should you take the plastic off a new mattress
Kristina Davis

Have you ever wondered, should you take the plastic off a new mattress you just purchased? Would this improve and enhance your mattress experience?

Many people had the same misconception, and I am here to uncover the truth behind it.

Yes, it is important to remove the plastic your new mattress came from. This is not only helpful in breaking the new mattress in, but also in making sure that everyone’s health is kept safe and secure.

A lot of attention has been given to new mattresses, especially when homeowners are about to use them. 

I went deep and researched the truth behind it. Before that, though, let me first discuss what this plastic on a mattress is for first.

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What is the Purpose of the Plastic on a New Mattress?

The plastic material on a mattress is used to protect the surface of the mattress from friction.

From the process of creating or manufacturing it up to packaging and delivery can cause a lot of stress on the mattress, and without protection, it can be scratched.

purpose of plastic

According to experts, the thin plastic film on the mattress is the first layer of protection from soiling and transporting.

It’s highly comparable to many other products you purchase – they’re wrapped in plastic or carton to limit potential damages that could happen to the material.

Why Should You Take the Plastic Off a New Mattress?

Many people have the misconception that keeping the plastic on a new mattress preserves its newness, but is it true?

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To finally debunk it, no, it doesn’t.

The only purpose of the thin plastic on mattresses is to ensure that the surface of the mattress is kept secured and protected from accidental scratches, dents, and abrasions.

The plastic material on a new mattress does not really have any intentional benefit. As a matter of fact, it does worse than better. 

Let me give you a few reasons why you want to take your plastic off your new mattress.

Reason #1: Impediment of the Breaking In Process

Did you know that the breaking in process of mattresses is expedited when you use them?

breaking in process

Sleeping on them every night can soften them faster and more effectively, but doing so with the plastic still on can reverse the effects.

The plastic material can suppress the circulation of air through the mattress, and therefore, could delay and slow the breaking in process.

NOTE: It preserves it, so, it would really hinder your mattress from breaking-in.

Reason #2: Promotion of Molds, Mildew, and Bacteria

Plastic wraps are chemically processed, and therefore, their exposure to the environment, friction with the fabric, as well as oxygen can promote the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew that we all hate.

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With the mattress not able to breathe properly, everything will be contained between the mattress and the plastic cover, so, there’ll be no recycling and circulation.

Reason #3: Compromised Comfortability For the User

compromised comfortability

Have you ever tried lying down on any material that has similar characteristics to plastic?

Some of you might say that it’s just fine, but to tell you honestly, it’s not.

The material is sticky, it’s warm, and it can lead to sweating, which germs and bacteria love so much.

On the user’s end, this can cause them to feel uncomfortable.

I remember when I tried this, I woke up in the middle of the night with my sweat-drenched all over my body. I never slept on a surface covered with plastic ever again.

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Reason #4: Slipperiness or Falling of Pillows and Linen

Another reason why it’s always advisable to remove the plastic cover of the mattress is to keep your pillows and blankets from falling off the bed.

Plastic is slippery, and when it comes in contact with a smooth fabric – silk or nylon, for example, it will be slippery, and thus, your articles can fall off the bed easily.

By removing the plastic, your pillows and blankets wouldn’t just slide off easily.

Reason #5: It is Unhealthy

its unhealthy

Last, but most definitely not least is the widespread fact that it is not good for the health of people. This applies to both children and adults, keep that in mind.

There are a lot of things at play here, and to help you understand it better, the following are the most usual results of not removing plastic from your mattress:

  • You can inhale the dust/dirt trapped by the plastic
  • Plastic is dangerous and hazardous to the health
  • There is a possibility of inhaling or breathing the chemicals that the plastic has

If you are part of the demographic who is asking, is it good to keep the plastic on your mattress?

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Then, this comprehensive guide is perfect for you. Never hesitate to take it off or remove it before using it.

Are There Advantages in Keeping the Plastic on Your Mattress?

If we look at the flip side, there are a couple of advantages and benefits to keeping plastic on your mattress.

the advantages

This is, of course, if you decide not to use the mattress when it arrives. What I mean is, when the mattress arrives, you won’t use it immediately.

NOTE: You can keep the plastic for as long as you want, only if you wouldn’t be using it.

The Value is Preserved Greatly

Keeping the mattress covered in plastic preserves its value. Just like in toys and other resalable items, if it’s still sealed, then it’s still justifiable to sell it for the price you bought it for –even higher.

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This is due to the fact that it is still the same product even after it left the manufacturing plant.

There Is No Compromise on the Quality

Should the plastic still be on, then the surface wouldn’t have any impurities or imperfections yet.

The plastic film covers and protects it from all potential damage, and thus, keeping it still brand new.

Maintenance is Easier and More Convenient

easier maintenance

A plastic-sealed mattress is easier, better, and more convenient to maintain and care for because you won’t need to vacuum it, clean it, or get rid of stains.

Also, it would not require you to do rigorous activities just to revert it to its original state. 

While it’s not really ideal to keep the plastic on your mattress when you are going to use it, it is effective if you’re planning to retain its overall condition from the time of purchase.

Being an item flipper myself, I usually purchase discounted mattresses, wait for a few weeks, and then resell them for a higher amount. 

When I do this, I keep the plastic on – this also is one of the reasons why I was extremely curious whether keeping the plastic on the mattress when using it is fine or not.

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Here are some more related questions about the importance of taking the plastic off your mattress:

questions about mattress

Can You Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away?

Yes, in fact, experts recommend sleeping on your mattress the moment it arrives to break it in faster.

You must, of course, get rid of the plastic that’s protecting the mattress, though, as it is never advisable to sleep on the plastic that came with the mattress.

Can Bed Bugs Get Through Plastic on Mattress?

No, they could not. Plastic is among the few materials these pesky bed bugs can’t chew on.

This is one of the major reasons why keeping the plastic on the mattress retains and preserves its value, quality, and manufacturing condition.

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The moment the plastic is removed, the value plummets immediately.

Does Plastic Protect the Mattress From Dust and Dirt?

Apart from insects, such as bed bugs, the plastic film on your mattress is also an effective tool in keeping dirt and dust from penetrating the material.

We may not see it, but dirt and dust can easily accumulate around the home, especially if the location of your home is near the highway or the road.

Final Words

So, should you take the plastic off a new mattress? Yes, you definitely should.

To be honest, I grew up thinking that the plastic on the mattress should be kept for as long as it can hold itself.

I thought that this is the best and most convenient way to go – apparently, I was wrong.

Don’t hesitate to do so because it will only be for the betterment, convenience, and overall quality of experience.