how to stop blankets falling off bed
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to stop blankets falling off bed will help eliminate constant discomfort, especially at night. 

Blankets falling off the bed at night can be disturbing and annoying. It exposes us to the cold and also causes us discomfort. 

In this article, I will be sharing the best ways to stop a duvet from slipping off. I will also share extra tips to give you a cozy night’s rest.

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The best way to solve this constant problem would be to tuck the blankets into the bed. Selecting the right blanket is another vital way of stopping your blankets from falling off the bed.

Why Do Blankets Fall Off The Bed?

why blankets fall

Having a good night’s rest is very important for the human body. It is not just enough to sleep for 7-8 hours, it is important that you are comfortable in your sleep.

Not being convenient in your sleep can lead to plenty of effects. 

Such effects include insomnia and tiredness when you wake and make you less active throughout the day.

Therefore everything that is needed to give you that beauty sleep is needed, including your blanket and covers.

Unfortunately, not a lot of us are calm sleepers, and therefore our duvet falls off the bed at night. This isn’t the only reason why blankets fall off the bed. 

But whatever the reasons are, it's quite annoying to wake in the middle of the night to find your blanket on the floor. 

This causes you discomfort and gets the blanket dirty from touching the floor.

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There are but just a few reasons why your duvet keeps falling from the bed. But no matter the reason, the need to find a lasting solution is very needed.

Below are some of the reasons why duvets keep slipping off from you at night.

Material Used

material used

The material used in making a duvet is a common reason why the duvet falls off you.

Certain blanket materials are known to be more slippery than others. So, therefore they tend to slip off easily from our bodies at night.

Silk and satin blankets are lovely and give us a nice smooth feel when sleeping at night. 

But they tend to be more slippery as compared to cotton-based blankets. 

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Cotton-based blankets are much heavier. They are also much thicker and don’t easily come off our bodies at night.

This is not to say that cotton is better than silk. 

In fact, none is better than the other. It’s a thing of preference, some people prefer silk while others prefer cotton.

Tip: Use whichever suits you and makes you more comfortable. 

Wrong Size

wrong size blanket

Using the wrong size of the duvet can also make your duvet slip off from you at night when sleeping. 

Regardless of the duvet material, when you use a duvet that is too big for your bed, it will cause the duvet to slip off. 

Using a king-size bed blanket for a full mattress would get the blanket on the floor.

Likewise, using a full mattress size blanket for a twin bed would get the duvet on the floor. 

The trick is to ensure to use the right bed size. Using a larger size won’t help. 

So check if the blanket you are using is the same size as your bed. Or, when purchasing a new blanket, do well to check for the right size.

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Discomfort And Sleeper Type

discomfort and sleep position

Comfort is really important when sleeping. Any slight discomfort can make you kick off your blanket. Not a lot of us are conscious sleepers. 

And during the night, the temperature of the room may get warmer for any other possible reason. 

When this occurs, we try to find the best possible way to get comfortable. Hence making us shift or kick off our duvet. 

Also, aside from discomfort, some of us tend to move a lot during our sleep.

If you are a person like that, then you are sure to kick off your duvet from time to time during your sleep. 

Tip: A cold shower before bed will make you more relaxed and maintain your body temperature throughout the night.

How To Stop Blankets Falling Off Bed?

There are a lot of ways by which we can stop our blankets from falling off the bed. Some are easy steps we can practice before going to bed. 

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While some involve a more creative approach to stopping it. 

Either way, the most important thing is to ensure that we safely secure our blankets and get quality, convenient sleep.

Selecting The Right Blanket

right blanket

When it comes to getting quality sleep, it is very important to select the right duvet.

Selecting the right blanket will go a long way in keeping you cozy all through your sleep.  

Below are a few factors to consider when trying to select the right material.

The Fabric

type of fabric

The first thing you want to consider is the duvet material.

You need to be on the lookout as to what type of material is being used for the duvet.

Is it silk, satin, or cotton? 

As we said earlier, silk and satin tend to slip easily.

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Therefore, if you know the feeling of material does not make a difference on your skin, then you should go for cotton.  

The Size Of The Blanket

blanket size

Also, the size of the duvet should be put into consideration.

This is to ensure you get the right and exact size duvet for whatever bed type you are using. 

If you have a twin-size bed, get a twin-size blanket. If you have a queen-size bed, get a queen-size blanket. 

Tip: You could also purchase a smaller size than the bed size. The goal is to use a blanket that won’t fall off due to excess weight.

Extra Layer

extra layers

Using an extra layer of a duvet is a good choice.

Especially if you love the slippery type of duvet but also want to stop your duvet from touching the floor. 

This involves adding an extra layer of the cotton duvet on top of your silk-based duvet. 

The extra layer of the duvet will prevent the silk from falling off.

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However, this isn’t a good choice in warmer seasons, as the extra layer can get you very hot and sweaty.

Tip: In warmer months, adjust the extra layer to cover just the lower part of your body.

Other Ways To Stop Blankets From Falling Off

Tuck The Blanket In

tuck blankets in

This is a well-known technique. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it is still a technique that can be employed. 

This is done by tucking the edges of the blanket into the bed, just like we do for the kids.

This will limit the blanket from falling off easily. It is best for people who are calmer when sleeping.

Bedding Straps 

use bedding straps

These are elastic straps that come in different types. Their sole purpose is to hold the bed sheets and duvet in place from pulling out and slipping away. 

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They come in different types. But they are mostly placed by the edge of the mattress or bed to hold the duvet in place. 

You can get them at your local stores. Examples are stretchy straps, sheet suspenders, and bedding straps.

Tip: A simple bedding strap can be made at home with just an elastic band and a large safety pin.


When you know how to stop blankets from falling off the bed, it reduces the amount of discomfort you get.

This discomfort for some causes them to have insomnia and other fatigue. 

Therefore it is very important that we know how to set our beds and rooms. 

For one to achieve a sound and smooth sleep free from disturbance, meticulously adhere to the guidelines in this article. 

Thank you for tagging along this far. Hope to hear from you with positive results!