with steel shot beads.

Like tiny glass beads, steel shot beads are unaffected by heat, which is good news.

It implies that you can wash these blankets at a much higher temperature without any fear of melting. 

How to Wash Weighted Blankets with Organic Fillers?

So many people like weighted blankets with organic fillers, such as rice, beans, corn, etc. While they may feel a lot more comfortable, they are trickier to wash.

When exposed to water, natural fillers can become soggy and eventually rot away. These organic fillers can be contaminated by microorganisms and pests. 

Therefore, you need to be careful when washing them and do it only when it is truly needed. 

Is It Possible To Spot Clean Your Weighted Blanket With Sand?

spot cleaning weighed blanket

Yes, it is actually a better idea to spot-clean your weighted blanket with sand than washing it thoroughly.

Just like with any other fabric, the success of stain removal is determined by the nature of the stain and its size. To clean your blanket, mix dish soap with hot water. 

If the discoloration is particularly persistent, try using some white vinegar.

And if you want to wash it in the machine, it is a good idea to pre-treat it first using some high-quality stain remover.

Tip: You can dry weighted blankets in the dryer at low heat but it is better to air-dry them to avoid causing any damage. 


Learning how to wash a weighted blanket with sand can save you from damaging it in the process.

In most cases, the process remains the same, but you still have to be careful with the temperature setting. 

And it usually depends on the fillers as well as the fabric of your blanket. Also, do not forget to check the care label to confirm the best way to wash your weighted blanket.