how to tell if cesca chair is real
Kristina Davis

Everyone who wants to add more of this type of chair to their space would want to know how to tell if Cesca chair is real.

The Cesca chair is one of the greatest works of art of all time. 

It was first built by Marcel Breuer and named after her daughter’s nickname – Cesca. 

But how would you tell if a Cesca chair is real anyway? Sit tight as this article is here to enlighten you on this.

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To ascertain whether a Cesca chair is real or fake, one must look out for certain features. Some of these include consistent tubular frames, slightly curved arms, floor protectors, and the absence of rear legs among others. 

Characteristics Of Original Cesca Chair

characteristics cesca chair

Of late, the market is marred with originals and fakes. When you go sourcing for the Cesca chair one has to be careful, especially when in search of the original one.

You are likely to encounter con people who will offer you chairs resembling the Cesca at an even higher fee. 

There is plenty of sweet-tongued, tricksters in the market.

If you’re not careful, in a blink of an eye they can lure you to giving up your hard-earned money for what wasn’t the Cesca chair. 

This article is going to be your guardian angel.

So the next time you are going out intending to purchase a Cesca, you wouldn’t need to fret. 

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With the aid of this article, you would bring home the original Cesca chair at the right price from the right source.

Reel with me as I take you through the ways to tell if Cesca chair is real. And here we go. 

No Rear Legs

no presence of rear legs

I will start with the commonest characteristic that indicates the validity and the originality of a Cesca chair that tells you whether the Cesca is a fake or a real one.

Though you still would find fakes flooding the market with this characteristic, at least it is a good way to start identifying them. 

And that is, original Cesca chairs will no way on earth have rear legs. But they still hold a lot of support and weight.

The absence of rear legs does not indicate that there are no legs. Instead, they have front legs which have been designed like cycles, these legs run to the back and merge.

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Hence when you are resting on a Cesca chair and making slight movements, you would think you are swinging. 

Presence Of Floor Protectors

floor protector

Another top identity and a great symbol of a Cesca chair is the presence of floor protectors.

It is almost difficult and rare to spot a chair of this age with this stunning feature.

Through this feature, the Cesca chair will do all that is possible to ensure that it hardly scrubs nor tears your floor.

That is why, even with the absence of the hind legs and the presence of jointed front legs, the Cesca will never damage the floor. 

Nonetheless, because this is almost a swinging chair, the friction between the steel and the floor is likely to damage it.

And that is why the legs have been dressed in rubber caps that prevent damage to the floor from its back-and-forth movement. 

Tip: The rubber elements attached to the legs also function as non-slip protectors.

Chrome Caps

cantilever chair chrome caps

This feature and the one above are relative characteristics of the Cesca chair.

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So that if you go buying the Cesca, the floor protectors, what we now call here caps, should not be made of any other materials. If they are plastic, or anything fishy, run and do not look back. 

Original Cesca chairs only use chrome caps as protective shields. They are responsible for safeguarding your floor against bruises.

They also act as a shield for the legs so they do not go corroding.

Chrome caps are inexpensive and are shiny, bathing the legs of the Cesca with color and fashion. 

A D- Shaped Design

Also, you must go looking for the design to enable you to tell if a Cesca chair is real. Do not approach it blindfolded, or you get scammed.

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You know what I mean.

You may have already noticed from your experience in buying furniture that almost all brands take on a particular shape. 

cesca d shape design

The Cesca chair has a D-shaped design that is elegantly amazing, thrilling, and fascinating.

So, ask questions if you are buying the Cesca chair and it looks nothing like the D shape.

Proceed with caution, and look for answers before making that decision. 

I must tell you, if it is not a D-shaped chair, then forget it, that ain’t a Cesca chair.

Cesca’s shall forever be D-shaped. Look at the legs and the structure in which they are formed. 

Tip: Cesca chairs take on that D shape, that makes them bend slightly to the back. 

A Consistent Tubular Frame

tubular frame

Should this have come first? I mean, this is one of the greatest ways to tell between an original Cesca and a fake.

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Anyway, while I must have mentioned this aspect before, I must elaborate more on this. 

Therefore, the Cesca chair has a quite elaborate consistent frame that runs around the chair.

It trails from the beginning of the left arm, down to the legs, and journeys up to the right arms non-stop. 

Tip: The tubular frame is consistently tubular and you won't see anywhere they appear to be fixed or joined to another. 

A Knoll Tag

Knoll tags on all products indicate boldly where and when the product was made. So, go looking out for a chair with a tag that shows where the chair was made. 

Check for where the steels were made and check against entries that represent original Cesca chair manufacturers. 

Tip: The tags are usually placed on a steel frame just beneath the armrest. 
curved arm

Slightly Curved Arms 

The arms are slightly curved both at the front and the back. The armrests are mostly made of wood.

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Therefore, when going for an original Cesca chair, check the shape of the arms as well. 

How To Tell If Cesca Chair Is Real – Cesca Chair Real vs Fake

Vigilance and the knowledge of what I just highlighted above are the best ways to tell if a Cesca chair is real.

These are the best guards you have for keeping fakes at bay. 

You might go out buying a Cesca chair and the seller keeps compelling you to purchase something you have doubts about.

real cesca vs fake cesca chair

Take a breather and engage in a lot of thinking before you get rigged. 

Presentation to you of a chair with no bowed legs, no chrome caps, a different design from what we know of the D-shaped one cannot be a Cesca chair.

I would tell the seller or dealer in the face that I am way too smart to be lied to. 

Do not get lied to. Fake Cescas are all over the place and are taking the market by storm. Do not be the one who gets cowed and falls for them. 

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How to tell if a Cesca chair is real is not as daunting as you think, I’m certain you’ll be more convinced to buy the Cesca chair after reading this post.

What you are about to do will add a lot of elegance, decor, and color to your home like you have never imagined. 

Cesca’s are quite attractive and stylish, they attract fashion and class clothed in indisputable elegance. 

When you place them in your dining room or somewhere outdoors such as on the porch, you will marvel at the sight of them.

Meanwhile, it is a clarion call that as you go out buying, be vigilant. Know these characteristics that will see you take home only the original Cesca chair brand.