how to clean an air mattress with pee on it
Kristina Davis

Have you thought of ways how to clean an air mattress with pee on it?

As a parent, or an elder sibling? Of course, I do not want to include the elderly in this although it is very normal.

You may be charged with the responsibility of cleaning beddings with pee if your child’s bed wets.

Peeing on the beddings is a natural phenomenon and sometimes a clinical disorder that we are supposed to accept and live with.

When the young ones pee on their beddings, it is by no means their own doing.

However, we cannot leave beddings with urine unattended, they have to be cleaned regularly and sun-dried.

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To clean an air mattress with pee on it, Use a clean cloth, and apply a tiny amount of cleaning solution. Using the cloth, gently mark the stained area. Use a different clean cloth, and soak it in cold water.

Using the water-soaked cloth, gently blot the discolored area, if necessary, repeat until the stain is gone.

Peeing on Air Mattress

peeing on an air mattress

It is normal, absolutely normal to pee on beddings. This is popular among infants and children aged between the age of two to fifteen.

Bedwetting should not be the center of mockery. We have all at once wet our beddings, and we were not left to go back in the very urine the next night.

Bedwetting comes back too in old age in some people. This is why we call it a natural phenomenon.

This may occur as a health problem, especially when there is a blockage in the urinary tract especially the kidney and the bladder.

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In most adults, bedwetting results from having overactive bladders or weak bladder muscles that can’t hold off the urine for a long time.

Note: The act of bedwetting is involuntary in most people and they have no authority over it.

But Can We Eliminate Pees on Our Air Mattresses?

eliminate pee on air mattress

But did you know that bedwetting can be controlled? Stopping bed wet starts with slow steps, and in the end, you can fully stop bedwetting.

Below are the methods you should use for your child to control bedwetting

  • Control the quantities of fluids they take in the evening. Starting from 3  pm, the intake of fluids should be mini minimized
  •  Shun serves them beverages in the evening.
  •  Let the child pee before going to bed.
  •  Reward the child every morning he or she wakes up dry.
  •  Using mackintosh to absorb urine.
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The air mattress as the name suggests is a mattress that is inflated with air.

It is some sort of balloon that resembles a bed that you can sleep on.

If you regularly use an air bed and your child pees on it during the night, then you will have to clean it more regularly.

In this journey. We will look at how to clean an air mattress with pee on it.

Tip: You may have to see a doctor in case bedwetting persists and is uncontrollable for more clinical advice.

How to Clean an Air Mattress with Pee on It?

pee stains out of air mattress

Timely Cleaning

Timing how you clean an air mattress with pee is all. It forms the basis of how successful the cleaning is going to be.

You see, urine is acidic and the more you wait the tougher it gets and the more the stain sticks.

You will in short get the smell of urine everywhere if you do not clean the mattress in good time.

Problem is, you may not realize when your child’s air mattress is soaked with urine.

This happens especially if they fear the measures you will take and the response they expect to get.

What Causes Delay In Timely Cleaning?

delay of cleaning

Most children will hide the fact that they are bedwetters due to low self-esteem and the fear of being mocked.

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What you need to do is talk to your child, and let them know that bedwetting is normal but they have to stop.

Do not be rude and harsh while addressing them. Ask them to let you know whenever their air mattress is covered in urine for prompt cleaning.

This way, the child will feel motivated and desire to stop bedwetting.

Tip: Do not use excess water while cleaning the air mattress. The water should always be cold.

Wash Other Beddings

wash bedding

Before you get to clean the air mattress, start with the other beddings. The bedsheets, the blankets, and duvets.

At the end of the day, it will be meaningless to clean the air mattress and leave the other beddings that were soaked in urine.

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Washing bed sheets and blankets can be easy since most are washable in a washing machine.

Therefore, wash them and dry, leave them to dry then proceed to the air mattress.

Tip: Apply baking soda to neutralize the urine odor while washing the air mattress with pee on it.

Evaluate the Damage

You need to assess the damage.

This is what will help you tell whether it is best to wash the entire mattress or in part depending on the extent of the urine.

Since the air mattress can take much time to dry, you are advised to wash it in part to allow it to dry more quickly.

Tip: You can also use a solution of vinegar to get rid of the smell.

Gather All The Supplies You Will Need To Clean The Air Mattress

cleaning materials

Step three, you should gather all the tools you will need in cleaning the air mattress.

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To effectively clean the mattress, these are the items you are going to need:  coldwater, baking soda, a cleaning towel, bleach-free washing detergent, and dish soap.

You are required to use mild cleaning detergents since the soap may be hard to remove on air mattresses.

I’m sure you do not want to use lots of water here.

Also, harsh detergents with bleaching powder may distort the original color of the air mattress's fabric which is always subtle.

Vacuum The Mattress Thoroughly

vacuum thoroughly

Using a vacuum cleaner, you can also vacuum the mattress. The results of vacuuming are thorough as compared to the use of the bare hand.

With vacuuming, you can clean the entire air mattress deeply.

Vacuuming helps to destroy and kill all the bacteria that build up in the mattress as a result of pee.

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Clean the Stains

Even after cleaning the entire air mattress, most stains from pee will remain unmoved especially if left unattended for a long time.

You should clean the area with pee stains using the below methods.

Step #1: Apply Cleaning Solution

Using a clean cloth, apply a tiny amount of cleaning solution. Ensure that the cloth or towel is clean enough.

Using a dirty cloth could add more stains to your air mattress.

Step #2: Mark the Stained Area

mark stained area

Using the cloth, gently mark the stained area. This is to ensure that you don’t miss the targeted area.

Marking the stained area makes it easier for you to trace the stains in case you had to do something else in between this process.

Step #3: Soak a Different Cloth in Water

Using a different clean cloth, soak it in cold water. Using the water-soaked cloth, gently blot the discolored area.

Step #4: Repeat the Process

repeat process

If necessary, repeat until the stain is gone. Sometimes, you will find out that some stains are stubborn.

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When you meet such stains, you need to keep repeating this process till it’s all gone.

Tip: Always teach your growing kids how to clean air mattress urine. Also, check to remove inbuilt pressure pumps before washing the air mattress.


In this article, we have looked at some of the most efficient ways how to clean an air mattress with pee on it.

Remember the earlier you do it the better. But since you can’t go washing these mattresses on all occasions the child pees on them.

You can make it a tradition to wash it regularly such as on all Saturdays.

Remember, when you do not, your child may develop skin rashes. This condition will make it uneasy to sleep. 

Meanwhile, always sundry your air mattress to remove the moisture from urine that may cause bacteria.