Should A Nightstand Be Taller Than The Bed
Kristina Davis

Nightstands are trendy in contemporary society, and you may have wondered: “Should a nightstand be taller than the bed? “.

They add aesthetics to the pattern and furniture in the room and are good for storage. 

As trendy and useful as a nightstand is, it is crucial to get one that will serve its purpose without making usage difficult for you.

This article will help you choose the right nightstand for your bed.

The height of the nightstand is largely dependent on the height of your mattress and bed. However, experts advise just a few inches higher than that of your bed should do.

Reasons Why Nightstands Are Important

reasons nightstands important

Your nightstand is a good way to keep your basic everyday materials and decorations without congesting and trashing your apartment.

The top of the table or drawers usually could have your lotions, deodorants, and jewelry. 

The top could also carry your small decorations, alarm, or lamp. It could also carry basic things you may need during the night.

There will therefore be no need to get up, they are just a swing of the hand away from you.

Nightstands are good aesthetics for your room. They create some sort of a balance between your bed and other furniture in the room.

Tip:  It also complements your bed set giving it a wider, more sophisticated look.

Uses Of Nightstand

To Place Your Nightstand Lamps

place nightstand lamp

It is an easy way of accessing lights during the night, a lot of people read books before bed or get up to pick and check for items.

With your lamp on your nightstand, you can easily switch it on and off without having to get up.

To Keep Medication, Water, Or A Late-Night Snack

keep medicine and water

Most people have medication, some of them take their medicines late into the night and or early hours of the morning.

With the nightstand, you can just reach for your medicine without getting up to rampage through your bag or stumble around the kitchen for a glass of water, milk, or snacks.

To Place Your Books And Devices

books and devices

Some people love to read and write (on phones or laptops) when in bed and whenever the inspiration strikes during the night.

They will find the nightstand very helpful as it is easier to access lights on and off. 

It is also a safer place to keep your books and devices when you’re done to avoid accidents that may damage them.

Should A Nightstand Be Taller Than The Bed?

When choosing your nightstand it is paramount to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it easy to reach from the bed?
  • Does it require straining my hands, standing, or bending to be able to access items on or inside it?
  • Does it complement my room’s decor and furniture?
  • Does it occupy the right amount of space?
bed nightstand height

These questions are easy ways of narrowing down your options and eventually giving you the best choice.

The height of your bed should always determine the height of your nightstand. 

It is important to know that your nightstand should be at the same level as your bed.

Or either a few inches above your bed (preferably 1-4inches higher) or an inch below the height of your bed.

This is to enable easy access from your bed in a standing or sitting position to your nightstand. 

The average height of most beds is about 25 inches high. Hence your nightstand should be within the range of 24 to 28 inches high.

Tip: If you can, the best way to get a perfect nightstand is to buy yourself a complete bedroom set.

Note: If the above is not possible, the next best thing is to take measurements of your bed, work with the measurements and get you a perfect nightstand.

How To Take Measurements

take measurements

You have to measure the height of your bed from the base of the bed to the edge of the bed.

Measure from the floor to the point where the mattress ends to get a proper measurement.

You would also want to consider the width of your bed to buy a complementing nightstand.

Are nightstands supposed to be taller than the bed?

The height of your nightstand needs to be the level at the top of your bed or a few inches higher. 

This means that your nightstand can be taller than your bed but appropriately should only be a few inches taller. 

So if your question is” should a nightstand be higher than bed?“, technically, the answer is not much of a no as a yes.

Generally, there are no hard and fast rules around the height of nightstands an individual wants.

But it is a good opinion backed up with the right reasons as to why certain heights are better. 

Factors One May Need To Consider Before Choosing A Nightstand

nightstand factors

There are factors to consider when choosing a nightstand. Briefly, I will highlight some of these factors. 

  • The intention of use for the nightstand.
  • The width of the top of the nightstand depends on the items you shall be placing on it.
  • How it matches with the colors and lights in the room for home decor.
  • The amount of money you are willing to invest in one.
  • The size of the room to be occupied by it.
Tip: Bedside tables can be converted into nightstands by just constructing drawers and or shelves. This would probably get this at a lesser cost compared to buying.

Simple Hacks If Your Nightstand Is Shorter Than Your Bed

nightstand hacks

Do you already have a nightstand that is too low for your bed height? Here are two simple hacks for you to match them.

Use furniture risers for your nightstand for that extra height it needs.

For example, if your nightstand is 2 inches shorter than the height of your bed, measure 2 inches of a wooden, plastic, metal, or any other object. 

Shape its width to your nightstand, place it underneath it, and voilà! 

There is your tall nightstand.

nightstand lower than bed

The second hack is quite based on individual imaginations. In the hack, the plank or other object cut goes on top of your nightstand.

And this is where it is tricky.

Because, unlike the first wood that would be hidden under the nightstand, this goes on top where it will be visible. 

Therefore whatever you can do to make it blend with your design and whatever creativity in you would be put into turning this object into a work of art.

I wish I could see what you make.

Types Of Nightstands

nightstand types

Before we wrap this up, let us quickly look at three types of nightstands, shall we?

Bedside Chest

bedside chest nightstand

This nightstand is at the top of the table and has two or three drawers. It is a good place to keep your underwear, socks, and accessories. 

Bedside Cabinet

bedside cabinet nightstand

This type of nightstand is split into two compartments. A single or double door cabinet with drawers above it.

This nightstand contains more oversized items better that you would want to keep out of sight.

Bedside Table

bedside table nightstand

This is just a table, it is used more for its aesthetic appeal. It usually has clocks, flower vases, and books placed on the top.


In answering the question, should a nightstand be taller than the bed? There are facts and arguments stated in this article and mastered by most interior designers.

But there are also individual perceptions. 

Your room is a reflection of your personality, the way you want it. The decor and furnishing are up to you.

But it is important to keep the nitty-gritty of the influence height has between your bed and nightstand.

Do consider this in your decision-making process.