how to decorate reclining sofa
Kristina Davis

You may end up hassling on how to decorate reclining sofa because it may not have all the features you would love it too after you get your reclining Sofa from a dealer.

Embellishing the sofa set allows it to blend well with all the other furniture present in the room, the painting on the wall, or the lighting system and colors present.

Fortunately, there are several ideas on how to decorate a reclining sofa in quick, intelligent, and simple ways, with the aim of making your recliner lovely and adorable.

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The smarter the recliner, the smarter the living room. A lovely living room is inviting to your guests and your family at large.

A decorated recliner yields so much comfort, and it is this comfort you hope for and desire to coexist with you in the living room.

To decorate a reclining sofa, you need to purchase exquisite couch covers, designer throw pillows, hang a big mirror behind the couch, rebrand the arm and repaint the couch.

How to Decorate Reclining Sofa

decorating reclining sofa

Some of the best ways how to decorate a reclining sofa are listed below, let’s check them out!

Purchase Exquisite Couch Covers

Purchasing exquisite couch covers is one of the quickest ways of decorating your sofa.

There are modern couch covers in home décor stores next to you, or you can as well place an order online.

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Some of the best couch covers are those made of leather. Also, you will need to consider the color of the couches you are going for.

These covers are easy to clean compared to the original ones that are permanently nailed or glued to the Sofa.

Tip: Exquisite couch covers also give the recliner a new decorative look while blending well with mismatched furniture.

Add Designer Throw Pillows

designer throw pillow

A recliner can never be complete minus throw pillows. Pillows are what give the recliner a subtle look.

You need not have the sofa clothing and the pillows match. You can have the pillows with a different shade of color or texture.

How you arrange the throw pillows also affects how lovely your couch will look.

They should be in a standing order with sides with a similar design facing the front. In no time, your recliner will look lovely and unique.

Also, the size and shape of the pillows matter a lot. They do not have to be ambiguous; in fact, the size of the throw pillows must match the size of the recliner.

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Ideally, medium-sized pillows with square shapes are the best.

Tip: The power of the pillow in adding décor to your reclining sofa set is not one to underestimate

Have a Large Picture of Art on the Blank Wall behind the Sofa

large picture on the wall

You have probably been to a photo studio before.

Most photo studios harness the power of having a large picture painted with gorgeous art behind the recliner couches where their clients pose for shoots.

First and foremost, the photo frame used for the art must be inviting and eye-catching.

Then the art inside the frame comes next. Preferably install a photo frame with only one drawing.

That could be you drawn out of a sketch or something you love. In case it is in the office, the photo frame can have all board members, the head of state, or the organization’s CEO.

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These large pictures derail your visitors from concentrating on the space behind the recliner wall. They otherwise remain fixated on the work of art.

Tip: Make sure that the image must be enticing and fascinating.

Hang a Large Mirror Behind the Sofa

large mirror behind sofa

Mirrors undisputedly brighten up the living room. Their hand in decorating the recliner is worth noticing.

The larger the space behind the recliner, the larger the mirror should be and vice versa.

Hang the mirrors 5 feet above the floor to reflect the recliner and the entire space. If using a mirror is the way you choose to go, then choose from any of these three types.

The Plane, The Concave, or The Convex mirror.

Rebrand the Arms

arm cover

The arms of your sofa set may need some little decoration. Arms end up falling dirty faster due to hands being placed on them.

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Children jumping down the room will also make them unclean, or if you have cats, they probably will or have scratched the arms off.

You will therefore have to decorate the recliner by rebranding the arms. You can replace them by getting new ones and knitting them to their position.

Tip: The arms of the recliner must be identical, both on the left and right. They should as well match the headrests.

Repaint the Recliner Couch

Trust me painting the recliner sofa will add more decoration to it.

If you have had it for several years, the paintings on the wood and legs must have lost gleam or faded away.

repaint recliner

Therefore, painting is another option you have got on how to decorate a recliner sofa.

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While applying the paint, ensure it does not come into contact with the dressing of the couch.

You can choose to change the paint color to suit your changing needs and match the other furniture within your living room.

Light up the Room

Believe me when I tell you light intensity inside your room affects the décor of your recliner sofa seat.

A dim room does not bring the best sight out of a recliner, especially when it is dark or black.

The lights above the space treat your recliner with sentimental home décor. You can opt for hanging a chandelier or filament lights right on top of the recliner.

The lights on top of the room also affect the emotions you get when you walk into the room.

Note: Lighting up the room is one best practice of adding décor to your recliner sofa set to be visible and attractive.

Have a Stylish Coffee Table

stylish coffee table

A recliner sofa without a coffee table is incomplete. The two were made for each other. The coffee table is what adds décor to the recliner.

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Find the most breathtaking coffee table built glamorously to add value to your recliner sofa.

The colors for the two have to blend well with each other. When your recliner sofa is white, complete it with a blue coffee table.

Tip: Be vigilant with the materials and textures for both furniture.

Replace the Legs of the Furniture

Replacing the legs of your recliner sofa is one way of decorating it.

Sofa legs get worn out quicker owing to the accumulation of dust and weather conditions that make them shed off their color.

Replacing old legs with new ones is easy, and you won’t need the services of a carpenter.

Wash the Recliner Sofa Regularly

wash regularly

Constant cleanliness helps to maintain the décor and the value of your Sofa. Make it a tradition to wash the couch at least once a fortnight.

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Wash the clothing and the throw pillars and change the covers if need be.

Tip: Constant care for the recliner is what will make their beauty last longer.


How to decorate reclining sofa sets is as simple and straight as explained above. While most of the decorations do not have to do with the Sofa.

Its décor is environmentally initiated. The more beautiful the environment around it, the more decorated it becomes.

You do not need to go for new recliner sofa sets. Work on the old ones, decorate them, and see the results.

The guidelines in this article will pay off if followed the latter. It is time to decorate your recliner sofa!