how long does luxury vinyl flooring last
Kristina Davis

Are you considering how long does luxury vinyl flooring last if you install it in your home?

I understand you just love the aesthetic and the feeling of warmness that it brings. Its water-resistant nature makes you long to have it in your kitchen and bathrooms.

But you need to understand the lifespan of what you are planning to install before finalizing the decision.

Your decision-making process in choosing LV flooring shouldn't be influenced only by the design and its aesthetic. 

You’d need to know how long it lasts and other tips so as to guide your decision.

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And with the abundance of art selections available, luxury vinyl delivers several attractive designs.

The big question now is, how long does it last? 

The lifespan of Luxury Vinyl flooring is hinged on different factors. But the Luxury Vinyl flooring is designed to last for 10 to 25 years if properly maintained.

Factors Determining How Long Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Last?

factors determining

There are various determinants of how long your luxury vinyl flooring will last. Using luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great choice.

Your determination to preserve it will increase its life span among other reasons listed below.

Factor #1. The Product Thickness

The thickness of the LV flooring you purchase has a major role in determining its longevity. The thickness available ranges from 2mm to 5mm and even greater.

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The purpose of the LV Flooring should determine the thickness you’ll purchase if it must last for you.

2mm thickness can be used for family house flooring, a light commercial space, or places that require less foot rolling. 

While 3mm to 5mm is recommended if you are building a more complex structure for heavy commercial usage. Its purpose should influence your decision-making.

Factor #2. The Wear Layer Thickness

thickness layer

Most Luxury Vinyl products are made of a wear layer on their surface. This layer resists stains, spills, and scratches.

A product’s thickness determines its wear layer thickness.

The wear layer thickness of most commercial luxury vinyl products of 2mm thickness is within the range of 10 to 20mil and 20 to 25mil range for 3mm to 5mm products.

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Factor #3. Flooring Installation Procedure

It’s advised to have your Luxury Vinyl Flooring done by an expert. A mistake at the installation is a good cut to its lifespan.

Do you desire for your LV flooring to last longer? Then you must not forget this factor!

For your luxury vinyl flooring to last as supposed, you must have it installed correctly.

The floor must be very smooth and level as much as possible, every garbage and food residue must be properly swept.

Tip: Even if you're self-installing it, make sure it's done under the supervision of an expert. Gladly, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the simplest types of flooring to fit amongst other flooring options.

Factor #4. Installation Maintenance And Care

maintenance and care

Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care is another indispensable factor to be observed in determining the life span of LV flooring.

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This comes after you must have taken into consideration the product thickness, wear layer thickness, and its usage.

Make sure to review the producer’s maintenance instruction manual and guidelines.

Generally, Luxury Vinyl flooring is also favorably cleaned using commercial floor care machines and if mopping is needed.  

After sweeping your luxury vinyl floor to discard dirt and refuse, just run a damp mop over it.

Or use your luxury vinyl floor cleaner that keeps your flooring glaring like the door you bought it.

the pros

Pros Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • Satisfying to step on
  • Resistant against water and stain
  • Installation and sustenance are quite easy
  • Very affordable, etc

Cons of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

With various advantages, this flooring also has the following shortcomings:

  • Can be damaged if heavy objects are dragged on it.
  • Can leave dents if impaled by a sharp object
  • Incompetent to resist relatively high temperatures
  • Fades at exposure to many UV rays

So, How Long Does Luxury Vinyl Flooring Lasts?

how long will last

It’s certain that you have gotten good clarity to your question. And your decision-making process has been greatly helped by this content right?

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Yeah, all the above-mentioned will contribute massively to the longevity of your Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

But conclusively, Luxury Vinyl flooring is designed to last 10 to 25 years and beyond. High-quality luxury vinyl flooring is very dependable and lasts longer.

Are They Vulnerable to Splits and Rips?

Nevertheless, low-quality luxury vinyl can be vulnerable to splits and rips.

Also, its repair or reuse can be a big challenge. This is particularly factual if you are utilizing a sheet of luxury vinyl.

Since luxury vinyl flooring cannot be repaired once wrecked, it must be removed and reinstalled with a new one.

Also, these kinds of floorings are prone to damage from the sun.

vulnerable to splits

With continuous exposure to sunlight, luxury vinyl flooring can wane in direct sunlight.

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During weighty sunlight, it’s advised that you draw shut your curtains so as to protect your LV flooring.

Avoiding the use of wax and other cleaning products. With proper cleaning and care, a vinyl floor can be kept in good condition for many years.

We must be careful when sweeping and transporting furniture from one sector to another to prevent scratches on Vinyl.

Note: Do not allow your decision-making on using luxury Vinyl floors to be influenced by design and beauty alone. 

There are several things that determine their lifespan. Those are things to consider.

Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Friendly To Health And The Environment?

luxury vinyl flooring friendly

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is largely made of polyvinyl chloride (often abbreviated PVC).

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Different tests have revealed that polyvinyl chloride is dangerous and luxury vinyl is unhealthy.

Polyvinyl chloride has been described as a known carcinogen. It has a lot of environmental and health toxins which include phthalates and dioxin.

Dioxins are released only when they’re exposed to heat. Secondly, it is said to pose little or no threat to human health.

Nonetheless, we must note that the sun and fireplaces are good sources of heat exposure in our homes. Furthermore, it poses little danger.

On the other hand, we should also note that the phthalates used in flooring can become a crucial issue.

It should be noted that a lot of phthalates are surrounded by regulations that prohibit the use of Dioxins in making toys for children.

No current regulations have banned or limited the use of products made for luxury vinyl flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is among the top choice when it comes to flooring solutions, that’s why when people ask ‘ how long does luxury vinyl flooring last’ I beat my chest boldly.

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This is because as one of its characteristics, Luxury Vinyl Floors are of great durability and approval in the market.

It serves well when renovating, redesigning, or building a new artifact. With its vitality, reasonable pricing, and easy maintenance, it’s an extremely outstanding choice.  

As mentioned above, the maintenance of a Vinyl Floor is a fairly simple and relaxed task compared to the maintenance of other types of floors. 

For this reason, just passing it with a simple damp cloth is enough to leave it as good as new.

Thank you for sticking around. We hope this blog post has been really helpful.