how to use liquid fire drain cleaner in toilet
Kristina Davis

If you are eager to learn how to use Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner in toilet, you are just in the right guide.

You’ll find many other blogs and guides online, but most of those are based on research – not with me!

For years, I’ve used various products, and I’ll unravel the truth behind them.

Yes, you can use Liquid Fire in toilets, but only if your toilet drain is presenting a serious problem. Refrain from using it if the clog or the blockage is mild/workable.

Can I Use Liquid Fire In Toilet?

use the liquid fire in toilet

The answer to this is yes and no – and I know it could seem a little complicated.

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But there are caveats attached to it that you need to think about and consider.

For your part, as a homeowner, you want to check and consider all these factors.

Because doing so will help you not only with the current drainage problem you have but for future uses as well.

Factors to Consider Before Using Liquid Fire Cleaners in Toilets

factors to consider

You’re lucky, because you have this guide already.

Back in our day, we didn’t have any guide to start with – we relied on what salespeople and other homeowners who used it had to say about it.

So, before you decide to use the famous Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner on your toilet bowls, consider the following points and factors:

Severity or Seriousness of the Drain

Probably the most important factor you need to take a look at and consider would be the seriousness or severity of the clog.

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The Liquid Fire Cleaner is a highly concentrated solution.

Therefore, using it in situations where the blockage or the clog is not that troublesome can cause it to meddle more with the porcelain and the pipes.

This ultimately results in damage.

You want to make sure that when you use the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner, the problem or the clog is big and vast that it isn’t any longer solvable with hot water.

Pets and Children In the Area

pests and children

Liquid Fire is a caustic solution, which can cause irritation to the nose and throat when inhaled.

So, make sure that there are no pets and children in the area when you use it.

This is because they are the most susceptible to contracting dangerous and health-hazardous symptoms caused by the solution.

NOTE: If the area is clear, you need to protect yourself as well. When dealing with the Liquid Fire Cleaner, make sure that you wear protective goggles, sleeves, and gloves. 

The strength and concentration of Liquid Fire can irritate your skin and eyes.

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Type of Pipes You’re Using

types of pipe

Lastly, you need to know and look at the pipes you’re using.

Although most solutions like Liquid Fire have tiny effects on well-lined pipes, if you sum it all up, it can be menacing.

PVC pipes are perfectly safe when it comes to Liquid Fire.

However, porcelain on steel, as well as iron plumbing pipes can eventually corrode and oxygenize when they’re touched by this solution often.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t panic! This doesn’t happen regularly. Think about it like this: Damage on these pipes only happens after the 6th or 7th use!

Now let us go deep in teaching you the best, most correct, and most ideal way of utilizing the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner in your toilet bowls.

How to Use Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner in Toilet?

how to use liquid fire

I used to think that the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner is similar to other drain cleaners on the market – I was wrong.

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In fact, what it did was double the capability of your usual over-the-counter drain cleaners.

This stuff is powerful, and it’s just right that you’re reading a guide about how to use it properly.

Step #1: Prepare Your Gear For Protection

The first step you want to do is to gear up. And when I say gear up, I mean to cover your entire body.

Put on safety goggles, put on gloves, and of course, sleeve up!

TIP: If you have a protective gown, you can use it. Just make sure that the gloves you’re using are thick so that the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner solution wouldn’t easily tear it apart.

Step #2: Make Sure No One Else is Near

make sure no one is around

Once you’re done suiting up, the next step would be your responsibility – it would be to make sure that nobody else is in the vicinity when you do the process.

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Adults are fine, but to be 100% sure, ask them to leave the area for about an hour or two.

Step #3: Boil Water

Then, the next step is to boil water. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would I boil water?

Well, you need hot water as a conclusion to this process. So, you want to boil water now so that you don’t have to do it again later.

Some people boil water while the solution is seeping into the drains.

However, I personally start it before I start the process so that when Liquid Fire is done doing its job, I just have to pour it in.

Step #4: Remove Excess Standing Water From the Toilet

remove the excess water

Then, the next step would require you to remove all overflowing standing water from your toilet bowl.

This step is common especially when you’re unclogging.

However, unlike most cleaners, you want to leave a few cups of water in the drain – you don’t want your toilet to have zero standing water.

NOTE: You still need standing water because Liquid Fire Cleaners require some sort of a vessel for the compounds to be brought to the clog. 

You just want excess standing water out, so they don’t hang around the ceramic part of your bowl.

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Step #5: Pour Liquid Fire Down the Drain

pour liquid fire

The next step is game time – you just need to pour the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner down your toilet.

You want to make sure that you pour the solution gradually – not all in one go.

This will allow the solution to be separated into various parts, dissolving scum, gunk, as well as other types of clogs independently.

TIP: What I usually do is pour about half a cup of Liquid Fire first, and then wait 15 to 25 seconds before pouring the next half, and so on.

Step #6: Wait For the Solution to Work It’s Magic

Once you’re done with Liquid Fire, you’ll have to wait.

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It’s a solution – it’s not a magic trick where the clogs would instantly be removed from the pipes.

You want to make sure that the solution was able to seep into the pipe or drainage system properly.

NOTE: Typically, the waiting time should be anywhere between 20 to 35 minutes. Depending on the clog, you can let it reach up to a full hour.

Step #7: Flush With Hot Water

flush hot water

Remember the water you boiled? This is where you’ll be using it.

Hot water is required to disintegrate the debris blocking the path of the water to flow down the system.

In addition to that, it also helps the pipes flush the Liquid Fire solution out of the system.

This is because if it lingers, it can severely damage the inner linings of the pipe.

Step #8: Repeat the Process

Lastly, repeat the process over and over again until your toilet functions normally again.

Usually, I do two rounds of steps 4 to 7. If you get it good the first time, then you’re lucky!

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repeat process

However, as I consider the norm, you’ll need to do it again a second time to open the pathway and for the flow of water to be bigger, better, and more spacious.

And there you have it!

That is the correct way of using your Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner if your toilet is already becoming a nuisance!

NOTE: Don’t just pour and pour! You need to learn the proper way so that you don’t waste the solution, and you don’t put yourself, and other people around you in danger.

Would You Still Use Liquid Fire?

Learning how to use Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner in toilet is simple, and it won’t require you years to study plumbing!

Liquid Fire is one of the best over-the-counter solutions made for homeowners, especially those that do not have experience when it comes to plumbing.

However, you need to still take note of a few precautionary factors, so your pipes and drains remain in their most pristine conditions.