how to fix bed slats that keep falling
Kristina Davis

This article would be taking you through how to fix bed slats that keep falling apart.

We all hate it when our bed slats fall apart while sleeping. 

It can be annoying to wake up on a sagging mattress caused by unstable slats. 

Having to figure out how to fix it repeatedly can also be quite aggravating. Luckily, we would be talking all about that in this article.

To keep bed slats from continuously falling apart, check the bolts first to see that they are secure. And because this falling apart may be caused by several other reasons, also examine the weights put on these slats, among others.

Why Does Bed Slat Keep Falling Off?

bed slat

What Is A Bed Slat? 

Bed slats are platforms placed underneath a bed to offer support to the mattress and help distribute its weight.

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They are placed horizontally across the bed frameWooden slates are the most frequently used, although they are also metallic slats.

Some people don’t use bed slats because they assume there’s no difference.

It is quite the contrary, a bed slat gives support to the mattress and makes it more comfortable. 

It would also ensure that your mattress doesn’t collapse or slide while sleeping. It also helps in maintaining the structure of the mattress. 

Why Do Wooden Bed Slats Keep Falling Out?

why wooden slats fall

If a bed slat is meant for support, why do bed slats keep falling out?

A slat won’t be stable enough to stay in place if there is no support. The slats must be supported to ensure that it stays in place. 

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The support can be obtained by fastening them to the bed frame to ensure maximum stability.

Or placing something underneath the slats themselves to ensure full weight capacity. 

Another possible reason could be that the slat is weak. In this case, it is better to just replace it with a new one. 

You can also place something beneath it to offer support. 

How To Fix Bed Slats That Keep Falling Apart 

fix bed slats

If a slat keeps falling apart, you need to know the cause before proceeding to think of a solution.

Now that we have familiarised ourselves with the possible cause, it is safe to move forward.  

Here are the ways to fix a slat that keeps falling out:

Check Bolt

check bolts of bed

Sometimes, the cause of the problem might be a loose screw where the slat connects to the bed frame.

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So be cautious to take the mattress and pillows off the bed frame before inspecting your bed slats.

After removing the mattress and pillows, you will have enough room to examine the corners.

You can then check to see if the screw and bolts are securely fastened to the bed slats. 

If they are not, you ought to get a screwdriver or hammer.

It all depends on the type of screw used but see to it that it is firmly placed.

Slats Are Attached With Velcro


Your collapsing bed slats can be fixed with velcro.

Velcro is a fastener made of two fabric strips, one with tiny fiber hooks and the other with tiny fiber loops. 

When brought together they adhere firmly to one another. In short, it is a small sticky strip used for attaching two things together

The fact that velcro has so many applications makes working with it quite exciting.

All that has to be done is to use velcro to secure each slat to the ledges that it rests on.

Tip: Use glue while attaching the Velcro to keep it in place.

Examine The Weight Applied To The Slat

weight in bed

Sometimes, you need to think about how much weight you are placing on your slats instead of looking for the problem elsewhere.

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The slats may be affected by too much weight and that could cause them to fall apart. 

It is advisable to go back to applying the initial amount of load that you did previously before the slats started falling off.

The slats may keep falling if the weight on your bed changes significantly from what it is normally used to. 

Use Duct Tapes

duct tape

It is quite similar to using Velcro. The only difference is that duct tapes are easily accessible by anyone and easier to use.

Tip: You can also make use of glue to keep the slats in place.

Tuck Something Underneath The Bed 

under the bed

Arrange wooden blocks or large unused containers under the bed to provide support.

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There may be cases where the slats are weak and can’t be replaced. 

Here, you can place something underneath them to bear the weight of the mattress. 

The block should be placed underneath the center of the slat to provide central support.

It also should be placed underneath the four corners of the mattress for weight distribution.

Put In More Slats

put more slats

Adding more slats is a possible way to fix the slats from falling off.

Sometimes, the reason why the slats fall out is mainly that there is too much space between the slats

The space would allow the slats to move freely.  Which, in turn, can cause the slat to fall off when you are sleeping on it. 

Adding more slats would remedy that. The lesser the space between the slats, the lesser the chances of it falling off.

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Add Plywood

use plywood

Plywood, also known as just “ply,” is a type of manufactured sheet hardwood that is frequently used in carpentry. 

It is made from three or more thin wood veneer layers that are joined together by a thicker flat sheet.

Your mattress can be supported by plywood. The plywood can also serve as a temporary fix for mattresses that are sagging.

The best type of plywood to use is MR grade plywood or BWP. They are both incredibly effective with wooden bed frames. 

Even in the face of shifting weather or temperature circumstances, both plywood variants are incredibly resilient, and lasting.

If the plywood is thick enough, it would ensure that the sheet is strong enough to uphold your sleeping surface.

A 19mm plywood is the least amount of thickness required.

Any thinner plywood won’t be able to resist bowing under the mattress, which results in dropping gradually.

Tip: Plywood is a suitable alternative to bed slats that can be added or replaced.

Replace Slats

replace wood slats

When the slats are too weak or too small, they are replaced with a thicker and better slat. Though, it should be the last thing to consider. 

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If all the possible remedies listed above don’t work, it is then and only then should you consider changing the slats

Tip: You can replace the slats with metallic slats.

How To Keep Wooden Slats In Place 

slats in place

They say prevention is better than cure. In this case, the prevention is quite similar to the cure. 

Here are ways to prevent wooden slats from falling: 

Use Plywood

Like we said earlier, using plywood offers support to the slats. This, in turn, prevents them from falling apart.


You can put the L-shaped brackets on the side rails of your bed frame to assist in supporting the slats.

Over the top of the slat, position the L bracket, and secure it with screws. For every slat that requires reinforcing, repeat these steps.

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Use Metallic Slats

metallic slats

It is rare to find a metallic slat that falls off. In cases where slats fall off, it is always a wooden slat in question.

This is because wooden slats are sawed to fit the shape of the mattress.

And since they are wooden, they can reduce in size around the edges.

Note: A metallic slat is not only strong, it can undergo expansion. 

Though it might not be comfortable, it is the best choice to consider if you don’t want your slat falling off.


Now that we have concluded this article, I hope you have been able to answer the question that brought you here in the first place ” how to fix bed slats that keep falling apart“.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if one of these fixes doesn’t work for you or if you’re having another issue with your bed slats.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.