how to clean waxed wood floors naturally
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If you are seeking to know how to clean waxed wood floors naturally, then you’re on the right page!

Waxing is a finishing technique designed to add elegance and glamor to your home. Waxing floors became popular in the 1940s.

A floor without wax is just a floor like any other, dull, and does not shine even when cleaned.  However, waxed floors are more than shiny, they are decorative and lovely.

Waxed floors are prepared by blending colored wax with other synthetic solvents such as beeswax and carnauba.

The mixture is painted skillfully on the floor, especially one made from hardwood then buffed up to sparkle. 

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The wax hardens as the solvents used evaporate with time to give the floor its value.

However, when your waxed floor gets dirty you will have to clear off the dirt to restore its shine.

Cleaning Waxed Wooden Floors

Cleaning waxed floors naturally is easy. To start with, vacuum clean your floor to remove any debris, mix water with detergent in a bucket, and mop the floor.

Next mix vinegar and bicarbonate soda in another bucket of water, and use it to rinse the floor. Now buff the floor and allow it to dry.

Why Wax Floors?

wax floors

Finishing your wooden floor by adding wax not only improves your living room’s decor and beauty.  Waxing comes with other benefits such as.

Removes Any Imperfections

Using wax to finish your floor removes any scratches, cracks, and crevices that might have been left after installation.

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Note: Wax covers these imperfections by making them unnoticeable.

Preserves Underlying Finishes

underlying finishes

To protect the quality of wood, using wax comes in handy. 

Its coating offers a protective layer between any dirt, moisture, mud, and stains from the floor hence making it last longer.

Prolongs Floor Life

You will go for years on end without ever thinking of replacing a waxed floor as you would with one that is unwaxed. 

Sealing the imperfections, preserving the underlying finishes, and adding to the quality, helps to prolong floor life.

Adds Decor to Your Living Room

One of the biggest achievements of waxing your floor is that it boosts the beauty inside your room

The floor shines with an attractive tinge, giving your floor a deeper patina.

What Are the Best Floors for Waxing?

best floors for waxing

Floors made from hardwood timber are the best beneficiaries of waxing.  They blend so well with the wax leaving you a spectacular floor.

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Cleaning Waxed Wooden Floors Naturally

Now, cleaning waxed wooden floors is mandatory and useful as you would with any other floor. 

If you want to protect your wooden floor from stains build-up and have them last longer, then you must make it a tradition to have them cleaned duly.

You need to employ a lot of caution while cleaning them so as not to spoil them or wet the wood.  Using lots of water tends to spoil the wax and the wood will start rotting. 

To clean your waxed wooden floors, below are the steps and guidelines to adhere to.

Tip: Clean spills on your wooden wax floor as soon as they occur to ease the cleaning.

What You Will Need

what you need

To prepare well for the cleaning, start by assembling the following tools that will help you with the cleaning.

  • Vinegar.
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Wood floor cleaner.
  • Soft cleaning cloth or towel
  • A cleaning agent such as liquid or powder soap.
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • A floor mop.
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How To Clean Waxed Wood Floors Naturally

vacuum the floor

Step #1: Vacuum and Clean the Floor

To start with, vacuum clean your floor to remove any debris, dust, and particles lurking on the floor. 

Cleaning the waxed floor to remove all particles before going further is very vital. This helps to collect all materials that would otherwise bruise the wax off during wash.

Therefore, sweep off the floor clean.  Make sure there are no particles left on the surface.

If you doubt the texture of your broom, use your vacuum cleaner's soft brush adjustment to ward off all this dirt. 

Once you are pretty sure that all the dirt on the surface is cleaned, move to the next step.

Step #2: Mix Water with a Washing Detergent in a Bucket

Sure, enough that there are no particles still strewn on the floor.  Now get the bucket of water and mix a washing detergent in it. 

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washing detergent in a bucket

Preferably, use warm water to clean the waxed floor.  Warm water is advised to be used here since it will kill all the bacteria built on the floor.

When these bacteria build-up, they cause the wax to wear out and then start eating into the wood. 

So, fill a bucket with warm water, get a washing soap and mix it with the water. 

However, do not use so much soap in warm water since only a little soap is required to make a fine solution in water.

Tip: Do not directly spray a washing soap on the waxed wooden floor before cleaning. It is best that you mix it with warm water.

Step #3: Do the Mopping

the mopping

Now that you have cleaned the floor, mixed the washing soap in water, and are ready to start, get your washing mop and dip it into the water.

Squeeze all the water out of the mopping duster before gently running it on the floor.

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The reason why we get rid of all the water is that wax floors must not be brought into contact with a lot of water. 

Water is a destructive agent to both the wax and the wood. When it penetrates the wax, the chances of the wood starting to rot are sky-high.

So, always ensure that there is no water left in the mopper before wiping out your waxed floor. 

Never spill water on the floor while cleaning.  If it so happens by accident, wipe it out fast enough, rinse and leave it to dry.

Step #4: Mix Vinegar and Bicarbonate Soda in Another Bucket of Water for Rinsing

mix vinegar and bicarbonate soda

In another bucket full of warm water, add vinegar and bicarbonate soda to rinse the floor.

Note: Use a different Mop or piece of cloth at this point. Rinse the floor at least twice to be sure that there are no markings of soap left.

Step #5: Buff the Floor with a Soft Cloth Then Leave It to Dry

Finally, buff the floor with a soft piece of cloth such as a towel.  Buffing primarily helps to polish and make the floor shiny. After this last step, leave your floor to dry for up to fifteen minutes.

Isn’t cleaning a waxed wooden floor easy now? 

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Of course, it is. 

All you need to do is follow these guidelines and the tips provided to ensure that your wax is left in good condition. 

Washing this type of floor may at times be detrimental if you do it awfully.

buff the floor

Important points to note while cleaning your waxed wooden floor.

  1. Always make sure that there are no rough particles on the surface before starting off.
  2. Preferably use warm water to kill the bacteria and germs that may cause the rotting of wood.
  3. Never spill a washing detergent directly on the waxed floor, instead, mix it with water in reasonable quantities.
  4. Use vinegar or/and bicarbonate soda with the rinsing water.
  5. Rinse your floor twice or thrice with soapless water.
  6. Buff the floor with a clean, soft piece of clothing.
  7. Leave the floor to dry for at least 15 minutes.
  8. Clean spills as soon as they occur.
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Knowing how to clean waxed wood floors naturally will help you luxurious it’s quality and luxurious outlook.

It is important for you to keep dirt at bay on your waxed wooden floor.  A waxed floor is extremely precious and adds value and color to your living room. 

The best wooden floors are made from hardwood, this type of timber gives you the promise of a durable floor.

But to get more value, it is best to have the wooden floor waxed.  As mentioned above, waxing the floor has a wide range of benefits. 

Do not wait, wax your wooden floor today and use the cleaning procedures above to keep it good-looking at all times.