best way to clean floors without a mop
Kristina Davis

Do you want to learn the best way to clean floors without a mop? Do you like doing your things in a different way? Have you always wanted to ditch that floor mopper for other better options?

I get it, floor moppers are way too strenuous especially for people with back/spine problems.

In this 21st century, having to clean floors has more and improved ways to do so without necessarily using a mopper.

While moppers are the most economic and readily available options for us all, there are other hidden hacks you didn't know with perfect results.

Be it kitchen floors, restaurant floors, or wherever, you can use these simple hacks to substitute the common use of the bucket.

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There are several best ways to Clean floors without a mop. These hacks/tricks have been tried, tested, and approved for the best results.

To clean your room without a mop, you can either use your feet, a sponge, Bissell crosswave cleaner, or a steam mop.

A Guide to Keeping Your Floors Clean

keeping floors clean

Now, before we take a look at some of the best options to clean your floors, it is vital that we understand how to maintain and keep your floors clean.

Clean floors are attractive, and they improve the visual of your home. They save you the stress of having to dust several times in a single day.

Depending on the setting, so does the level of the cleanliness of your floor align. A home with kids, playful and super active will have the dirtiest floors.

Public places with tens or hundreds of people milling in and leaving will also witness some of the most eyesore floors. 

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Three Hacks For Clean Floors

To keep these types of floors a little cleaner, use these hacks.

three hacks for a clean floor

Pass the No Shoe Legislation in Your Home

Clean floors’ greatest enmity is our shoes.  We carry all the debris, dust, or mud to our homes via shoes.

To control this, you can use the no shoe legislation in your home to curb the instances of dirty floors and regular mopping.

Members of your family and your visitors can leave their shoes outside the door and walk around the house in socks or have clean sandals in the room for them.

Install Mats and Towels at Your Doorstep

install mats

Using the Mats and towels at the doorstep for people to wipe off dust or mud from their feet before stepping into the house has over the years been the most common way of maintaining clean floors.

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Placemats or towels at your door if you do not have any.

Spread Carpets or Mats in Your Room

Although this option is quite expensive, it is better if what you aim for is achieving clean floors.

Spreading mats or carpets in your room places a layer of cover between your feet and the floor. Mats and carpets are easier to clean and do not attract so much dirt.

spread carpets

Now, those were some of the effective ways to control the amount of dirt brought from the outside to your living room. 

Mopping tends to be so strenuous that most people don’t love it all. Most of them attend it after so much contemplation and postponing.

Personally, while on campus, I would wait for my floor to get so dirty before moving to clean it.

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It should never get to this; it can be an eyesore. Don’t they say that cleanliness is next to Godliness? I wanted to have my floor glistening at all tips.

That is why I ventured into researching any other ways I could do my cleaning without my Mopper. Ways I am writing to share with you to save you the need for a Mop, you’ll thank me later for this.

Best Way To Clean Floors Without A Mop

ways to clean floors

In this section, you will learn how to clean the floor without a mop. Try these methods for effectiveness and improved cleaning.

Get the Robot Mop

Ever seen the robot mop before? We live in an age of amazing inventions.

 Someone entirely bothered with having to bend every time and use a mop every time they wanted to clean saw the need to come up with a machine to do the cleaning for him.

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Whoever he or she was, he invested a lot of reasoning and thinking, time and money into it to bring us this awesome invention.

robot mop

Using the robot mop is ultimately the best way to clean your floor. These robot moppers have changeable head levers or pads to change the settings depending on the area being mopped.

To use this robot, you only have the duty of filling the tank with water and a cleaning detergent.

Could anyone be so lazy about this?  You then let it do the work by itself without a little of your help.

Because whoever had this invention was a smart guy, the robots are smart as well. You do not have to remote control them, show them where to start and end.

Note: They do the cleaning, and when they are done cleaning the area, they stop by themselves.  A bright invention, Is it?

Steam Mopping

Steam mopping is a great way of killing any bacteria living on the floor of your room.

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Steam moppers can be used anywhere, whether it’s the kitchen, toilet,  bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

steam mop

Steam mopping uses a steam machine to clean. Most of these machines have the feature of steaming your clothes as well.

These steam machines are suitable for sanitizing the floor to kill bacteria and make the floor completely sparkling.

They are microfiber and hence penetrate deeper into the floor than the hand mopper.

Tip: They are designed to: scrub, scarify, buff, burnish and spray maintenance.

Bissell Crosswave Cleaning

A Bissell Crosswave is a vacuum cleaner for cleaning and vacuuming the floor.

This machine is a great invention and will cut the time you would rather use on the mop by half.

the bissell crosswave cleaning

This machine has been adopted by several people. With the Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner, you do not need to sweep or dust your room, this machine does all that for you.

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Clean the Floor with Your Feet

Aww, this is deliberate. I mean cleaning the floor with your feet could be so lazy of you.

Anyway, I used to do this in my college room. It would work and the floor would be so clean.

use feet for cleaning

So, I cannot hold anyone captive for cleaning their floor while standing.  But then, the floors you clean while standing must be those that are relatively clean at all times.

You only want to get rid of dust that slowly and unnoticeably accumulates on the floor.  It is an option and a substitute for cleaning with a mop.

Use a Sponge

Sponges are effective to us all who have dumped the mop. 

The sponge is softer and easier to use while cleaning crevices and small spaces on the floor such as those spaces where tiles are joined.

Cleaning sponges come to you in several shapes. From rectangular to circular with a cleansing pad.

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use the sponge

It serves as an excellent alternative to the mop since you can place it in the microwave while wet to kill the bacteria, unlike the mop.

Tips: There are various forms of floor cleaning machines, all built to serve various purposes.


This article has provided you with 5 of the best ways to clean floors without a mop.  Machines do the work for you while you recline in comfort.

You do not have to hurt your knees, complain about back pains or leave your floors dirty for longer periods in the name of no to the mop. 

You no longer need the mop and bucket if you hate using them. Things have become a little more cozier, convenient and simple.

Did you like the alternatives? Which one are you much drawn to?  We hope you enjoy a relaxed floor cleaning and sparkling floors forever.