can teak furniture be left out in the rain
Kristina Davis

Can teak furniture be left out in the rain, or should it be sheltered to prevent wear?

As an admitted teak lover, I had to find out if it’s fine for them to stay outside no matter what season – I don’t want to buy and buy furniture!

So, I dug deep and learned all the important things about teak furniture – here’s what I found.

Teak is a type of wood that’s strong and durable, and yes, you can leave them outside in the rain and even during winter. They can withstand weather and all other external situations.

Is Teak a Strong Type of Wood?

teak furniture strong type

Understanding whether teak furniture can be left under the rain will be easier if you understand teak a little better.

In case you didn’t know, teak is known and considered by many as one of the few most durable types of wood.

The high mineral content and close grains are the things responsible for its strength, durability, and resistance.

It can block out all hazardous contents that could diminish the grain and overall wood quality.

Can Teak Furniture Be Left Outside?

A big, loud resounding yes – they can!

As a matter of fact, furniture manufacturers consider teak as their go-to material for outside furniture.

can teak furniture left oustide

Teak is a strong type of wood and is capable of resisting weathering damages.

The furniture you can purchase spans from regular patio and porch benches, backyard chairs, wooden pool chairs, and many more.

Because of their great resistance, extreme strength, flexibility, and durability, teak will seem almost impervious to all potential damage nature can offer.

If teak furniture can be left outside without being damaged, can it get wet?

Can Teak Furniture Be Left Out in the Rain?

Yes, you can leave teak furniture out in the open even if it’s raining. As a matter of fact, you won’t have any problems leaving it outside 24/7, 365!

Teak wood is so dense and durable that it can resist weathering on large scales.

teak furniture be left in rain

Teak is a tremendously high-quality type of wood that’s been used by many manufacturers and suppliers to produce almost perfect types of outdoor or exterior furniture.

Unlike other types of wood, teak would not deteriorate with water.

It’ll stay the same no matter what the weather will turn into that’s why outdoor furniture is expensive.  

Rain or shine, you can count on your teak furniture to stay as it is!

Is Teak Waterproof?

If you can leave it out in the open in the rain, does it mean that teak is waterproof?

To clear this all out, the answer is no, it is not. Teak is not waterproof, but instead, it’s water-resistant.

Naturally, teak is a strong, water and dust-resistant wood. With its tight and compact structure, water wouldn’t be able to get through it easily.

It’s so packed and dense, that it usually takes about 2 years for raw teak logs to airdry. Yes – not even air can easily come through and enter!

Fact: They’re sustainable and highly reliable when it comes to long-lastingness and overall durability.

Should I Clean My Teak Furniture After the Rain?

clean teak furniture after rain

Though it isn’t required, cleaning your teak furniture after being subjugated by rain will help retain their colors longer, and can lengthen their longevity.

Moreover, having it outside without maintaining it can promote the growth of molds and fungi on it.

So, you’ll have to clean it properly, and here are a couple of tips you can do to properly clean and maintain it:

Avoid Using Steel Brushes

A lot of people use steel brushes to clean wood, but that wouldn’t be wise.

It can scratch and deteriorate its outer lining, which can damage the structure over time.

Instead, use a soft sponge or clean cloth to scrub dirt, dust, and molds down. The compact structure of teak makes it resistant to the harsh effects of vinegar.

Do Not Pressure Wash

dont use pressure wash

Extreme pressure partnered with water can damage the surface, just like how steel brushes would.

Exposing it to these circumstances will negatively affect the structure and overall texture of your teak furniture.

Tip: Instead of pressurized water, use warm running water instead. It’s as effective and is safer, lighter, and a lot milder than hard pressurized water. 

Use a Mild Soap and Vinegar Solution

Many people think that using bleach, as well as other harsh solutions can take care of the dirt faster, but no, that can damage the surface instead of fixing it.

So, what you want to use is a mixture of mild soap and white vinegar.

This can take care of the mold, dust, as well as fungi even if you don’t vigorously scrub it.

Apply Teak Sealers

apply a teak sealer

After cleaning, you want to apply teak sealers to your furniture.

This is something that can keep the natural oils of the wood from deteriorating, as well as restructure the fibers of the wood’s exterior, enhancing and reinforcing its protection from water.

The simple application of sealers is one of the key points in delaying the natural weathering of the wood.

If it’s resistant to water, what about snow? Can teak furniture be left outside in winter, too? 

Caring For Your Outdoor Teak Furniture During Winter

Just like rainy seasons, it’s also perfectly safe to keep your teak furniture out during winter as well.

It’s safe and would not wear off even if it’s covered in heaps of snow.

caring teak furniture in winter

The only problem with it is cleaning and maintenance. Of course, if you keep it out in the open during winter, expect that a few feet of snow will cover it.

It won’t be damaged, but the hassle of taking the snow out and cleaning it can consume a lot of your time and energy.

It’s just right to take proper care of your teak furniture during winter, and you can do that by following these:

Cover It With Breathable Material

You can choose to cover it so that you can take the snow out swiftly and easily.

In addition, this also limits your teak furniture’s exposure to water, because water is snow.

Choose a cover that’s breathable so that the air can circulate to and from the furniture.

Store It at Room Temperature

store in room temperature

Heat extracts moisture, and wood moisture attracts molds and mildew. In addition to that, exposure to moisture over long periods of time can cause cracks on the surface.

Clean It Right After Winter

You can clean it right after winter, or if you plan to store it inside so it doesn’t get exposed to snow continuously.

Avoid snowmelt on your teak furniture as it can attract mold and mildew.

Refrain From Using Oil

You might think that applying oil to your outdoor teak furniture can be beneficial, but it actually damages more than it resolves.

dont use oil

Applying oil does very little in securing the condition of your teak furniture.

Furthermore, it promotes the infestation of mildew and molds, and over time, it can produce black stains.

Instead of using oils, use water-based sealants or sealers on your teak furniture.

These aren’t the only things you need to do to care for and maintain your furniture, there are other things and processes you can do, but by far, these are the best steps to take.


You may still have questions regarding this, and luckily, I was able to gather some of the most asked and thrown questions about it.

questions about teak furniture

How Long Does Teak Furniture Last Outdoors?

If maintained and cared for properly, your teak furniture outdoors can last anywhere between 75 and 100 years.

The silica content is what’s responsible for its resistance to weather.

Can Teak Furniture Crack When Left Out in the Rain?

No, teak furniture would not crack even when you leave it outside, regardless of the season. Teak is a strong, durable, and versatile material that can stand independently.

However, properly caring for and maintaining it can make it last longer than it should.

Can Teak Be Infested With Pests If You Leave it Out During Winter?

The oils that teak has is a natural insect repellent. Bugs, termites, or any other types of pests wouldn’t enjoy munching on teak, so, you can worry less about pests and insects.

The Bottom Line

So, can teak furniture be left out in the rain without you worrying about it being damaged? Yes, you can!

To be honest, I also had doubts about it during the first few months, but I was shocked to see that teak is unlike all the types of wood I know.

Teak is strong, straightforward, and easy to clean, and it wouldn’t fail you in terms of style, too!

Never worry about leaving your teak furniture out in the open no matter what season it is!