how long should a good leather sofa last
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Sit back and relax – this ride will be smooth and I (your trusted guide) will give an answer to your question: how long should a good leather sofa last?

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Let’s paint a picture; you’re surfing the internet and this ad pops up on your screen (gosh! How I hate these ads, you cry out).

But there is something about this particular one that has your finger hovering over the cancel button (that second pause is all the advertising agency needs to get you hooked).

It is a sofa – a glossy, smooth, warm leather sofa; so smooth you can feel its texture and warmth from across your screen.

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You’ve resolved to add this piece of furniture to your home (ads 1:0 you).

How long a leather sofa lasts is largely dependent on the quality of leather used and how much you are willing to spend on it. Taking good care of a good leather sofa should give you 5 to 25 years of usage.

Leather Sofa Durability

the leather sofa

For centuries these classic pieces have been an exquisite addition to many homes whether placed in a study, living room or even a bedroom.

I know a couple of people including myself that like a sofa in the bedroom, they remain popular today.

Note: the lifespan of all leather type is largely dependent on its quality and of course your pocket (how much you can spend on one). 

However, with proper care, your piece of sofa should last anywhere between 5 to 25 years in good condition.

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How Long Does Leather Furniture Last?

how long does will last

Remember that the lifespan of your new leather acquisition is dependent on several factors including the quality of leather, its authenticity, care, and source.

Let’s delve deeper into these factors.

Quality of Leather

If you dole out that cash, you will get quality (simply put, you get what you pay for) that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong though, coughing up huge sums of cash would however not guarantee you 100% good quality.

There are a good many cheap alternatives out there that you may be swindled into believing is top quality when it is just a faux that will peel off or crack in a short time.

I will show you how to identify leather sofas made of quality materials if only you stay with me.

Tip: the best type of leather used for sofa is full-grain and top-grain leather


the authenticity

The quality of the leather used for your sofa is an important contributing factor to its longevity.

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When authentic, full-grain leather is used, you could milk out a lifespan of over 25 years (with proper care inclusive).

When fake material is used – well! You’d have to slap yourself on the hand and get it right next time.


You may know all about leathers and go ahead to purchase one made with the best quality.

If you do not do the bare minimum like cleaning spills immediately, taking care of stains immediately, etc.

You’d end up losing a good piece due to negligence. Matter of fact, good maintenance, and care play a major role in how long a piece would last.


the store

Remember that quality is key in your choice of a leather sofa, where you get it is also as important.

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Be sure to check the store where you’ve decided to buy from, be it online or physical, make sure you read reviews so you’re certain they deal only with the best.

Types of Leather

We’ve established the fact that quality plays an important role in how long a leather sofa would last.

The type of leather directly affects the quality.

There is an abundance of varieties ranging in texture, sophistication, and sturdiness.

leather types

The following types of leather are used for sofa making; full-grain leather, split-grain leather, top grain leather, and bonded leather. I

f you understand and know the leather types available, there’s a good chance your question of how long should a good leather sofa last would be answered.

Full-Grain Leather

The hide of animals is the major material used for leather making. This leather is the best quality of leather for sofa making you can find anywhere.

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(Except there is someone somewhere experimenting with leather making in a lab) and the most expensive too because it is the purest available. It is authentic.

During its processing in a tannery, only hair removal is applied after which it is soaked in a natural dye made with a vegetable.

The aim is to maintain the original quality of the hide.

The tough texture of this leather is its distinguishing quality which softens over time with use.

Top-Grain Leather

a top grain leather

Next to full-grain leather in quality is the top-grain leather because it undergoes a smoothing process.

This leather type is just as pure as full-grain, the smoothing process is done simply to ensure it is softer compared to the full-grain.

It is however just as sturdy as the full-grain. Go for this if you want a softer yet inexpensive version of the full-grain leather.

Tip: what is grain? Grain is simply the surface of leather and how much processing it has undergone.

Split Grain or Genuine Leather

During processing, the topmost layer of the leather is usually removed, which is then available in the top grain and splits – the splits do not go to waste.

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split grain

Certain chemicals (usually plastic) are added to the splits to create an expensive-looking leather.

While it looks really pretty. I do not advise the purchase of a sofa made with this kind of leather, the potential of it cracking is higher.

Bonded leather

This one is derived from the fragment of leather held together by an adhesive.

It may end up being just 17% of leather and is generally considered to be the lowest grade of leather used for sofa making.

It is usually not durable.

Note: leather use is not limited to just sofa making alone, it is used for other products like the interior of cars, clothing, etc. It is a natural material made from tanning the hides of animals. 

Bonus: How to Make Your Leather Sofa Last Longer

make it last long

Remember that how well you take care of your piece of sofa furniture no matter the quality will determine how long it will last.

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Follow these tips to get the best out of your sofa.

Limit usage

A sofa placed in an office and used sparingly will outlive one placed in a kitchen or living room, why? Because of how much it is used.

If you have kids, it is only normal that they bounce on it playing space gladiators or their many other shenanigans – you should discourage this as much as you can.

Also, keep pets off the sofa. If usage is limited, the aging process will be reduced.

Keep away from sunlight

Sunlight may be to leather sofas what kryptonite is to superman, it weakens it.

When making the arrangements in your room, be sure to keep your sofas away from windows where it is bound to be hit by sunlight.

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Life happens, clean up spills

clean up spills

Yeah! I understand you may get a little careless with the sodas. Simply clean up spills immediately you notice them. A clean, dry microfiber will suffice.

Tip: There are amazing leather cleaning products available, you can check out some on Amazon!

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Well! All good things surely have an end, you have your answer to how long should a good leather sofa last.

This can be for as long as 25 years if you indeed got quality and you have done your part taking good care of it.

Hopefully, you will get the best out of it. See you around.

Adios Amigo.