how to flatten a rug that got wet
Kristina Davis

How to flatten a rug that got wet ain’t much of a tough job. Wrinkles are common in rugs, especially after you have used them and washed them.

However, in certain scenarios and other types of rugs, you will even spot them on the newest rugs. 

If these wrinkles make you crazy and hate them, do not throw away the rug – Flatten them.

Here in this article learn why they occur and how you can get rid of them.

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That area rug that got wet and won’t lay flat can be flattened. How? Reverse roll the rug, apply some heat, give it time or steam it to remove all the wrinkles. 

Is A Rug Ruined Once It Gets Wet?

is a rug ruined once wet

Once your area rug gets wet, you may start living with the fear that it will get ruined. It is common for an area to get wet. 

Maybe you live in places where there is a lot of rain, and your home tends to flood. In some cases, you may forget your tap is running, and your home overflows with water.

In the worst scenario, a water pipe bursts and there is water all over. All these will obviously cause water to reach the rug area.

Once the area rug is wet, it is you who decides whether it becomes ruined or not. You have all it takes to salvage it and that does not wait.

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As soon as it happens, get it off the floor, clean it, rinse it and leave it out to dry. 

Take precautions to ensure that the area rug is ever free from water or spills.

In the meantime, if it got wet and you realize that it won’t flatten, then get it flattened, and here is how. 

How To Flatten A Rug That Got Wet?

flatten wet rug

You realize that your area rug is not ruined once it is wet. Oh, it could be, if it stays that way for long.

Because, if it is not treated urgently, molds find the best place to thrive.

They thrive and multiply fast and before you notice it because you kept procrastinating.

You will start noticing a change in the smell in your home, irritated nose, eyes, and lungs. 

So, if indeed the area rug got wet and there are wrinkles all over and thanks to you, are fast with noticing this and are going to save it. Welcome.

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But then, how will you take care of an area rug that got wet and won’t lay flat? 

Below are the steps: 

Step #1: Spread The Rug

spread rug

To start with, get the wet rug off the wet floor to a dry area and spread it for two to three days.

Ensure the area you are spreading the rug on is dry and change it from time to time. 

In this first step, either the wrinkles on the rug will fade away with time or they won’t. If they won’t then move to the next step.

Tip: Placing the rug on a hard floor can cure the wrinkles on the rug in just two days. 

Step #2: Roll It

If your rug did not flatten in step one above, then you have much more to do it. But this will not be long and tiring.

It would only call for patience.

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roll rug

After all, your desire is to see your house rug back to normal and as good as it was before it got soaked in water. 

Therefore in step two. Try rolling your rug. That involves rolling it together and backrolling again after some time.

This method should help do away with the slimmest wrinkles, leaving you with the bigger ones to tackle in the subsequent steps. 

Tip: Roll the rug and leave it in that position for a day or two before back rolling it again. 

Step #3: Place Heavy Objects On The Rug

Step two above as mentioned is unlikely to get rid of all the wrinkles. Do not stop at it. You have a little more to do.

So next in line, unroll the rug after a day or two from when you rolled it. 

heavy objects on rugs

Look out for all the areas that seem to have the most intense wrinkles and get heavy objects and place them on those areas.

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Heavy objects in this case may include items such as the flat area of heavy furniture, heavy books, and so forth. 

In this step and method, the heavy objects are meant to act the same way as an iron box does on clothes.

Leave them in this position for another two days.  

Step #4: Bring In Some Heat

Again if there still are wrinkles here and there, get going. This is not the time to stop when you are almost there.

I told you in the beginning that wrinkles on a rug are commonplace. 

hot hairdryer

Worse when the rug just got wet. And by the way, you are not just doing this for the sake of it, but for the sake of the beauty, color, and charm of your home.

Because the area rug is the most perfect way of adding a lot of color to your room. 

So, in the next step, with a few more wrinkles left from all the above, get in a hair dryer and try to blow the wrinkles out.

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Or also, you could still ai out the rug in the sun for three to four hours and see if any of them are driven out. 

Tip: Hold the hair dryer to about 9 inches above the area rug and in a sweeping motion move it back and forth for some time. 

Step #5: Tape It Down

tape rug down

In the worst scenario, if the wrinkles can’t seem to get off your area rug, then step number five is the master of all.

Although it involves some money, it works best to get the area rug back in line.

What you will do is, hit the market and get the rug tape from the shops. 

Come home and with the help of your partner or kids or anyone whos home, press the double taped tape on the area rug, remove the cover beneath it, and press it down with a lot of weight so that it holds. 

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Smoothen the rug as you move until it is held into place entirely.

Then thank yourself and get yourself some rest or something to eat and drink. That was a good job.

Tip: If things get out of hand and you start to feel like you are losing it, get a local rug and carpet dealer to bring in their knowledge and you flatten that rug that just got wet.

What Do Experts Do To Remove Wrinkles From Area Rugs? 

experts do to remove wrinkles

You should be curious about what a carpet and rug dealer would be coming to do that you would not be able to.

Truth is, there is nothing they would do that you wouldn’t.

But for the sake of surety and because they have the skill and the experience, they are the best people to bring in to flatten that area rug. 

However, if you are that person who is entirely confident in their abilities and believe that there is nothing you can’t do, then here is how they do it, and maybe you too should try out.

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These people when called in, they come to try all the procedures I have highlighted above. Any of them should work, or go through them all.

wrinkled rag on floor

But if worse comes to worst, then they will make use of a wrinkled rug removing spray safe for the type of rug you have. 

They spray it on the curled area consistently and leave it at rest not for long. In no time, the wrinkles will be gone.


How to flatten a rug that got wet is something you too can do.

You have the procedure and safe for you the secret those interior designers or rug dealers use when you call them in. 

Do not hesitate to get that wrinkled rug back in place now before it is too late.