can you put essential oils in a steam mop
Kristina Davis

A steam mop is one of the most convenient tools used to clean and sanitize floors. But can you put essential oils in a steam mop to help it function better?

Fortunately, this article has more details on that. 

When I came home one evening with a steam mop, my daughter and wife were cheerful. They had protested for straining so much while washing the house.

I asked around, and a colleague led me to this store where I purchased the steam mop. Unfortunately, it did not last but broke down within the first two weeks of buying.

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I matched right to the store where I had purchased the product and demanded a new one.

After a thorough assessment, I established the reason behind its breakdown and was unhappy because they hadn’t told me what to do and what not to.

To answer in short, you can't put essential oils in a steam mop. The steam mop uses steam to clean and disinfect. However, these oils are not soluble and thus can't be evaporated into steam.

Ride along this journey with us and learn.

The Functioning of the Steam Mop

functioning of steam mop

How this tool operates is not magic but pure science. Whoever came up with this inception must have been so tired of the mop like we all are.

The steam mop is an electrical device with a water tank capacity of 300ml. It heats up the water in its tank at very high temperatures.

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These temperatures range between 100 and 120 degrees Celsius.

After the water is heated, it is let down in jet-like steam. The steam soaks the dirt on the floor and loosens any bad stains.

Note: It is one of the best cleaning priorities for the worst stains.

How to Efficiently Clean Your Floor Using the Steam Mop

If used correctly, the steam mop is an effective and very accurate cleaning method.

how to efficiently clean floor

It is wonderfully convenient, economically friendly, and simpler to use. But the results you get from it are determined by how you plan pre-cleaning.

Most, if not all, steam mops have policies indicated on them. My family assumed the necessary guidelines for its use, and it had to break down even before it had served us well.

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Put your pride aside and follow the procedures governing its use.

Follow these guidelines to the core for it to function effectively and remain in good condition:

Step #1: Start by Preparing the Floor

You see, we do not just prepare the floors before dusting them for its sake. Now, especially if you are going to be using the steam mop.

For effective and successful cleaning, you always have to sweep your floor to remove any solid objects. Small stones, mud, and dust to ensure there is none.

Step #2: Use Conventional Cleaning Methods if the Floor Is Way Too Dirty

conventional cleaning methods

Usually, most steam mops are used for maintenance cleaning. They are most effective on floors with little traffic and those in good shape.

Therefore, you may not get the very best results if you use a steam mop on dirty floors.

If you are to use the steam mop on very dirty floors, ensure that you clean them off perfectly well, always using other conventional methods such as the mop and the bucket.

Note:  A steam mop may not be effective if submitted to cleaning loads of dirt from the floor.

Step #3: Do Not Use a Steam Mop on All Floors

You have to be very selective with the floors you use this type of cleaning on.

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The jet of steam released to the floor by this product can rapture most floors, especially the artificial ones.

Make sure you assess and discern whether it is okay to use the steam mop on your type of floor. Do not use steam on floors such as hardwood, vinyl flooring, and laminate floors.

Can You Put Essential Oils In A Steam Mop?

essential oil on steam mop

Essential oils are used in cleaning to play the magic. They are used to disinfect the floors, purify them, and remove stains.

Some of the essential oils used in cleaning are:

  •     Lemon oil
  •    Tea tree oil
  •     Lavender oil
  •     Eucalyptus oil
  •     Wild orange oil
  •    Peppermint oil
  •    Cinnamon oil
  •    Pine oil
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These essential oils are preferable over commercial ones since they are natural, inexpensive, and versatile. They also add a lovely scent to your ambiance.

But then, if your question is, can I put these essential oils in my steam mop? Unfortunately, the answer is no! It is wrong to put essential oils in a steam mop.

Even with their benefits, you can’t use these essential oils in your steam. Does that eat you up? It shouldn’t. It is one of the ways you can take good care of your machine.

There are always contingent ways to do things. You can always find a different method to apply these oils on your floor after you are done using the steam mop.

Why Can’t You Use These Essential Oils in a Steam Mop?

why can't use essential oil

 #1. They Are Not Water-Soluble

The steam mop uses steam to clean and disinfect. However, these oils are not soluble and thus can’t be evaporated into steam.

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All the water in the steam mop will be used up during the process, but these oils will go nowhere.

They will remain in the machine as a result of not being soluble. This could make the machine clog and jam.

#2. Essential Oils Are Alcoholic

Most of these natural oils have a percentage of alcohol content in them together with the scent.

It is advised that you do not use alcoholic products in the steam mop as they could damage the machine.

Alcoholic products will also stain your steam mop’s internal fabric and upholstery.

What Other Products Can’t You Use with a Steam Cleaner?

products can't use

Contrary to popular belief, very few products can be used together with the steam cleaner to get the best results.

Be on the watch out to never use these products since it exposes the steam cleaner to imminent damage.

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These are the products you should not use with the steam cleaner.

  • Bleaching agents.
  • Bona solution
  • Most cleaning detergents
  • Disinfectants.
  • Laundry detergents.

What Should Be Done Then?

Since you cannot put essential oils in a steam mop and, most of all, cleaning detergents and solutions, you may be stuck between options of what to do.

what should be done

Be rest assured that we have done the utmost research on this issue, tested, and approved our results.

It would be best to ditch all cleaning agents once you get hold of the steam mop. If you are to use them, then they should not be together with this machine.

Steam cleaners are best used with water alone. Basically, the steam mop doesn’t need any companionship in cleaning.

It best works independently, and most available products put it on the verge of damage.

Tip: It is best to use the steam mop with water alone.


Can you put essential oils in a steam mop? Water alone cannot bring post-cleaning fragrance.

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You may be curious to use these natural oils to harness their scent while using the steam mop.

Dear one, this idea should never cross your mind. Oh, it already has. Leave it at that. Do not, at all costs, use these oils with your steam mop?

There are several other ways you can use to make your home smell better. Essential oils are destructive to the steam mop machine.

You can opt for other cleaning options that are compatible with these oils. But if you are stuck on using the steam mop, then do not use these oils.