how to return a dreamcloud mattress
Kristina Davis

Figuring out how to return a Dreamcloud mattress the right way will help you get a refund promptly.

Though the mattresses are made with quality materials designed to give users warmth and comfort, there might still be a few reasons why one might want to return them.

For Dreamcloud mattress return, initiate the return process, communicate with their customer service staff, return the mattress and promo items and finally claim your refund.

For the return process to be valid and eligible for a refund, certain terms and conditions have to be met.

The process of returning a Dreamcloud Mattress while getting your refund is the subject of this article.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund From Dreamcloud?

After satisfying the required conditions and completing the return process, you should get a full refund within 7 business or working days.

Conditions For Returning A Dream Cloud Mattress

return conditions for dreamcloud

Condition #1: The Physical State of the Mattress

There must not be physical damage or dirtiness on the mattress. Wears, tears, and other forms of physical deterioration nullify your ability to return the mattresses.

Stains like oil, grease, and dust ruin it too. They must be in optimal condition before you can access the warranty privileges.

Tip: Do not use Dreamcloud mattress carelessly so you do not destroy your chances of returning it or even getting a refund.

Condition #2: Timing

The warranty period spans for a period of 365 nights, starting from the day the mattress was delivered to your house. 

If this trial period is exceeded, it can neither be returned nor get the payment refunded.

Both the return and refund processes must be initiated and completed within this period.

sleep nights
Tip: Initiate and complete both the return and refund processes within the one-year trial period.

Condition #3: The Return Requests

The return requests for the mattresses must be initiated promptly to ensure they are processed before the expiration of the trial period. 

Some people wait till towards the end of this period before even starting the return process.

They might run into issues when the warranty period runs out while the return request is still being processed.

Tip: Initiate return requests as soon as you notice a significant dissatisfaction with the quality of the product.

Condition #4: Charges For Extra Services

Apart from the Dreamcloud mattress itself, the charges on additional services you ordered when you made the purchase are non-refundable. 

The delivery fee, payment for installation, recycling fees, and other white gloves extra services cannot be refunded.

extra charges
Tip: Install the mattress by yourself if you can’t afford to permanently forfeit the extra service charges.

Condition #5: Time Of Opening Or Unpacking

There’s a limit on how long you can leave Dreamcloud mattresses unopened if you are to comply with their refund policy.

If you wait 90 days after the mattress arrives at your home before opening it, you can no longer initiate the return or refund policy.

You must have started using the mattress in less than 90 days after delivery before you can tender a valid reason for returning the mattress.

Tip: Unpack as soon as possible.

Condition #6: Work Hours

The Dreamcloud customer representatives are responsive from 6 am to 6 pm PST, and they function all days of the week.

Return requests can only gain attention during these hours.

request for exchange

Adjust for the corresponding time for your timezone and initiate your request.

Tip: Establish communication with customer service during work hours. 

Condition #7: Exchange Requests

If you are dissatisfied with the particular product you purchased but still want to use the Dreamcloud mattress, you can request to exchange it for another one. 

An exchange might be a better option for you, as Dreamcloud really makes good mattresses.

If you don’t like a particular model, you can demand a different one.

A chat with their return specialists can reveal exchange deals you can strike with them and if an additional payment will have to be made.

Keep in mind, though, that you can only request for exchange once.

Tip: Request for an exchange if you liked the quality of the mattress but noticed it is of the wrong length or thickness, instead of outrightly returning it.

Condition #8: Intended Purpose

use proper bed frame

To be eligible for a return, the mattress must have been used for the manufacturer’s intended purpose and the recommended conditions for use.

You must have used the product on the right base, bed frame, and foundation.

If you have been using the product without the right accessories, how can you prove the dissatisfaction stemmed from the mattress itself and not from wrong usage?

Furthermore, If you misuse the product in inappropriate environmental conditions and it suffers damage due to mold or dew, it becomes ineligible for a refund.

Tip: Just as for any other product, use the manufacturer’s recommended accessories in the right condition.

Condition #9: Country Taking The Delivery

Dreamcloud mattresses that were shipped to other countries apart from the United States of America (USA) are not eligible for return or a refund.

How To Return A Dreamcloud Mattress

return dreamcloud mattress

Step #1: Initiating The Return Process

You first get in contact with Dreamcloud so you can initiate the return process.

This can be done by calling them on the phone, sending them an email, or getting in touch with a physical outlet.

Their telephone number is 1-855-976-4860 and you can reach them via this email;

The customer care team requests certain documentation and information to process both the return and the refund. You must submit all of them to enable the team to complete your return within 30 days of request. 

Their customer rep checks to see if you met their conditions for returning a mattress.

If you are eligible, they then commence the process. If you are not, they explain to you why it’s so, and the process can no longer progress.

dreamcloud return specialist

Even when your eligibility is confirmed, their staff will try to get you to explore the possibility of donating the unwanted mattress to charities that care for the poor and homeless instead of sending it back to them.

Can you return the mattress or ask for altruism?

After discussing with Dreamcloud’s return specialists and you decide you’d rather give it away, they will check records to find the local charity organization closest to you that you can send the mattress.

You can decline if you want to go further with the return process.

Be sure you really want to return the mattress before initiating this process. Once started, it is quite difficult to cancel it.

Tip: Initiate this return process as soon as possible, after 30 days of use. This will prevent delays in getting a refund.

Step #2: Claiming Your Refund

When the whole refund process is completed, you can either make a claim for a refund or choose to forfeit it to them. It is not a full refund, though. 

They will subtract any extra service charges you might have incurred, like shipping and recycling fees. and the monetary value of any discount or offer code you received.

get refund

However, the cost of the branded promo items you might have gotten won’t be deducted from the total value of the mattress return.

Your refund won’t be affected whether you decide to keep, return or donate these promotional items.

The net amount after the aforementioned deductions is what you will get as a refund within 7 working days.

Tip: Do not open the mattress when it is delivered to your home if you notice that it is of a different length, thickness, or quality than what you want. In this case, you can initiate an immediate return process.

Step #3: Returning, Gifts, Souvenir, And Promo Items

If you don’t want the cost of the free perks you were given when you made the purchase to be subtracted from your refund, you can initiate a separate return process for them. 

When they are returned, you can then get a full refund.

promo codes

If you love the items, find them useful, or have damaged them, you can keep them.

This policy is to ensure that the decision to return it is not impulsive and that you have used it long enough to be able to make a conclusive decision on whether you liked it or not.

Tip: Do not forget that you can only return the mattress and its accessories after you must have used it for at least 30 days.

Final Words

This post has provided a detailed answer to the question, “How do you return a Dreamcloud mattress?”. 

The Dreamcloud mattress return policy and the processes for initiating the return process and claiming your refund have been explained.

To be eligible for a return, the mattress must have been kept in good physical condition, used for up to the recommended number of days, returned within the warranty period, and the request sent within work hours.

Finally, the return process involves contacting them, providing any required information, and claiming your refund.