how long do brick houses last
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A common question among homeowners and people looking to purchase a house is how long do brick houses last?

As it is a good investment to own a home that lasts for a long period of time. One which can stand the test of time, weather, and environmental conditions.

Well, it should be known that brick houses can last for some 50 to 100 years but this is determined by the quality of brick, the maintenance of the building, and of course the condition of the environment it is built-in.

As we know, the materials used in building our homes are of paramount importance because good material saves us our money’s worth. 

As we are guaranteed that our homes would require little maintenance. Brick is by far one of the oldest known materials used in building houses.

The aim of this article is to explore facts about brick homes, how long they last and why they last for that period of time.

Brief History of Brick And Brick Houses

history of brick

As we know a home is a basic and fundamental need for humans and other animals.

Therefore a lot is put into consideration when it comes to building a house and one of the most crucial parts of any building is the materials used in building.

We have several materials used in home building, ranging from wood, iron, blocks, and bricks. 

Brick is one of the oldest known building materials; the use of bricks for building homes dates as far back as 7500 BC. Bricks are building blocks composed of mostly dried clay, lime, and shale.

Which are used for building homes, walls, and also paving roads. They are molded in numerous shapes of blocks and are either baked in a very hot oven or sun-dried.


Bricks mostly come in reddish colors as they are mostly made from clay. The clay containing several iron components in them gives the brick a reddish color.

varieties of bricks

Although bricks can come in other different colors depending on the component used in making the brick.

It can be mixed with certain color components before baking to give it a different color other than the typical reddish color.

When building a home one has to put into consideration the materials to be used and the benefits they provide.

Bricks are really appreciated mostly due to the fact that they have a lot of benefits as compared to some of the other known building materials.

Brick Durability

Bricks are known to be durable and are easy to maintain as they do not rot, rust or break.

They don’t require constant painting as they are known to retain their color for a long time.

durability of the brick

Another major benefit of brick houses is that they are mostly known to be fireproof and also water-resistant to a certain degree.

Brick houses are also known to be very helpful in terms of temperature control, keeping our homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

With all that we discussed this just leaves us wondering do bricks really last and how long they can last.

How Long Do Brick Houses Last?

We are all familiar with the story of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs.

Where each pig built houses, one with straw, the other with wood, and the last with bricks.

how long brick last

And how the only pig that didn’t get eaten by the wolf was the pig who built his house with bricks.

This story says a lot about brick houses, brick houses are known to be very solid, durable, and can stand the test of time.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (IACHI), brick houses can last up to 100 years and more with the right maintenance and care.

To expand more on our question of how long does brick last we shall be looking at certain facts about bricks and what makes them last really long.

Below are some interesting facts about bricks, how long they can last, and why they last so long.

Facts About Brick Houses

four facts

Fact #1:The Strength of a Brick House Depends on the Brick

Brick houses are determined by how strong the bricks used in making them are. And how it was made. There are two major ways of making bricks.

The first is by sun-drying it after being molded into whatever shape you desire.

This method is the oldest and easiest method known. This method is very effective but takes a longer time to be ready for the brick to be fully dried for use.

Secondly, it’s done by baking it in a furnace or oven at a very high degree after being molded into whatever desired shape. This method is the most effective and stronger.

This method also doesn’t take time for the bricks to be ready.

Tip: To achieve the perfect brick block, it should be baked at 1000℃ or more on both sides.

Fact #2: The Location of the Building Determines the Durability

location of building

As with most buildings the location or area of the building matters, so it is with brick houses.

This is important because the location of a building will help determine how often the house will require repairs, maintenance, and the longevity of the houses.

Bricks have pores and absorb moisture. For this reason building, a brick house in a waterlogged area or a moisture-filled location will affect the building in the long run.

This can cause foundation shifting and also break the mortar used in putting the bricks together.

Bricks are prone to absorb moisture but that doesn’t mean it is easily damaged by moisture, it only becomes a problem when it is situated in a water-logged area for a long time.

Tip: When building a brick house in a waterlogged area ensure to pay extra attention to the foundation and the mortar used in the building.

Fact #3: Brick Houses Last Longer in Places with Stable Weather and Climate

stable weather

Bricks have the ability to expand and retract, this property is why they aren’t good for places with extreme climates on both scales.

Brick houses can last in areas with regular climate and weather conditions.

But certain areas where the weather can get extremely cold and extremely hot within a time frame do not suit brick houses well.

This extreme weather will cause the brick houses to expand and retract, this will cause shifting in the brick houses.

Tip: When purchasing a brick house, ensure to check the climate condition of the area and ensure that there are no major damages from climate effects.

Fact #4: Maintenance and Repairs Are Important to the Longevity of Brick Houses

maintenance and repair

Brick houses are known to last regardless of whatever internal or external condition that affects them.

Although these conditions could reduce the longevity of a brick house.

But with the right maintenance and repairs at the right time, brick houses can be made to last even longer than the expected period.

There are brick houses that have lasted more than 1000 years; this is only made possible with the right repairs and maintenance.

Tip: A good tip is to always do yearly checkups on your brick houses and to always perform repairs as soon as one is needed.

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So if you were wondering how long does a brick house last, I hope this article has been helpful and you can decide whether or not you want a brick house.

A major benefit of brick houses is they are very attractive and eye-catching, this also with the durability makes them appreciate in value. 

With all the benefits of a brick house, I sure would want a house made of bricks, I think you do too Lol!