how are fruit flies getting in my fridge
Kristina Davis

How are fruit flies getting in my fridge? How many times have you asked this question? A lot, right?

It is common for fruit flies, especially in the warmer months, to become an annoying problem. But it is quite strange to find those fruit flies inside your refrigerator.

You know you put food items in your fridge because it seems safe, especially against all types of pests. But what to do when you notice those flies kind of living in your fridge?

Fruit flies may enter your fridge through exposed meat, overripe veggies, etc., as well as through cracks and broken seals in the fridge. 

More about Bugs Living in Your Fridge

bugs inside of refrigerator

Freezers and refrigerators usually keep pests out, but they are not impenetrable. And you may have learned the hard way!

No doubt, pest infestation inside your fridge is unusual because most do not like cool places. But, this does not rule out the possibility of infestation from normal domestic bugs, though.

In fact, all insect infestations begin when food in the fridge is either contaminated or is not checked and cleaned regularly.

Some of the most commonly spotted bugs in the fridge include: 

House Flies

When the weather is hot, flies seem to multiply exponentially. Seeing a housefly indoors is not uncommon.

But did you know that those pesky little fliers may also make their way into your refrigerator? 


gnats inside of refrigerator

Although gnats only live for around seven days, you certainly would not want any of them in your perishables for even a moment.

There could be gnats in your fridge because of the vegetables you have lately stored there.

If you are having trouble with gnats in your fridge, it is recommended to open the doors, wash any organic food under the faucet, and then close the fridge again. 


It is likely that roaches entered your fridge from the outside, but you should still take care of the problem right away.

A cockroach infestation can rapidly escalate into a serious problem. Cockroaches can be a nuisance, but a nest of them could indicate a more serious issue.

It might behoove you to conduct some more digging in your kitchen and other rooms of the house to tackle the issue properly. 

Fruit Flies

fruit flies inside of refrigerator

They simply love overripe fruit, but meat, fresh food, and even spoiled food left out may all be fair game for the flies.

The little black bugs may hitch a ride in the food you are transferring into the fridge on your hands and eventually die from the cold.  

Tip: Adult gnats and flies can be caught with sticky traps, but they will not be eliminated unless the drains are also cleaned. 

How are Fruit Flies Getting in My Fridge?

Fruit flies’ ability to enter your refrigerator may come as a surprise, but these ingenious insects are adept at breaking into even the most impenetrable of structures.

A few possible entry points for fruit flies in your fridge are listed below. 

Hitchhiking on Fruit and Veggies

swarming the apple inside of the refrigerator

Fruit fly eggs and larvae can enter your home along with the fruit and vegetables. These eggs can hatch and spread an infestation if they find their way into your refrigerator. 

Entering through Cracks

They can get inside your fridge through any cracks or crevices, including the ones around the doors.

Also, infestations of fruit flies in refrigerators have been linked to damaged or worn-out door seals. 

Entering through Drain Holes

checking draining holes of the fridge

These insects can gain access to your refrigerator through any number of tiny openings, including vents and drain holes.

These cracks and crevices give way to these tenacious pests, yet they can be hard to see.

Tip: To eliminate any fruit flies and remaining insects, always flush the sink with freshly boiled water. 

Can Fruit Flies Live in a Refrigerator?

In warmer weather, fruit flies can quickly become a problem in the home because they are drawn to rotting or overripe produce.

Although fridges are supposed to be pest-free zones, fruit flies are frequently spotted inside of them.

But, it is interesting to learn whether or not fruit flies can survive in a refrigerator.  

Is It Possible for Fruit Flies to Survive in Your Refrigerator?

fridge full of fruits and veggies

Fruit flies can definitely enter your refrigerator in many ways, but it is not usually possible for them to survive there for very long. It happens due to many different factors.

For instance: 


Refrigerators keep their interiors at a cool 34 to 40F. The development and reproduction of fruit flies can be slowed or stopped altogether at these temperatures.

Also, fruit flies’ eggs, larvae, and pupae may have a lower survival rate in colder temperatures. 


checking the temperature of the fridge

Unlike the outside, where fruit flies need a higher degree of humidity for reproduction, the humidity level inside a refrigerator is typically lower.

This decreased humidity can further hinder their development and survival. 

Low Nutrients

Surely, fruit flies can potentially find some food sources within a refrigerator. However, the frigid temperatures and enclosed container of most food items can restrict their intake of nutrients.

It means they might not be able to thrive and breed as well if there is not enough food. 

An Important Consideration
fruit flies breeding and multiplying

Despite the refrigerator’s unfavorable conditions, fruit flies can live and breed in a refrigerator for a short time provided they have access to decaying food or moisture.

Nonetheless, their reproductive cycle and population increase are likely to be slower and less effective than they would be in warmer, more humid conditions.

Tip: Fruit flies love humid environments, so to get rid of them, just pour some vinegar and baking soda down the drain and let the mixture fizz. 

Preventing Fruit Fly Infestations in Your Fridge

Preventing fruit flies from entering your refrigerator is the best approach to dealing with them.

Here are some steps you can do to prevent fruit flies from settling in your refrigerator: 

Inspect Produce for Signs of Fruit Fly Eggs

checking the inside of refrigerator

Take your time inspecting the goods and confirm whether or not you have a fruit fly infestation.

  • Carefully, examine the surface of the food.
  • Look for the presence of any tiny white or transparent larvae.
  • Check for any signs or tiny clusters of white or beige eggs.

Keep in mind that the eggs are typically tucked away in the produce’s nooks and crannies or might be found close to the stem. So, look carefully. 

An Important Consideration

Any food with signs of a fruit fly infestation should be thrown away to prevent the larvae or eggs from hatching and spreading throughout the house.

Do not carry any trash into the house; instead, throw it out in a trash can outside. 

Store Produce Properly

storing the foods in the fridge

The occurrence of fruit fly infestations can be reduced by ensuring that fruit and vegetables are stored properly.

Avoiding fruit flies is easy if you follow these guidelines:

  • Always use plastic bags or airtight containers to keep perishables fresh.
  • Bananas, tomatoes, and other perishables should go in a cold, dry place.
  • Store veggies and fruits in the refrigerator before their peak ripeness.

Also, keep in mind that certain foods induce other fruits and vegetables to ripen more quickly because they emit ethylene gas, which is a known fruit fly attractant. Therefore, separately storing them can solve this problem. 

Keep Your Fridge Tidy

It is important to remove any crumbs or spilled beverages that could attract fruit flies and clean the fridge regularly.

Here are some other steps to take:

  • Throw away food that has gone bad or has expired as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to check refrigerator gaskets regularly.
  • If your refrigerator has door seals, check them for damage or wear.
  • Keep fruit flies out of your refrigerator by replacing any worn or broken seals.
  • Closing off any vents or holes in your fridge with fine mesh or screen might help.

Always remember that it is important to fix any broken seals, but do not block your refrigerator’s air vents, as this is essential to the appliance’s operation.

Tip: Apple cider vinegar, with its odor of fermenting fruit, is the perfect bait for catching fruit flies, which are attracted to ripe fruit. 


How are fruit flies getting in my fridge? It can happen for so many different reasons. Leaving your fridge open for an extended time can give fruit flies an opportunity to enter the fridge.

Also, flies could accumulate around your refrigerator door because that is the warmest part of your fridge. They may also enter your fridge through any exposed fruit, rotting meat, or other perishables.

Much of the grime, decaying fruit, and dead fruit flies can be washed out of the fridge with a good cleaning, which will help resolve any fruit fly infestation.