can i use a steam mop on vinyl flooring
Kristina Davis

Can I use a steam mop on vinyl flooring, wondered the newly wedded wife. Is it safe for the floor?

While sourcing for flooring solutions, to many, vinyl flooring has been favored because it is durable and elegant.

Proper and preferential cleaning assures the flooring system’s durability. How we wash vinyl surfaces as well dictates how colorful the floor will look. 

This article will be your ultimate guide in discerning whether you can use a steam mop on vinyl flooring surfaces or not. 

Herein, you will learn whether it is a safe practice coupled with other beneficial information regarding the maintenance of vinyl floors.

Although using a steam mop to clean is very reliable, unfortunately, you can't use it to clean vinyl floors. This is simply because the steam mop heat level is too high and too intense for the vinyl floor.

Sit back and learn so you do not become as confused as the newly wedded wife whose honest intention is just to preserve her new house.

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What Is Vinyl Flooring?

the vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is manufactured from ethylene. They are tough, flexible, and shiny plastics used in decoration, specifically for flooring.

Vinyl floors are the most famed flooring products in the real estate market.

Famed for their durability, affordability, and availability, they are undisputedly the best flooring solutions for homemakers.

Vinyl flooring fills your home with beauty and uniqueness. They are excellent acoustic and fashionable.

Nonetheless, vinyl is not only made for the floor, but it can also as well be applied to showers, kitchen sinks, toilets, swimming pools, and all wet areas

They have been designed with impressive craftsmanship to provide comfort and a firm grip while being walked on.

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Whether for residential or commercial spaces, vinyl flooring systems are the best bet ever.  Their installation is excellently easy. You do not need any skill to install them.

Available in various shades of color, luster, weight, and shape, users have a wide range to choose from according to their liking.

Tip: Vinyl floors are affordable, nice looking, and durable.

Cleaning Vinyl Floors

cleaning vinyl flooring

Regular cleaning of vinyl floors is vital if they are to remain in good shape.  Being exceedingly durable, you do not have to worry about replacing them.

But keeping vinyl floors clean is essential for them to remain decorative and attractive.

There are several options available for cleaning these vinyl floors.  Depending on what you have or your preferences, choose the best that sits well with you

These vinyl floors can be cleaned in the following ways.

Step #1: Use a Doormat

The ability of a doormat to keep your vinyl floor clean and sparkling is not one to look down upon. 

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Doormats are a top priority for protecting the floors. Most bad dirt and stains come in through the door.

Having mats at the step is a great option to get rid of or reduce all incoming dirt brought in by humans.

You, your family, and friends, or if in public offices, will have people shake off dust and mud from their feet before stepping in. It is a cleaning method by prevention.

Step #2: Clean Up Frequently

clean regularly

The more times a day you clean up your vinyl floor the more durable and elegant it appears.

Cleaning daily is not just for the sake of it but to keep any new dirt at bay

If left to accumulate, most dirt sticks to the vinyl floors, hence becoming bad stains. 

Cleaning out bad stains may harm the color of the vinyl. Therefore, make it a tradition to regularly clean your vinyl floor and remove any dust or particles before they stick.

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Step #3: Use Low Impact Cleaning Techniques

When bad stains show up, you may apply a lot of effort and aggression to clean up the stain. 

Do not. The most acceptable way to get rid of the dirt is to scrub the floor.

 Do not fall for heavy-duty cleaning agents that may wash away or bleach the original color of the floor.  Be smart at it and use a lot of caution. 

Tip: Clean out the dirt mildly and cautiously using the most vinyl floor-friendly cleaning techniques.

Step #4:  Remove All the Soap from the Mopper While Cleaning

remove soap from mopper

Using soap is one great way of removing bad stains and getting the best results while cleaning.

However, rinse the soap properly and severely to ensure that there is no soap left on the floor.

Wipe the wet vinyl floor with a dry soft piece of cloth, when soap is left on the floor, it accumulates so much dirt it becomes highly visible.

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Step#5: Fit the Appliances and Furniture in the Room with Protective Feet

Big appliances and furniture may bruise your vinyl floor if they are pulled or pushed around. They may be too heavy to carry hence demand pushing.

Opt to fit them with protective feet, these feet are made of soft clothes or sponge so that they do not scrub the floor while being moved.

Can I Use A Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring?

steam mop on vinyl flooring

There are several ways to clean a vinyl floor.  We were however concerned when most of our clients demanded to be told whether they could use a steam mop on vinyl flooring.

To some others, the question is, ‘can I use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring?’

The answer to that question will be shortly given but before that, what is a steam mop anyway?

Now, a steam mop is a machine used to clean surfaces, especially floors.

Unlike other methods such as the use of a mop and washing detergents to clean, a steam mop uses steam to clean floors.

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This machine uses the heat from steam to disinfect floors.

Water is heated inside it at a temperature of 250degrees Celsius and then sent down in jet-like steam to loosen dirt and bad stains from the floor.

Tip: Using a steam cleaner is the most successful and effective way in cleaning spots with serious stains

Although this method of cleaning is very reliable, unfortunately, you can’t use it to clean vinyl floors.

You cannot and you should never use a steam mop on flooring made of vinyl.

Why You Should Not Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring Surfaces?

why not use steam mop

Vinyl floors are pleasantly appealing, and we all want to protect them so that they stay around and make our rooms sexier and lovely for long.

It is never kind to replace your floor and that can always be expensive and unwanted.

That is why we call upon you with a vinyl floor to desist from using a steam mop entirely.

A steam mop heats water up to 250degrees Celsius. This level is too high, too intense for the vinyl floor.

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Water at this temperature melts out the fabric of the surface and washes out the glue that was used to attach the floor.

Note:  Once again, you cannot use a steam mop on vinyl flooring.

What Are the Alternatives?

the alternatives

Alternatively, you can use these methods to clean your vinyl floor to perfection.

  1. Use dry mops.
  2. Use non-wax floor cleaning solutions.
  3. Use a homemade cleaning agent.
  4. Use white vinegar to sanitize and disinfect the vinyl floor.

Mistakes to Look Out for While Cleaning Vinyl Floors.

We tend to make avoidable mistakes while cleaning vinyl floors.  These mistakes could be detrimental to the lifespan of the vinyl floor.

mistakes to look out for

Below are the mistakes to watch out for and avoid while cleaning vinyl floors.

  • Using mop and shine products to clean vinyl floors.
  • Using steam mop machines.
  • Use hard and tough scrubs in cleaning the surface.
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So there is no more need to ask the question “can I use a steam mop on vinyl flooring”, because we were sincere and said NO. 

We even went ahead to give you alternatives to cleaning the vinyl floor and how to maintain it. 

You cannot use a steam mop on vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors are a dream come true for many people. They are admirable, attractive, durable, and cheap.

No regrets come with finishing your dream house with vinyl flooring. But after you get the floor, how you take care of it determines how long it will stay with you.

With proper installation, care and maintenance expect 25 to 30 years of vinyl floor life. Low-quality vinyl and poor installation will have the floor around for ten years or less.

The ball is in your court. We have made available to you useful information concerning vinyl floors.

Are you going to keep your vinyl floor for the next 25years?