why are dining chairs so expensive
Kristina Davis

This article is here to answer the question, “Why are dining chairs so expensive“?.

The dining is a spot that usually accommodates friends and family to enjoy feasts, and occasional events and share achievements together. 

Therefore, it is essential to make the furniture for your dining room as unique as possible. However, dining chairs are very costly.

Why so?

This article will provide you with a superior comprehension of the reasons that influence the cost of dining chairs. 

And will also furnish you with information on how much dining room chairs cost.

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Dining chairs are expensive for various reasons. The reasons range from the types of materials used to the design, size, and style of the chair, etc.  

How Much Do Dining Chairs Cost?

cost of dining chairs

The typical cost range is generally somewhere in the range of $100 and $400. However, they can cost as high as $2,000 and as low as $20.

The variety in the expense of dining chairs is because of the distinction in quality.

If you are looking for an excellent dining chair it will cost between $300-$400 each. And that implies a set will cost thousands of dollars.

You can get chairs less expensive than this but they won’t be of high quality. 

The price range of dining chairs with regards to the type includes:

TypePrice Range
Plastic Chair$25 – $150
Metal Chair$40 – $15
Upholstered Chair$200 – $800
Wood Chair$200 – $800

It is important to note that very expensive dining chairs may not be just because of quality alone. Some might be also because of how unique the style is.

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So if you are still asking, why are dining room chairs so expensive? Read on to find out more.

Note: The amount you will spend relies on the type, quality, and style of chair you’re searching for.

Why Are Dining Chairs So Expensive?

The excessive cost of dining room chairs is because of a few reasons.

Some of which include: 

The Type Of Material Used

chair material used

The utilization of cushions and upholstery can upgrade the quality of dining chairs. The type of material used can also affect the cost.

Hardwood, for example, is the most well-known expensive material utilized in creating dining tables.

Even though all hardwood materials are astounding, the quality also varies.

Note: The more solid it is, the more expensive it is. 

For example, cherry, walnut, and oak are more expensive than acacia and pine. This is because they are of higher density and are more durable.

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Metal can also be used to radiate a modernized look.

Rattan can be used to emit a palm-based look.  Both rattan and metal are less expensive than wooden chairs

However, if you still want something less expensive than rattan and metal, that wood will be plastic.

Plastic chairs are the most affordable material used to make dining chairs. Albeit plastic chairs may not be durable. 

Tip: They are perfect for kids as it is perfect against spills.

Quality Of The Chair: Craftsmanship, And Labor

quality and labor

If you consider the question, why are dining room chairs so expensive?

One of the reasons must include the quality of the chair and the human labor.

A chair handcrafted by a local skilled worker will be more expensive when compared to one made by a factory

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This is because the local craftsman will invest human labor, the greater time, and work, and will care for detail.

It upgrades the nature of the seat and will lead to a greater cost. 

However, a chair made in a factory is probably manufactured in bulk and will demand less time and labor.

A dining chair that is of high quality should be fundamentally sound. Implying that it shouldn't squirm when you sit on it. 

Cost Of Transportation

The cost of transportation is high if you are ordering the chair from a place not close to you.

In any case, even if the place is close to you, it might still be expensive because of the size and weight of the chairs.

The  Design, Size, And Style Of Chair

chair design and style

These variables influence the amount and nature of materials utilized. They also influence how much work is expected to make the seat. 

For instance, an enormous and tough dining seat with a padded seat, armrests, and designed upholstery is more expensive.

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In that, they require exertion and expertise to appropriately upholster a seat.

Efficiently manufactured metal and plastic chairs are, for the most part the least expensive.

Other style components, for example, leg plan and wood finish, can have an impact on the overall price. 

Tip: A straightforward plastic dining seat with negligible style components is exceptionally inexpensive.

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Getting Dining Chairs?

dining chair factors

After getting to know the answer to the question, why are dining room chairs so expensive?

There are also some other factors to consider that could impact your decision when getting a chair.

They include:

If There Is A Pre-existing Table?

Purchasing a total dining set is entirely different if you have a table already and you are simply adding chairs.  

At the point when there’s a table as of now, it’ll impact your selection of chairs.

All things considered, you ought to be searching for something that will have the same finish, materials, or compliment it.

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Recurrence Of Use

use of chairs

It might be ideal if you also resolved how frequently you’ll utilize the seat.

If it’s something you’ll utilize every day, you should go for something more substantial.

Unless you’re planning just to be involving it a couple of times in a year.


This is fundamental while getting chairs. If you need the most extreme solace/comfort, upholstered seats are awesome.

They probably won’t have the appeal of wood chairs. However, a seat with an upholstered seat and back will be more comfortable to sit on. 

Note: Upholstered chairs will require more cleaning and support than standard wood chairs.

Style Of The Home And Dining Space

home style and design

Your dining chairs aren’t simply filling space or for the major need of seating to dine. They’re also there for the beauty. 

So you ought to think about the style of the home before selecting the right chairs.

You can go for all-wood plans or chairs with metal legs. That is, if your style is present-day and moderate, you could go.

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Where To Buy Affordable Dining Chairs?

affordable chairs

After getting to know how much dining chairs cost, it is essential to know where to get affordable dining chairs.

The following includes websites where you can get a variety of dining chairs.


Choices are endless and that is the main issue with looking for dining chairs on Amazon.

You can narrow it down by picking according to your budget.


Target has such a lot of furniture on the web! Much more than what you find in stores.

You have a variety of options ranging from modern/current, to the farmhouse and traditional styles.


On the off chance that you’re imagining that Walmart doesn’t have furniture that will work with your style, you’re erroneous!

You will see a variety of conventional, mid-century, and modern pieces that will truly shock you.

Joss And Main

The site’s style has more “present-day conventional,” which, indeed, seems like a contradiction.

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However, it simply implies notable and – cherished outlines, colors, and textures with somewhat of a modern twist.

buy dining chairs


They’re likewise a retailer that sells a similar stock you’ll track down on different sites (AllModern, Target, Wayfair, Amazon).

You will get everything from present-day to traditional styles at sweet rates.


Wayfair probably won’t be the most astonishing retailer on this rundown.

Yet it would be a disgrace not to incorporate it as a great web-based business asset.

You can filter the options based on the color, material, type, price, etc. And it will bring out many outcomes in a wide range of styles.


Peradventure you asked, “Why are dining chairs so expensive?” The answer has been enumerated clearly in this blog.

The type of material, the quality, the design and style, and the cost of transportation are the significant reasons why dining chairs are expensive.

Also, this article has enumerated factors you ought to think of before getting your dining chair.

You can now decide your financial plan, so you don’t overspend.