why is outdoor furniture so expensive
Kristina Davis

Have you ever wondered why is outdoor furniture so expensive?

Whether you’re shopping for a new sofa or outdoor furniture, note that in the end, outdoor furniture costs more because it’s better quality, and that’s okay.

Outdoor furniture is more costly compared to indoor furniture because it’s produced with different criteria.

There are additional significant reasons why outdoor furniture is expensive, but it comes down to construction and materials. You want something that has been made to endure all weather types—including snow, rainfall, humidity, and direct sunlight—and you want something made with materials that will last.

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Reasons Why Outdoor Furniture is Expensive

Here are some of the main reasons why outdoor furniture tends to be more expensive:

  • Scarcity of Raw Materials
  • Impeccable Design
  • Durability
  • Made With High-end Materials
  • Special Cushions and Pillows
Note: If you purchase cheap equipment, it will probably be lightweight and flimsy, and it won't hold up in the outdoors.

Scarcity of Raw Materials

The major home goods retailers, Ikea and Argos, have notified customers of unavoidable delays in delivery as they catch up with the high demand.

Customers who ordered furniture must bear good-naturedly the extra week or two it takes to get the items because any earlier and the items will likely get rained on in transit.

Importers have had trouble getting containers, a huge blow to the industry.

Furniture is always ordered in bulk, so importers try to fill empty containers with other items ordered by Ikea or Argos customers, for example, or small shipments of personal belongings.

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Pandemic Supply Chain Delays

The heavy economic burden of the Covid-19 outbreak has affected nearly all aspects of the global economy.

Perhaps this is the single most significant reason why is composite furniture outdoor so expensive, according to the International Chamber of Outdoor Furnishings.

In terms of outdoor furniture, prices have skyrocketed due to a shortage in supply.

Several organizations have stated that shipping containers are being rationed and distributed on a case-by-case basis, which has caused severe delays in product delivery and price hikes.

Impeccable Design

impeccable design

With the ever-increasing popularity of decked-out decks and patios, homeowners have to spend more money than ever before.

This is just to create inviting outdoor spaces that serve as the perfect complement to their indoor living areas.

While this trend may make patio furniture seem expensive, most people feel that it is well worth it for the ambiance it brings to their lives.

Bargain hunters can also find incredible deals during the quarterly warehouse and holiday blowout sales.

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In-Style Furniture

When you are ready to make purchases for your yard, you do not want them to go out of style in a couple of years.

High-end furniture manufacturers design their pieces with this in mind, selling furniture that will last for several years and not need to be replaced often.

Fact: When the designers are designing these new styles, they plan for how their pieces will fit into each new fashion trend that shows up.


One of the biggest qualities you want in an outdoor furniture set is durability.

Manufacturers can anticipate how their furniture will be used in a variety of environments and can create tables, chairs, umbrellas, and more that will last for years to come.

Patio Furniture and Durability

As you probably know, being in the outdoors means that sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, and even insects can damage furniture.

Durability, therefore, plays a huge role in why is outdoor patio furniture so expensive.

You can leave any piece of indoor furniture on your patio for a day, and probably nothing will happen simply because it’s durable.

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However, if you leave it outside for a week or more, it will probably show signs of heavy damage.

The ability of patio furniture to withstand such a harsh environment for so long is simply impressive.

For this reason, outdoor furniture is a more expensive option than indoor furniture.

Made From High-End Materials

high end furniture material

If you’re looking for a set that can last for many years to come, go for the more expensive sets made of materials such as solid hardwood, wicker, wrought iron, or steel.

These are generally guaranteed against the elements and won’t rot or crack like the cheaper plastic ones.

Here are some quality high-end materials that make your outdoor furniture so expensive:

1. Teak

Furniture made of teak great for the outdoors. Teak comes in three grades. Grade A is the highest quality and most expensive, Grade B is lower quality with more knots and distinctive orange coloration.

Grade C has an even coarser grain than Grade B and a lime-green coloration.

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The oil in the wood helps protect it from weathering, and many users have reported that insects don’t like to chew on it.

2. Synthetic Wicker

Wicker furniture is constructed from either synthetic or natural wicker material.

Synthetic wicker sometimes referred to as rattan, is most often made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable plastic that resembles natural wicker.

Natural wicker may be used outside, but the woven material will break down faster than synthetic wicker.

When using natural wicker furniture outdoors, keep the furniture under a protective cover when not in use and always keep it undercover to ensure a longer life.

Synthetic rattan is more expensive compared to steel furniture.

3. Metal

Metal is the most durable material and ideal outdoors and will last for years. When it comes to metal pieces, go for powder-coated furniture with an aluminum frame.

Although aluminum is lightweight, it won’t rust and has excellent weather resistance.

But be wary of high winds; furniture with weighted feet keeps it from getting blown over.

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4. Wood

There are many durable wood ideal for outdoor furniture. With proper care, you can protect your furniture from cracking, warping, and water stains while still enjoying its natural look.

Shorea – is less expensive than teak but can offer the same durability advantages because of its oils.

Cedar – is textured with bright colors and provides a classic look, making it a great choice for your home’s patio, porch, poolside furnishings.

With ideal care, it can offer natural all-weather resistance for years at a time.

Acacia – is lightweight, offering eucalyptus’s natural oils and texture for similar durability protection.

Note: It is usually the material that determines the price, not the brand.

Special Pillows and Cushions

Another unknown factor on why is outdoor furniture so expensive is pillows and cushions.

Outdoor pillows and cushions are better insulated and can handle varying weather conditions, while standard indoor pillows and cushions may not hold up well to the elements.

Additionally, outdoor pillows and cushions are more porous to allow quick drainage and drying.

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However, outdoor fabrics are typically treated to withstand sun exposure to maintain their color. Many outdoor pillows and cushions have a soft texture similar to those found indoors.

Build Quality

great build quality

Build quality is also a factor in outdoor furniture pricing. Generally, the better the build quality, the more expensive the furniture.

For example, higher-end outdoor furniture is usually made of better materials and is more efficiently manufactured–making for sturdier and longer-lasting pieces.

Good examples of build quality are seen in wood furniture. When cheaper wood furniture is exposed to moisture or sunlight, the joints suffer damage from water exposure or warping from sun rays.

Note: Better wood furniture is built so that it won't suffer any damage from these elements and can withstand rough handling.

Is The Price Worth It?

is it worth the price

Of course!

Any furniture that is crafted from quality materials, is built to stand up to a certain amount of wear and tear.

Also, they are meant to last for a long time will be more pricey compared to furniture that is only designed for temporary use.

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Luxurious patio furniture falls into this category. Of course, it is an investment. But it is worth every penny.

Fact: A higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean better quality, but it may be worth paying extra for a brand you trust or a material that will last.

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Final Thought

There are many answers to the question “why is outdoor furniture so expensive.”

Some outdoor furniture is pricier compared to others because it is made from more durable materials and sometimes comes with a longer warranty.

Luxury brands, popular designers, and luxury materials can all add to the price.

While you may be excited to buy new furniture, don’t shop on an empty stomach because you could be pressured into making a purchase you regret.

Take your time and learn as much as you can about the different materials and features before choosing one. Most importantly, use your outdoor furniture regularly so that it lasts!