does sleeping on a couch ruin it

Does sleeping on a couch ruin it? You’ve probably heard your mother babbling not to sleep on the costly sofa she just bought because you can damage it – is this true?

Don’t worry, I got just what you need! I spent weeks talking to experts about it, and researching it, and I’m here to share all of it with you!

Sleeping on a couch occasionally would not do any harm to it but doing it every night will wear it out faster. Also, sitting on the same spot for multiple hours a day is worse than sleeping on the couch once or twice a week.

Understanding this deeper down and further will require us to know the inner workings of a couch.

What Happens When You Sleep on a Couch?

happens when sleep in couch

Sleeping on a couch and sitting on it is not any different. You’re putting weight into the mattress and frame of the couch, which can cause it to sag and deteriorate.

The interiors of most couches consist of a few layers, which include springs and mattresses.

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Ideally speaking, using it more frequently (whether you’re sleeping on it or just sitting down on it) is the top culprit of couch damage.

Considerations in Using Your Sofa

In using sofas or couches, it’s not always them that needs to adjust.

consideration in using

As a matter of fact, there are a few things you need to consider for the wellness and condition of your sofas, too.

After asking a few local furniture shops and retailers, here’s what I found:

Weight Capacity or Limits

Yes, you’ve never heard of this before, right? Sofas and couches have weight capacities, too. It’s not like you can use them however and whenever you want.

Typically, a couch’s weight capacity is per person (per seat), and, per seat is usually averaging 300 pounds.

For example, a 4-seat sofa would have a weight capacity of 900 to 1200 pounds in total.

Materials Used

the used materials

Another consideration you need to think about is the material that’s used.

Not all couches are made equally, some have a better framework but a bad exterior. It could also be the other way around.

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So, think about the materials used and consider their capacity and ability to hold weight from there.


Many people misunderstand the term “usage” for sofas. In this context, I’m referring to how the sofa is used.

Are children jumping up and down on it? Do your pets leap on it? Do you sit on it with all your body’s force?

Improper usage of sofas – or almost anything – can lead to expedited deterioration.

Care and Maintenance

maintenance of sofa

Last, but most definitely not least is the caring and maintaining of the sofa. Do you fix it after being used?

Do you tidy up the cushions to help them expand and contract? Do you clean out spillages?

Note: External environments can drastically influence the condition of your couches, too.

I know that some of you might be more comfortable sleeping on the sofa than on your bed – and I can’t blame you, because I feel more comfortable in it at times, too.

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But will sleeping on a couch ruin it? Do you have to restrict it only to people whose intention is to sit?

Does Sleeping on a Couch Ruin it?

“Sofas are meant to be sat on, not to be slept on,” says experts. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this too.

But, to answer the question, yes and no – let me explain.

can sleeping in couch ruin it

As I mentioned above, sitting on a sofa puts pressure on it. You press down on the seat cushions, down to the welt cords and both the front and side skirts.

Naturally, this will wear out the entire structure of the spot you always sit on.

The same thing happens when you lie down on it. It’s just that, the entire sofa will be pressed, not just a single spot.

So, yes, sleeping on a couch can ruin it if it’s done on a tremendously frequent level. I’m talking about 2 to 3 times a day, daily.

On the contrary, if you sleep on the couch just about 1 to 2 times per week, and you sit on it less frequently, too, there’s no harm there.

How Are Couches Damaged?

Couches are damaged if they are constantly used, regardless of whether they’re used for sleeping or for sitting down.

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To help you understand it more and better, here are the possible outcomes of sleeping on your couch more than you should.

how couch be damaged

Depressing the Foam

When you lie down on the couch and you sleep on it, the tendency is that the entire foam will be depressed for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, the weight distribution on the sofa wouldn’t be equal because the weight of your body isn’t.

The spots and areas where most of the pressure is will eventually depress and not spring back to their original positions.

So, if you sleep on the couch, equally distribute your weight as much as possible by bringing your legs to the armrest (if your head is on the other armrest).

NOTE: There are cushions and foams that have high recovery factors, these are the expensive ones, and you should have fewer troubles with those.

Sagging of the Cushions

sagged cushions

Another point of breakage would be the sagging of the cushions. Areas and spots where the body is the heaviest will most likely sag the cushions faster.

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As you lie down, the area where your torso is could be warped – it could sag down.

Sagging also can be the result of material breakdown with consistent use.

Damaging the Covers

Constant friction on the couch’s exterior layer can wear the cover material of the sofa.

And we all know that when our covers start chipping off, it’s going to progress.

If you decide to sleep on the couch for the night, make sure you use 2 reliable covers.

This can help support your weight from rubbing against the outer cover of the sofa and refrain from scuffing or scratching it.

NOTE: You can use mattress protectors as an added layer of protection for the couch’s outermost layer.

Wearing of The Frame

weak frames

The frame of the couch stands as its primary support system. When the weight is distributed to the foam and cushions, it will go down to the frame.

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And when you lie down on it often, the frame absorbs this weight and will eventually become weaker.

Not to mention that the movement of the person who is sleeping can also put shocking pressure and resistance to the frame.

This is common for frames that are made from wood. Those that are made from metal and steel won’t have problems with it.

So, sleeping on your couch every once in a while, wouldn’t hurt. 

But, do expect that eventually, it will undergo the usual wear and tear process, just like when you decide to sit on it for long periods of time.

How to Make Your Couch Last Longer?

make couch last long

Making your sofa last longer than it should is easy peasy. And hey, I won’t tell you to refrain from sleeping on your couch!

Here are the top best ways to make your couch last longer and for your future generations to catch up on it.

  • Do not expose it to the heat of the sun for long hours
  • Avoid sitting on the backrests and armrests of the couch
  • Refill saggy foams with new foam
  • Make it a habit to reverse the cushions daily for equal weight distribution
  • Plump your cushions regularly
  • Do not jump on the couch (even if you’re lightweight)


Here are a few of the most asked questions on whether sleeping on a couch ruins it or not.

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faqs about couch

What Happens If You Lay on the Couch All Day?

Laying on the couch all day is not only dangerous for the condition of your couch but for your health, too.

Lying down too much can have negative long-term effects on your posture and your body in general.

Is it Okay to Sleep on the Couch Every Night?

No, it is not. Sleeping on your couch every night will shorten its lifespan.

Not to mention that you could develop certain aches and pains in your body when you wake up. Who wants to wake up with a stiff neck every morning?

Would You Still Sleep on Your Couch?

Does sleeping on a couch ruin it? No, it wouldn’t – at least eventually. It’s not like it would just fall off when you sleep on it for one night.

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However, always take note of what happens on your couch when you decide to sleep on it. This will help you understand more the effects of doing so.

So, would you still choose to sleep on your couch?

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