why are my hardwood floors always dirty
Kristina Davis

You may be among those asking, ‘why are my hardwood floors always dirty?

You might however have been caught up in a fix, especially if you are new to this flooring thing. And you keep wondering why your hardwood floors are always dirty.

Floors contribute largely to the overall outlook of your home, especially your rooms. There are several types of floors.

And hardwoods are a leading brand in home flooring options. Hardwood floors are known to last.

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Of course, they are made from hardwood trees known to last longer. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

In this article, I will tell you why your hardwood floors are always dirty and how to fix them.

Hardwood floors could always be dirty either because of a lot of foot traffic going over them, failure to clean them frequently, the kind of environment they are in, or overusing cleaning agents.

Why Are My Hardwood Floors Always Dirty?

hardwood floors always dirty

Are your floors worrying you lately? Why are my floors always dirty? Well, truth is, I have met several people mad, at their floors.

Some had already given up on them. Some were contemplating replacing them, while others did not know what to even do.

It really could be disturbing when even after you have had them mopped and they do not show any significant change.

Everyone dreams of their hardwood floors being dazzling, shiny, and sparkling all the time.

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Here are some of the reasons why. Either one, two, or more of them could be the reasons behind your problem.

Reason #1. Large Foot Traffic

food traffic

Human traffic, especially in public places could be the main reason hardwood floors do not appear to get clean even after being washed.

With foot traffic, mud, dust, debris, and all sorts of dirt can find their way through to the hardwood floors.

A lot of foot traffic increases the chances of it becoming dirtier.

The hardwood floors survive bruises and cracks, especially if they are being trodden on by high heels or other heavy shoes.

Traffic washes away the beauty and luster of the floor together with wearing off the top most cover.

Tip: When hardwood is beaten, bruised, with the beautiful sheen lost, it's as a result of large foot traffic. 

Thus, no matter how hard and good you do the mopping, the chances that the hardwood floor shall glow are low.

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Reason #2. Not Mopping Your Hardwood Floors Correctly

mopping incorrectly

While still throwing all the blame on other factors, you probably could still be the cause of dirty hardwood floors.

Maybe, just maybe, you do not do it well. Mopping hardwood floors might look a lot easier.

Where you just fill a bucket with water, then use the mop stick, while dipping it in the water, rinse it, and mop over the floor.

There is a lot more to it.

Mopping hardwood floors takes a lot more caution. It also takes some order if your floors are to end up sparkling clean.

That is, mopping in the correct patterns, using the correct washing soap, and rinsing the floors after you are done.

Reason #3. Overusing Cleaning Agents

overused cleaning agents

Now, most people think that soap is magical. In fact, most people are predisposed to using it in plenty so as to improve the beauty and the shine of the floors.

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That is just a human belief.

That is contrary to what is the real case. Using lots of soap does not and will not help you make your floors sparkling clean.

If cleaning agents are used in excess, especially those in a powder state, they will probably remain on the top of your floors.

Especially if you do not rinse your floors well, twice or thrice. The detergents will dry on your hardwood floors and will attract a lot of dirt which becomes highly visible.

Tip: Do not use too much soap while cleaning your floors. It rather destroys and dirties the floor faster.

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Always Clean

keep hardwood floor clean

All hope should not be lost. You can still get back the hardwood floor you knew.

If you have been mopping your hardwood floors, and they haven’t turned out to be what you expect, do not worry.

This article serves as a reassurance, that you still can get that beautiful hardwood floor back.

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But how?

Step #1. Sweeping Regularly

Sweeping has been there since time immemorial. It is the oldest method of cleaning there ever has been.

All types of floors to the bare ground have no other basic mode of cleaning than sweeping. And lately, things got better.

From finer brooms to those with a lot of comforts.

regular sweeping

Hardwood floors are not an exemption either, sweeping cleans them making them ready for a mopping course.

Mopping without sweeping hardwood floors worsens the situation as it does with all others.

In fact, the mop head comes into contact with the solid debris, bruising the floor.

Dust mixes with water to turn into mud. This is much of common sense.

If you skip sweeping before mopping your hardwood floor, then brace for a tiresome task. And your floors will end up dirty like they never have, with you tired.

Note: Sweeping takes away all debris, dust, sand, and particles. These specks of dirt could otherwise render mopping an uphill task if approached without it.

Step #2. Vacuum Before Mopping

vacuum floors

Vacuuming and sweeping are birds of a feather. Both primarily remove dust and debris from the floor.

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However, vacuuming is a better version of doing things. Vacuuming uses more power and the art of suctioning to remove dirt from your hardwood floors.

Even the wildest and stickiest of stains have nothing on a vacuum cleaner.

Failing to vacuum before mopping helps to retain all bad stains that have been lingering on the hardwood floor that cannot be moved by ordinary mopping.

Step #3. Use Door Mats

Door mats are a God-sent way of making things a lot easier. See, the dirtier the hardwood floor, the harder the mopping.

Chances are high that you are likely to give up on a hardwood floor that is too dirty and wouldn’t get cleaner even after mopping.

Door mats help to save the situation. They trap a considerable amount of dust, hence not so much dirt will be carried inside.

Tip: Relative to using door mats, people can also leave shoes at the door. This helps a lot to retain dirt out of your mopped hardwood floors.

How to Deep Clean Dirty Wood Floors

deep cleaning

Now, lastly and quickly, your wood floors can still remain so dirty even after mopping. And you might feel a lot like they have gotten out of hand.

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Then it is time to deep clean them. Deep cleaning takes away all the impossibilities and leaves your hardwood floors glaring.

And so you will need:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Vinegar.
  • A mop bucket together with a cleaning cloth.
  • Wood floor cleaner
Tip: Unless you are deep cleaning, desist from using warm water for cleaning hardwood floors.

How Do I Do This?

Remove all dirt and debris carefully from the floor with the vacuum cleaner. In a mop bucket with warm water, add vinegar, preferably ¼ cup.

Using a cleaning cloth, dip it into the water-vinegar solution and wring it, then gently clean the floors.

how to do

Check if there is any left residue on the floor, if any, then engage commercial floor cleaners to remove the stain.

Tip: Never let hardwood floors dry with time, post mopping. Wipe them dry using a soft piece of cloth and keep away foot traffic for a while.


You wanted to know ‘Why are my hardwood floors always dirty?‘  And I strongly believe you have learned why in this blog post.

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It is unimaginable. Reasons behind your room being dirty even after mopping are very basic ones, with basic ways through. If these basic ways can’t help, then deep cleaning will.

Hey, your hardwood floors are precious, take good care of them, and let them glisten as if they were still new.

Do not let them end up dirty after mopping.

That’s not what they are.