can i use sos pad on stainless steel sink
Kristina Davis

How can I use SOS pad on stainless steel sink without spoiling the sink? Well, let’s find out!

Over the past decades, appliances made with stainless have become a major feature of most homes.

You might be trying to find out the appropriate cleaning materials you can use to wash your stainless steel sink. 

Having already known that the SOS pad is okay for cleaning, let’s now go ahead to answer the question “can I use SOS pad on stainless steel sink?

Yes, of course. It is safe to use SOS steel wool soap pads to clean your stainless steel sink. However, this must be done with caution.

What You Should Know About SOS Pads

what you should know

SOS pad is one of the most common brands of cleaning pads in the market.

It is fitted with soap powerful enough to eliminate stubborn grease stains. They are reusable too.

The main functions it was marketed for were for cleaning the surfaces of sports equipment, tools, and kitchenware.

The company initially made steel wool pads for cleaning aluminum cooking utensils like pots and frying pans. Now they have added products for cleaning stainless steel materials.

They also sell non-scratch pads in addition to their trademark steel wool pads.

Can I Use SOS Pad on Stainless Steel Sink?

use sos pad stainless steel sink

Yes, using an SOS pad on a stainless steel sink will not destroy it, unless it is scrubbed with excessive force. Be gentle.

SOS pad makes the job easier when you want to remove strong stain on stainless steel sink.

Additionally, you can also use SOS pad on most metal tools you use for gardening, and repairing automobiles. You can also use it for your carpentry tools.

Aluminised steel cookie sheets can also be cleaned with them. This type of cookie sheet is made with steel coated with aluminum-silicon alloys.

The result is a more durable sheet resistant to rust and erosion.

Stainless steel cookie sheets can be cleaned with caution to avoid scratching them. It is more resistant to corrosion than aluminum but it is a poorer conductor of heat.

Tip: Don't apply too much force while scrubbing the stainless steel sink.

What Should You Not Use SOS Pads On?

what not to use on

While the SOS pads are excellent cleaning materials and can be used to clean a wide variety of utensils, it has their limitations.

This pad is abrasive and must not be used on delicate surfaces susceptible to scratching.

Below are some of them.

Wooden Floor And Furniture

SOS pads should not be used to clean hardwood floors or wooden furniture. It scratches its surface and makes it rough and uncomfortable.

The scratching also results in a loss of its natural shine, making it look dull.

A safer option is to dampen a soft cloth to wipe the furniture and then dry it with a dry cloth.

wooden floors
Tip: Vinegar mixed with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth will make your laminate or wooden floor shiny without corroding it.

Non-Stick Pans

Carelessly using steel wools like SOS pads on a non-stick pan will eventually make it lose its non-stick ability. 

These pads are abrasive and when you use them to clean a non-stick pan it scratches away the coating that is responsible for the non-stick ability.

Tip: Use a soft sponge or paper towel instead.

Expensive Carpets

Carpets provide comfort for our feet, protect us from getting cold and enhance the beauty of our room.

It gets dirty over time due to foot traffic and accumulates dust and allergens.


Do not use these pads to clean them. It will roughen the carpet and destroy its fibers.

You can outsource your carpet cleaning to professionals who use modern equipment to do the job. This will help your carpet last longer and retain its softness for a long period.

Tip: You can use a soft brush if you can't outsource it.

Leather Couch

This is in the same category as carpets as they also provide both comfort and beauty to our homes.

They do get dirty too, and can be stained by spilled liquids. You have to be careful while cleaning it, too so you don’t scratch its surface.

leather couch

Don’t use abrasive cleaning materials like SOS pads on it, it will make the surface rough and ugly. Hire affordable professionals if you can.

Tip: If you must do it yourself, then only use soft materials like clothes soaked in detergents to clean the leather surface.

Precautions/Safety Points For Using SOS Pad On Stainless Steel Sink

There are several measures one can take to protect a stainless steel sink from being ruined while cleaning with SOS steel pads.

Some other precautions protect oneself from sustaining injuries while using it.

safety precautions

Scrub Gently

While cleaning the stainless steel sink, scrub with mild circular motions.

Cleaning with too much vigor can scratch the sinks surface, making  it susceptible to rusting and untoward destruction.

Do not use the pads with your bare hands.

Though the steel wool feels soft, using it to scrub with bare hands can give you cuts on your fingers.  The thick gloves should provide enough protection.

Protect Against Rusting

SOS pads are made of steel wool and can rust, if not stored appropriately.

If allowed to rust, they not only become unusable, but the rust crusts can obstruct the sink’s drainage. Put the pads in a zip-top bag and store in a freezer.

Don’t Keep The Pads Near Flammable Materials

steel wool

Steel wool is flammable and, if kept near paints, perfumes, varnishes, or batteries, can start a fire outbreak in the kitchen.

How to Use SOS Pad on Stainless Steel Sink

Even though stainless steel is resistant to wear and tear and rusting, using abrasive materials like steel wool to remove stubborn stains can scratch it.

This can make it lose its luster and usefulness.

It’s quite easy to use SOS pads for cleaning stainless steel sinks.

Below is a quick method.

  • Wet the sink with some water.
  • Wet the SOS Pads you intend to use till it foams.
  • Turn off the tap.
  • Scrub the base of the sink with circular motions, till all the grime and discolorations are gone.
  • Scrub the sink’s drain, the opening, and the hollow passage for draining of water.
  • Scrub the sides firmly but gently, in order not to scratch it.
  • When the sink is neat enough, turn on the tap and rinse with the rushing water.
  • Leave to air dry.

Other Alternatives To Clean Stainless Steel Sink

other alternatives

Brillo Pads

This is a common product in the market that people can use instead of SOS pads.

Can you use Brillo pads on stainless steel sinks?

The answer is similar to the traditional SOS pad. You can, but you must be careful not to scrub with too much force or for long enough to scratch the surface of the steel.

Twist Hemp Ravioli Scrubby

twist hemp scrub

This is a strong cleaning tool shaped like a piece of pasta.

Made from natural hemp burlap casing, it is stuffed with a cellulose sponge that is biodegradable, and hence healthy for the environment.

This tool is free of artificial additives like dyes and bleaches. It dries quickly and does not allow microbes like bacteria and fungi to grow.


Can you use SOS pad on stainless steel sink?‘ is likely the question that brought you to this article.

We have explained that while you can use it to get a sparkling result, you must do so with caution.

Steel wools like SOS pads can scratch and denature the surface of the sink if done with too much vigor. 

If you need your sink to shine so bright without compromising its integrity, the non-scratching SOD pads are better than using traditional steel wool pads.

You can also use the pad to clean metal tools used around the house, barbecue grills, cookie sheets, and glass jars. Perfectly safe and gives a great result.