should your curtains match your sofa
Kristina Davis

Should your curtains match your sofa? What is your opinion about this? You do not have to be a professional in interior design and decoration to choose between a Yes and  No.

Examine your preferences, colors, or even what other members of your family have to say about matching the curtains with the sofa.

Everyone feels differently about matching curtains with the sofa, although it is good to go by your personal likes and preferences, have you ever considered what interior designers have to say about it?

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Is it best to match the curtains with the sofa or is it not?

Although the decision will be solely yours to make, this blog post will teach you things about curtains, and sofas, matching their color, or not matching – things you may not know.

For your house to have a balanced décor, then matching your curtains and the walls work best. Matching them makes your house produce the desired effect you are looking for.

Why Your Curtain Should Match Your Sofa

why curtain match sofa

Anyone would rush to quickly say that curtains act as covers for windows.  Of course, that would be right. Very right. 

But that’s just a common reason why we have curtains on the windows and walls.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Curtain to Match Your Sofa

Now, you need to consider the following before getting curtains to match your sofa.

  • The type of curtain to choose.
  • Consider checking out a curtain buying guide.
  • Consider the color of your sofa.
  • Consider the room.
  • Know the purpose of the curtains
Tip: Curtains are elements of decoration and play a pivotal role in the final beauty of your home. The lovelier they are,  the warmer and welcoming the ambiance.

The Type of Curtain

types of curtains

Something else you may or may not have known is that curtains are categorized into groups and ranks.

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There are more than thirty types of them to select from.

To mention a few, these are Valance, Grommet, Drapery, and Pencil pleat. etc….

They are also categorized by the material, such as leather, polyester, and chiffon.

Tip: You should choose a type of curtain that best describes the material used on your sofa.

Get a Curtain Buying Guide

How do you buy your curtains from the vendor? Buying curtains isn’t a blind date. You have to prepare well for it to be able to bring home the best curtains.

Choosing a curtain that will match your sofa has a big impact on your home’s interior style. They will either add style and beauty to it or will make it look unappealing. 

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These are the things you should consider while buying curtains.

Consider the Room

must consider room

Top on the list is the room you will be fitting the curtains in. What kind of room is it?  Is it in a public place or your home? 

If it is for your home, where are you looking to fit it,  the living room,  bedroom,  outdoor,  or the stores? 

These questions help you in selecting the right curtain. While at it, considering the room gives rise to ideas of which ones you should select. 

So, if they are to be installed in the living room, then most probably they will be transparent to allow in light during the day.

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This is to support ventilation. On the other hand, bedroom curtains have to be ones that support sleep.

Tip: Your bedroom curtains should not let in lots of light but shouldn't be ones that make the room darker.

Consider the Color of Your Sofa

Selection in regard to color comes second in our buying guide. While buying curtains it is vital that you consider the color of your sofa.

color of the sofa

Most people tend to buy curtains of a color they love and leave the ones they loathe. But we have to understand that it is not always about what we love and what we do not. 

Buying the curtains this way is underestimating the power of your sofa. You will understand this better after making such a huge mistake.

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Therefore, while buying curtains, ensure that they will blend well with the rest of other interior items such as chairs and tables.

They shouldn’t necessarily be of one color but of those that blend well while used together.

Tip: Think about fitting a black curtain on a maroon or pink sofa. That is awful, is it? It sure is awful.

Know the Purpose of the Curtains

Why are you buying them? For what purpose! Of course, a home that hasn’t invested in curtains is unimaginable. Doubt there is any.

know the purpose

We buy curtains to play various roles. The main one is to cover windows. But what are other uses of curtains?

  • Curtains regulate the intensity of light being let in, depending on the demands of the type of room.
  • They can also function as air purifiers by trapping particles that come in through the window.
  • Curtains promote the ambiance and interior décor of your home.
  • They also help in ensuring privacy for your interior.
Knowing these purposes and tailoring the one you hold dear; helps you choose the right curtains.

These three are the most relevant options to consider while buying curtains.  What are yours?

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Now, did you know that curtains other than the window can be used for other purposes?

Should Your Curtains Match Your Sofa?

Should your curtains match your sofa, Walls, or Couches? What is your opinion? All of us may have personal opinions over this.

Whatever your opinion, it could be right. So long as the end result makes you happy and you never contemplate changing it, then stick to it.

should the curtain match sofa

But what do experts have to say about matching your curtains with the sofa and the wall?

We know it might be a little bit tedious to source all these household items that match. Could be by color, or brand. But mostly, in this context, we are interested in the color.

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The expert’s advice for folks is, for your house to have a balanced décor, then matching your curtains and the walls works best.

Matching them makes your house produce the desired effect you are looking for.

Tip: Curtains have to match the couch in style, brand, and texture. If unmatched, the interior beauty is distorted.

How to Match Curtains with Couches and the Wall

To have the desired effect, it is advisable to take your sofa and walls into consideration. You are bound to match curtains with sofas.

match curtains with couch and wall

This will make your home appealing at all times.

But how do you get to this? It is simple, follow the following guidelines.

  1. Match the colors, i.e white curtains on white walls with white couches. Wow! that’s heavenly.
  2. Determine the interior design you need, is it traditional, modern, eccentric, or mixed?
  3. Match the material of the couch and the curtains.
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Now that we have answered the question; Should your curtains match your sofa?

Without curtains, you need to understand that houses do not get the desired effect, everything about interior design and decoration follows a style.

Although you may want to have your own, that satisfies your own needs, think about what the majority have to say. 

What do visitors who come to your room say about the distorted look of the curtains, couches, and walls?

In this blog post, we have gone a long way in explaining more than just how to Match curtains with couches.

It has gone further to give you a curtain buying guide, other uses for curtains, and more. In your opinion, should curtains match walls or couches?