how to get bugs out of your room at night
Kristina Davis

At night, it is not unusual to see bugs raging war against you, so learning how to get bugs out of your room at night matters.

And it is common to ask, why are there bugs in my room at night?” The truth is that in the dark of night, these bugs come out to find food, mates, and water. 

So, how do you get rid of them and keep them out of your room? You can definitely try a number of ways.

You can try many ways to keep bugs out, from using a natural repellent like peppermint spray to cleaning your kitchen and covering the entry points. 

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Keeping The Children of the Night at Bay

keep the children night at bay

Bugs can always find a way to enter your premise, making it difficult to deal with these “children of the night.” 

And it is only going to get worse when they try to feed on you, which is the case when you are up against bed bugs.

While it may certainly be tricky to deal with them, know they can be controlled, prevented, and removed.

But before that, you need to confirm you actually have bugs in your room. 

Signs Suggesting Bugs in Your Home

a signs of bed bugs in home

Bugs are a reality of home life and can emerge anywhere anytime.

To spot this and prevent a catastrophic bug invasion, look out for these telltale signs: 

Ladybugs and Spiders in the Room

If you notice lots of ladybugs or spiders in your home, know there must be other household bugs too.

It is natural to think you need to get rid of spiders, but know that they are there for a reason.

And the reason most probably is that you already have a pest infestation growing. 

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Tapping Sounds from Walls

When you notice any unusual tapping sounds particularly coming from your walls, chances are you have bugs in your home.

Those sounds are the result of termites knocking their heads on the walls.

But, the problem is that if you can hear those knocks, it means the problem has already gone out of hand.  

Mud Tubes on the Walls

the mud tubes on walls

Termites construct mud tubes to shield their colony as they tunnel further into your walls.

They are obvious evidence of an invasion if you find them on your walls.

And if you notice any little pellets around your house that look like wood pellets, those are termite droppings too.

These droppings are not particularly dangerous on their own, but they are a strong clue that termites have found their way inside your home and are likely still exploring it. 

Tracks in Your Home

Grease marks, claw markings, or bite marks can be left behind by insects and vermin as they make their way along the same path each day.

Similarly, cockroaches leave behind reddish-brown streaks.

While bug markings are not as obvious as those left by rats or mice, they are nevertheless visible on white surfaces.

Tip: It is a good idea to verify any deterioration in plant life or fabric for signs of insect infestation. 

How to Get Bugs Out of Your Room at Night

how get bugs out of room at night

It is not uncommon to encounter insects and bugs indoors. Practically every dwelling on Earth will have a few little insects living within.

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Also, not all insects are undesirable to have in your home. 

Insects can be beneficial to human health if they help to disperse beneficial bacteria.

However, if you begin to see large bugs or an unusually high number of them, this might certainly begin to impact your day-to-day life. And it can be especially annoying if they disturb you at night.

And when you have had enough, it is time to take decisive action to get rid of the pests and figure out how to keep them away in the future. 

Common Bugs in the Bedroom at Night

You should not be counting bugs instead of sheep when you are trying to get to sleep.

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While bed bugs get all the attention, other insects like fleas can also make themselves at home in your bedroom. 

Bed Bugs

a bed bugs

It is hard to find bed bugs during the day, but come night and they go berserk.

They are nocturnal and wait until the night to come out and suck the blood out of you.

The problem with bed bugs is that you can find them literally everywhere. 


Once attached to household pets, fleas can enter your home and your bedroom.

No doubt, they prefer animals when feeding, but they won’t mind feeding on humans whenever they can. 


At first glance, house centipedes might not appear to be a major problem. We are putting these small terrors on the list because of how bizarre they are.

But don’t forget they can sting with their front legs.  

Other than these, you may also notice ants, insects, silverfish, stink bugs, cockroaches, and even crickets getting attracted to your bedroom. 

Keeping Bugs Out of Your Room at Night

keep the bugs out of your room

Now, the bugs can be different, but you have to take similar steps to safeguard your home against their attack.

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Here is how to get a bug out of your room: 

Clean Your House Properly

It is especially going to help with spiders and smaller insects. The reason is that they love to hide in dark, cluttered places.

So, regular cleaning is your best defense against these bugs that lurk in the dark and come out of their hideouts at night.

Tip: Don't forget to clean the space under your bed because that is where bed bugs, spiders, and many other bugs hide. 

Try Ultrasonic Pest Repellents

A device that uses ultrasonic waves to deter pests may help keep bugs out.

If you find the lingering chemical pesticide odor intolerable, one of these gadgets may help.

use ultrasonic pest repellents

All you have to do is plug it in and it will send out electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves that drive bugs away.

They repel not only spiders but also mites, rats, and cockroaches. 

Never Eat in Bed

Eating in bed is discouraged unless you plan to change your sheets right after you finish.

Regardless of how meticulous you are, there will inevitably be stray crumbs.

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Small amounts of food might entice pests like mice and spiders. 

Handle Entry Points

 Insects, such as spiders and other pests, can easily enter a home through cracks under doors, in keyholes, or around windows.

Sealing off these cracks and crevices will help keep pests out of your home.

Door and window seals come in a variety of designs; choose the one that suits your needs. Caulk or tape can also be used as sealants.

Tip: You can prevent cold drafts and annoying insects by installing fresh weather stripping around your door. 

Try Peppermint Oil

use peppermint oil

Essential oil like peppermint oil is one of your best defenses against bug infestation. 

Bugs hate the smell of peppermint oil, making it just as effective as chemical solutions, but without the side effects, of course.

All you have to do is mix water and peppermint oil together in a spray bottle.

Now, spray it in areas where you find bugs or if it is in your plain site, spray right over it. 

Change the Light on Your Porch

The porch light could be luring insects indoors, which would explain why there are so many of them at night.

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When there are so many insects around, some of them are certain to find their way inside your bedroom, usually thanks to the white light.

The problem might be easily solved by switching to yellow light. You will have plenty of light, and it will also keep the bugs away. 

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

keep the kitchen clean

Believe it or not, the bug problem usually begins in your kitchen. Just like having food crumbs on your bed attract pests, any leftover in the kitchen would do the same.

There will be ants running after the sweet treats, and grain moths searching for cereal or flour.  

Not to mention cockroaches find all their stuff to eat in your kitchen.

Here is what to remember when cleaning the kitchen:

  • Keep perishables in airtight containers.
  • Be sure to stock up on smaller quantities that can be consumed quickly.
  • Do not let crumbs accumulate on the floor or countertops.
  • Keep your flour safe from insects by putting it in the freezer.
Tip: Keep in mind that insects like the Indian meal moth will also feast on your pet's food, so you should not leave any out. 

Don’t Leave Areas Damp

don't leave damp area

The insects’ quest for sustenance also includes a look for something to drink. 

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And unwanted guests like springtails, silverfish, and house centipedes love to hang out in the dark and damp corners of your home.

To deal with that, remember the following:

  • Take care of any dripping tubs, sinks, or pipes.
  • Check the fridge, washer and dryer to keep them in good shape.
Tip: A dehumidifier should be used in persistently wet areas of the home, such as the basement, and ensure the attic is completely dry. 


It can be tricky to deal with them, but it is possible to learn how to get bugs out of your room at night.

It can be so annoying to have bugs in your room at night. But, the truth is that what you do during the day is the reason why there are bugs in the first place.

Work on covering all entry points, keep your house clean, and use natural repellants to keep bugs at bay.