hoover Smartwash not dispensing water
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This article is for you if you’re asking the question: why is my hoover Smartwash not dispensing water?’.

Unlike Thanos in the MCU Avengers: Endgame, I won’t rub your return to me for help on your face. I’m all too happy to assist, always.

Technology today has brought us a lot of ease. Imagine cleaning your carpet with a device that you simply run over your carpet with a to and fro movement.

Hoover cleaners work through the combined effort of hot water, a little cleaning solution steered into the carpet by a brush. 

The product of this coalition is often a solid mixture of dirt that is sucked up.

There are several reasons why your hoover smartwash is not dispensing water. It’s either the water tank is full or there is a possible blockage in circulation. There are several other reasons.

Reasons why the Hoover Smartwash not Dispensing Water

not dispensing water

A worthy piece of household treasure to own is a Hoover Smartwash. It is also normal for these handy machines to put up one or two issues from time to time.

This is no cause to worry about. The problems may require quick fixes that you can do all by yourself. These are some of the reasons why yours may not be working.

Reason #1. Low Suction

When this happens, the hoover Smartwash may be powered on. But the power scrub will be unable to suck up water.

Reason #2. Circulation Blockage

the circulation blockage

Accumulated dirt due to improper clean-up after use may cause clogging. No cleaning at all can cause clogging as well

Reason #3. Empty Tanks

Just like the human body which relies on juices and fluids (as well as other essentials) to function properly, the Hoover Smartwash needs water in its tank (system).

The other essential in the case of this handy machine is detergent in its other tank. An empty tank for a hoover smart wash equals no work day.

Reason #4. Bubbling Air Present

Another reason why your Hoover Smartwash won’t spray water may be because of the presence of bubbles of air stuck within the pump or hose.

Reason #5. Rusted Gears

the rusted gears

Rust remains that bitter rival of iron. Rust usually stops at nothing until destruction is served.

Rusted gears or parts mean brushes and other parts designed can’t rotate or function optimally.

Other reasons include:

  • Loosely screwed tanks
  • A full dirty water tank
  • Filter basket may also be blocked
Tip: A bonus reason why the Hoover Smartwash is not dispensing water is that the water tank is full.

A full water tank can be detected when there is a change in sound – usually a higher pitch.

How to Fix Hoover Smartwash Not Dispensing Problems

fixing problems

It is said that you know you’re getting old the moment you get excited over a new piece of carpet cleaning machine.

It doesn’t have to be about old age, it’s just the human need for ease. At the moment, you know possible reasons why your hoover Smartwash won’t spray water.

Let us dive into solutions to the problems you may encounter.

Solution #1: Empty the tanks

When the water tank gets full, usually a disk inside the tank serves as an indicator. It will shoot to the top of the tank.

Once this happens, your machine will neither suck up nor dispense water. It is time to take out the trash (empty the tank).

Solution #2: Clean up the Hoover

clean up

Your cleaner also needs cleaning every other time. Once you notice a blockage in circulation, it is time to take apart the parts and clean them thoroughly.

Rinse out the tanks, nozzle, filter, and brushes as well.

Solution #3: Getting rid of the bubbles

In the case where you notice bubbles of air stuck in the hose, simply turn the hoover Smartwash on. After which you lay the hose on the floor.

Stimulate the pump by pushing down the trigger for about a minute. If this doesn’t work out, then it is time to get a replacement.

Get a replacement for the hose I mean, not the entire machine. Then or call in the experts.

Solution #4: Cleaning rusted parts

clean rusted parts

When brushes are not rotating properly, you need to take them out and check for rust.

Clean out the rust from the screws and gears properly until it rotates freely.

If the gears or screws are rusted beyond simply cleaning, replace them. It is possible to get parts for your hoover Smartwash online.

Solution #5: Firmly secure the tanks

Before you put your machine to use, ensure that the tanks are securely locked in their place.

You should hear a click if you’ve done it correctly.

Solution #6: Never run out of supplies

Ensure that there is enough supply in your tanks. Both the water tank and the cleaning solution or detergent tank.

If any of these tanks go low, your machine will not dispense water. Be sure to check the levels frequently.

Note: Ensure that you power it off first of all if you decide to check on your hoover Smartwash for any problem.

Reviewing The Hoover Smartwash

reviewing hoover

Perhaps, you happened on this article just when you are struggling to pick a good cleaner for your home.

As a bonus, I’ve decided to do a mini-review of the Hoover Smartwash. You may consider it after now, who knows?

The Review

The Hoover Smartwash, just like other Hoover home appliances, is easy to manipulate. The Hoover Smartwash requires no assembling.

You’d simply need to latch on the handles and fill up the tanks. The tanks can also be easily detached.

You may encounter trouble filling up the water tank under a bathroom sink faucet as it is quite large.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue under a kitchen sink. Please note that warm water is recommended.

Note: The Hoover Smartwash will automatically mix water and cleaning solution. This is why they have separate tanks.

Hoover Smartwash Cleaning Process

cleaning process

The cleaning process is quite smooth and easy as well. The machine’s power pedal is located just at the foot of the machine on the left side. While on the right is the handle release pedal.

If you feel the carpet isn’t as dry as you expected with the automatic wash/dry function, there’s good news.

The Hoover Smartwash comes with a dry-only button. The wash cycle would be shut down once this button is pushed.

The machine comes with other accessories. It comes with a hose and a stair tool.

The moment any of these accessories is connected, the machine automatically registers it. There’ll be no need to toggle any button on or off.

Tip: The parts are built such that they can easily be detached and cleaned. You could do this without necessarily calling the help of a professional.

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Hoover Smartwash not spraying water can cause one to panic. Especially knowing how useful this piece is.

Every homeowner knows that muddy footprints, hairballs, spills, and other accidents are inevitable.

I trust that a Hoover Smartwash may just be your answered prayers for a clean house.

This is why the Hoover Smartwash not dispensing water all of a sudden becomes bothersome. 

Knowing this and possible solutions will ensure your machine stays in good shape for a long time for you.

It is important to be observant always. Oftentimes your hoover Smartwash warns you about impending problems with its sound.

A change in the pitch can mean something bad.

Stay clean, always.