what kind of paint to use on wood furniture
Kristina Davis

What kind of paint to use on wood furniture? Some wood furniture looks dull as time goes by. If you want to create a new look for your furniture, you can coat it with the color you like.

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There is a plethora of paint that you can utilize in varnishing and giving color to your furniture.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Wood Furniture?

what paint to use on wood

The type of tint that you will use has different properties that can suit specific wood. Moreover, the furniture finish will depend on what type of paint you may want on wood furniture.

Here are the types of paint you can use to coat your wood furniture to give you an idea.

What Paint to Use on Wood

Let us now learn the types of paint for wood that you can choose according to your needs and style!

1. Latex Paint

latex paint on wood

This dye is the most accessible and available tint you can utilize in coloring your furniture. Besides, it can be found at your local hardware store.

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There are different formulas of latex paint, including low or non-volatile organic compounds. This type of stain is strongly recommended for indoor decoration.

Although it dries quickly, it is not suitable for furniture that will be frequently used.

There are plenty of choices for latex paint that will match the vibe and look of your home.

Other than a wide range of color availability, latex paint has multiple finishes to offer.

Here are your options under latex dye for the wood furniture:

# Flat

This type of latex dye for the wood does not have resins, and it typically doesn’t reflect much light. The finish looks matte and velvety in appearance.

Although the furniture’s imperfections cannot be seen under this tint, it is not suitable for heavy-use furniture because it wears out quickly.

# Satin

Satin finish dye can reflect a slight amount of light and is more durable than the flat finish tint.

# Gloss

There are two types of gloss latex dye, which are semi-gloss and high-gloss. They differ in the reflection of light upon completion of coloring.

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The formula in this tint is more durable compared to the first two paints. However, this stain can amplify the flaws of the surface.

This readily available stain can be prone to scratching if the furnishings are often used. It would be best if the equipment or fixtures will be prepped with sanding and primer.

It can provide better results and won’t need touch-ups if the prep is done appropriately. On top of that, latex dye is affordable and accessible.

2. Acrylic Paint

acrylic paint on wood

This type of stain for wood is a water-based dye, which is associated with latex dye. This stain offers vibrant color with a smooth finish.

If you are working on little DIY projects, such as a little coffee table or picture frames, acrylic stain is the most suitable.

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For a better outcome, you can utilize a primer. Plus, this stain dries fast, enabling you to apply multiple coats.

Other than that, acrylic dye has more elasticity that prevents chipping or cracking.

However, this dye is still suitable for non-heavy use accent pieces or tiny wood furnishings.

3. Chalky Paint

chalky paint on wood

If you opt to reclaim the unique look of your vintage furniture, the chalky dye is the best option for you.

It is a water-based dye that is incorporated with latex. The only difference is the thickness and buildable texture of the chalky paint.

However, unlike latex stain, you cannot find this in every hardware store. Although this colorant’s popularity is rising, there are still few specialty retailers that sell this product.

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The only disadvantage of choosing this stain is its high price. But chalky dye can deliver a silky-smooth finish that can fit your house decorations.

An individual like you can create a chalky paint, but it would be best to find and buy a commercially available tint.

This colorant can dry quickly, so it requires mastery to avoid unnecessary touch-ups.

To achieve a rich matte look for your antique furniture, you can sand the surface. It would create a vintage appearance.

4. Milk Paint

milk paint on wood

This natural stain for furniture has a bit thinner texture compared to chalky paint. If you prefer non-toxic stains, this is made from milk protein.

To change the tint of the paint, the producers added color pigments. This eco-friendly colorant is gaining attention because it contains no chemicals or fumes.

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Although it is not widely available in the market and requires a bonder, this stain can deliver an antique and weathered look.

Another diverse feature of this stain for the wood is its powder form. Upon buying it, you must prepare and add the appropriate amount of water.

This dye is more affordable than chalky pigment and can also produce the same results. Additionally, it only requires light sanding on the edges. To preserve the finish, you can coat it with wax or oil on top.

5. Oil Paint

oil paint on wood

Oil-based dye is the most durable type of dye for wood. But this stain for the wood is more expensive and has a high level of VOC that needs ventilation.

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Nonetheless, if you are looking for a resilient and durable tint for your wood collection, this is perfect.

What type of paint to use on wood furniture? It would be best if it can adhere to different surfaces and is self-leveling.

Although the frying time takes 24 hours, you can ensure that you will achieve a high-quality coat for the furniture.

Moreover, oil dye is the best stain for furniture without sanding. You can apply this stain over a water-based or oil-based paint.

The only disadvantage of this tint is VOC emission during and after the coloring procedure requiring ample ventilation.

Key Takeaways

There are a wide variety of paints available in the market. If you are thinking about what kind of paint to use on wood furniture, look for a dye suitable for the furnishings available in your home.

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Moreover, it must deliver the finish and outcome of the look you want to achieve for the house’s overall appearance and ambiance. Carefully select the type of varnish you need for the wood furniture.

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