How To Unclog A Toilet Full Of Water
Kristina Davis

It is very handy for you to know how to unclog a toilet full of water. This is because having a blocked toilet can be very frustrating and messy.

It not only pollutes the air but also makes it difficult for you to do your business.

A lot of times we pay very little attention to our toilets, majorly because it is used for just passing body wastes. 

Kids and even adults throw solid insoluble or foreign objects inside the toilet.

Examples of such foreign materials include heavy chunks of disposable paper rolls, baby wipes, tampons, diapers, and bar soaps.

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These objects lead to the blocking of our latrines, thus making water and feces drainage difficult.

The easiest and most widely known way of unclogging our toilet is through the use of a plunger. But there are other known effective methods we can employ to clear out the toilet.

What Causes Our Toilet To Clog?

clogged toilet

The toilet is an essential part of our home or any building and as such, we ought to give it utmost care.

It is important to use your toilet for what it is actually meant for, which is the excretion of body waste.

Do not use it as a trash can where we throw away insoluble waste.  

There are numerous reasons that can make our toilets get blocked, some of which are very much avoidable, while others might be due to unforeseen causes.

Below are some of the items that lead to this problem.

Item #1. Heavy Chunks Of Toilet Paper And Other Disposable Objects

This is probably the most known cause of toilet blockage. Throwing large chunks of toilet paper into the toilet sink could block the drainage.

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Other disposable items that do not dissolve easily, such as baby wipes, pads, paper towels, and other foreign items, also clog the toilet drainage.

Item #2. Hard Water

hard water in toilet

This mostly occurs in areas with mineral-filled soil. These minerals cause the water gotten from the soil to be hard water.

Which can later calcify and form white solid substances that cause blockage in the drainage system of the toilet.

This is usually not a common occurrence, it mostly happens in areas with mineral-filled soil. 

Item #3. Worn Out Pipes

Worn-out pipes can be a major cause of toilet blockage.

This occurs when old pipes or low-quality pipes begin to wear out and break, leaving residues that don’t flush easily.

Another occurrence can be when plastic pipes lose their strength and collapse, obstructing the free flow of poop down the drainage. 

Item #4. Blocked S-Trap Or P-Trap

blocked toilet pipe

An S-trap or P-trap is usually underneath the toilet bowl. It was designed so as to prevent odor from escaping from the septic tank.

As the name implies they are shaped in an S or P shape. These traps can get partially or fully blocked and restrict water flow down the toilet.

Tip: Be very observant, always try to notice how well the water is flowing through your toilet, so you don't get caught unaware.

Methods On How To Unclog A Toilet Full Of Water

unclogging a toilet

Unclogging your toilet might seem like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be as tiring and nasty as we think it to be.

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The first instinct for most people is to call a plumber and while that is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be so all the time.

Most times, the blockage in our toilet is not so serious and could be solved by some D.I.Y methods.

There are a few easy-to-do techniques we can try out to unclog a toilet before we call the help of a professional.

How about a toilet full of poop and water?

Oftentimes, the toilet could get full of water and poop, which can be very messy and nasty.

Now you might be wondering how to unclog a toilet full of poop and water.

But this shouldn’t be any cause for alarm as the process is the same for unclogging a toilet.

A good tip is to always prevent clogging and be observant of your drainage system.

A pro tip is to always wear hand gloves regardless of the cleaning method.

Below are some of the methods we can use to unclog a toilet.

Method #1. Use Of Plunger

use plunger

A plunger is the most basic and easiest solution for unclogging a toilet. It is a basic tool that most homes already have.

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It is built like a vacuum to pump air into the hole of the toilet

Firstly you insert the plunger into the toilet bowl gently so as to avoid water spilling on you.

Ensuring a tight seal is formed, gently pump air into the bowl by pushing down on the plunger. 

Then afterward, push in and out the plunger with force. Remove the plunger to confirm if the toilet has been free from the swirling of the water.

Repeat the process until the toilet is fully unclogged.

Tip: Rinsing the plunger with warm water before starting softens the rubber and allows it to get a firm grip on the toilet bowl.

Method #2. Hot Water And Dish Soap

This is a very good mixture that can help to unclog toilet blockages. It is an easy and quick fix for our toilets. 

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This involves heating a reasonable amount of water to the point when it is hot but not to its boiling state.

Then while the water is being heated, pour a good amount of liquid soap into the toilet.

Afterward, empty the hot water into the toilet and wait for 10-15 minutes. After some time, the clogged toilet will begin to unclog.

Flush the toilet and if the water doesn’t drain then you can repeat the process or try other techniques like the use of a plunger.

Tip: Shampoo or bleach can also be used in place of liquid soap.

Method #3. Baking Soda And Vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

The importance of baking soda and vinegar for everyday household cleaning can not be overestimated.

But little did you know that the mixture of both can unclog our blocked toilets.

Begin by pouring a cup of baking soda into the bowl. Then slowly add a cup of vinegar to the baking soda.

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Be careful so as to avoid splashing and spilling. After some seconds, the mixture will begin to have a bubbling effect.

This bubbling reaction will clear the blockage.

Flush the toilet afterward to confirm if it has been fully unclogged, else repeat the procedure until the desired result is attained.

This technique is best when the toilet is filled with poop.

Tip: You can add a bowl of hot water if the mixture doesn't clear the blockage. This will most likely complete the task.

Method #4. Use Of Toilet Snake

This is another very useful piece of equipment for clearing out a clogged toilet.

It can be purchased from local hardware stores and is very effective. 

The toilet snake or plumbers’ snake is the equipment used for pushing out any form of blockage in the latrine down to the S-trap.

It is a long piece of metal that can fold easily, which helps it to get as low as the S-trap. Thereby pushing out any blockage.

Tip: An homemade toilet snake can be made with a wardrobe hanger.

Method #5. Vacuum Valve 

wet vacuum valve

Although this is not a common solution, a vacuum is a great tool to help unclog a toilet.

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A good tip is to not use your regular vacuum for this purpose, we can rent a vacuum from a hardware store.

Start by draining out the water in your toilet bowl either by using the vacuum or any other means. Then wrap an old rag around the nozzle of the vacuum. 

Afterward, deep it down the toilet and use it to suck out whatever is blocking the flow of water in the toilet.

Flush the toilet to confirm if the clog has been fully unclogged. 

Tip: It is best to use a wet vacuum instead of a dry vacuum

How to Avoid Clogged Toilets

how to avoid clogged toilets

A common saying is that prevention is a better option.

Therefore, it is best that you avoid getting your toilets clogged so you don’t get caught unaware and make a mess in your toilet. 

After knowing the causes of a clogged toilet, it is best to do these set of practices to prevent blockage;

  • Avoid disposing of insoluble objects in the latrine, asides from tissue papers. 
  • Avoid throwing foreign objects into the toilets, and be watchful of your kids.
  • Keep a trashcan in your toilet for other forms of disposables.
  • If you live in an area with hard water, from time to time, use your toilet snake to clear the pipes.
  • When fixing a new pipe, ensure to install the best quality for a long period of time.
  • Ensure that your holes in the seat for flushing are clean and can allow a free flow of water.  
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Knowing how to unclog a toilet full of water can be very handy, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t employ the aid of a plumber.

As some of the blockages would require the help of a professional. 

And even if you were to unclog the toilet,  sometimes it could get clogged again if not done properly.

So, therefore, I urge that you try out these above solutions first.

But if it doesn't seem to work or is only temporary, then I suggest you get a plumber. 

I hope this article has been helpful. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback on how helpful this article has been to you.

Thank you for reading.