Will An Outdoor Rug Damage A Wood Deck
Kristina Davis

Now we’re faced with the questions: Will an outdoor rug damage a wood deck? Can you put an outdoor rug on a wood deck?

These are questions most people often ask before dressing a wooden deck. 

If you have the same confusion, don’t worry you will have your question answered.

Dressing your wood deck with an outdoor rug can give you that same comfortable feeling.

We have got all the information you need to make sure your outdoor rug doesn’t damage your wood deck. 

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Yes, you can put an outdoor rug on a wood deck. And if you adequately take care of your outdoor rug, making sure you are using a good deck rug option, your outdoor rug won’t damage your wood deck.  

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Why Dress Your Wood Deck With An Outdoor Rug?

why dress deck with outdoor rug

Yeah, I believe that is a good place to start. Why dress your wood deck with an outdoor rug? The answer is simple!

Once you get it right use the right outdoor rug and know how to take care of it, and you will enjoy it. The comfort and warmness give you a feel of the inside house. 

They are wonderful additions for several reasons. And they will look far better compared to a wood deck without an outdoor rug.

This is because these rugs bring out the beauty of your wood deck. They add color, pattern, and energy to your wood deck space.

They are a good comfort to our feet as they create a good softness to walk on. Also, outdoor rugs protect your wood deck from scratches. 

Tip: Outdoor rugs also protect your wood deck from damage caused by heavy foot traffic or furniture.

So, Will An Outdoor Rug Damage A Wood Deck?

outdoor rug damage deck

One of the measures to ensure that your outdoor rug doesn’t damage your wood deck is getting a good outdoor rug.

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Using any typical rugs made of natural fibers might end up damaging your wood deck.

 They easily soak water when wet and might end up causing mold, mustiness, or stain.

But how will an outdoor rug ruin a wood deck? Specifically when it is made for the wood deck? 

Outdoor rugs made from polypropylene will protect your wood deck better. 

This is because of their high weather resistance. These synthetic materials are made to withstand harsh weather like sun intensity. They are also mold-resistant.

We will take you through rugs to avoid and rugs to get for your wood deck. Hopefully, this will help you understand which outdoor rug is best for your wood deck.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Natural Fiber Rugs for Your Wood Deck

why not use natural fiber

Natural fiber rugs are made of organic materials. This simply means that their molecules will naturally interact with the molecules in wood.

Natural fiber rugs will absorb moisture and cause mold and mildew.

Outdoor Rugs To Avoid For Your Wood Deck

outdoor rugs avoid

Wool Rugs

Believe me, you don’t want to use a wool rug for your wood deck, it’s among the worst outdoor rug you did want to choose from.

Yeah, we all know that wool is a good moisture-absorbing material and that’s the reason why it can damage your wood deck. 

Now, wood is hygroscopic and wool is also hygroscopic. Hygroscopic materials slowly discharge water into the air.

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So when your wool rug is wet and your wood deck is also wet, it is going to take an eternity to dry up. 

This lengthy duration of waiting to dry makes it easier for mold and mildew to grow. Then from this avenue, an offensive smell might ooze out with time.

Most especially, if you live in a humid region, never consider a wool rug or it will end up damaging your wood deck.

Rubber Or Latex

rubber or latex rugs

Also, avoid rugs that are made of rubber or latex at the under. This is because they break down quickly.

Using a rug, maybe a wool rug with a rubber or latex pad under it, puts your wood deck in danger. 

The latex or rubber pad may protect it for a while. But when it eventually breaks down, it will pose the same challenge a wool rug would. 

Note: Rubber and latex tend to trap heat and liquid in wood.

What Type Of Outdoor Rug Do You Need For Your Wood Deck?

type of outdoor rug

A Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene rug is a synthetic rug and one of the most popular choices to be used as an outdoor rug for wood decks.

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Other synthetic rugs are as good as the function played by a polypropylene rug.

The major distinguishing feature of polypropylene rugs is that they are designed to resist the weather.

A heavy rainstorm won’t leave them smelly or damaged. They are stain and mold-resistant because of their chemical makeup. 

Tip: This is a very good option for your wood deck!

Basic Ways To Prevent Outdoor Rugs From Damaging Your Wood Deck?

prevent damage from outdoor rug

If you must keep your wood deck in good shape, you must note these pieces of advice:

Regular Cleaning of Your Outdoor Rug

To keep your wood deck in good shape, you must keep dirt, food crumbs, and debris out of it.

Cleaning your outdoor rug regularly prevents all these from accumulating underneath it.

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A regular vacuuming, twice a week or more, depending on how quickly your outdoor space gets would do the trick for you. 

A thorough deep cleaning maybe twice a month, where you lift the entire rug, wash and dry out. 

Also, making a quick clean once you mistakenly make a mess in your outdoor space would help.

Maybe when you mistakenly knock over a glass of wine, don’t let it sit for long.

Clean up asap! 

Dry Your Rug If It Gets Wet

keep rugs dry

That outdoor rug is made to be water resistant doesn’t mean they are not affected by rain, snow, or dew.

Roll out your rug and dry it if your rug gets soaked from the rainstorm. 

You don’t want it to soak your wood and destroy it. Ensure it’s properly dried before dressing them back on your wood deck.

Doing this will hinder mold from forming and will elongate the lifespan of your outdoor rug.

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Also, as you are not encouraged to drop your wet outdoor rug until it’s properly dry, don’t place your rug on a damp wood deck.

Placing a dry rug on a damp wood deck will only give rise to mildew and mold growth.

Clean Your Deck Also

clean your deck

Let’s not emphasize the outdoor rug and overlook the importance of cleaning your wood deck also. Repair any damage, so it doesn’t get worse. 

Don’t use your rug as a cover for little damages you could have fixed.

Your outdoor rug shouldn’t be a band-aid to close up damages or any eyesore areas on your wood deck. Fix any damage before rolling a rug over it. 

Note: Remove the outdoor rug and give that wood deck a proper cleaning at least once a month.

Can You Leave An Outdoor Rug On The Deck For A Year?

outdoor rug on deck for year

Well, it is highly dependent on where you live. For places that experience a high rainy season, you may want to roll your outdoor rug

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You may roll it and keep it till the season is over, or any other weather that frustrates you from using your outdoor space for a long time.

What is the use of leaving behind your outdoor rug for a year when most times you don’t necessarily visit the use it?


I’m sure this content has answered your question, “Can you put an outdoor rug on a wood deck? Will an outdoor rug damage a wood deck?” 

And not just that, but it has also provided you with the necessary tips you must know when choosing an outdoor rug for your wood deck.

Also, we discussed the outdoor rug type you must use and the one highly recommended for you. 

The decision remains yours to make. But if you desire an outdoor rug that won’t damage your wood deck, then you must adhere to all you have read.